Apr. 29th, 2012 03:28 pm
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[Expression vaguely sheepish, Byakuroku address the city:]

Excuse me, but what is the correct course of action when a bath ceases to drain…?
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(Cross is sitting behind a table, looking irate and his hair is in complete disarray. Suddenly a snake slithers out from his hair and he has to catch it quickly before throwing it on the table.)

I can't believe I actually have to ask this; tell me someone lost a bunch of snakes. It's not fun trying to take a bath only to realize that your tub has snakes in it. And not only that, that your hair is filled with them. This is abso--

(It's as if on cue, Timcampy;; throws up another snake in Cross' lap. Before he can grab it, another man stops him clad in only a towel but looking oh so happy. )

He's very distressed; you don't need to be so rough with him.

Never mind, I found my source (give it a minute; before the communicator turns off) -- Wait, why are you in my apartment?!


Apr. 11th, 2012 09:36 pm
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[Byakuroku regards the camera with a mild, somewhat dazed, expression. He’s chosen to address the network with a human face, as he knows from experience that humans find it less unsettling. It comforts them to see expressions with which they can identify, and believe it or not, most humans aren’t actually very well-versed in serpentine body language. And anyway, he doesn’t wish to frighten anyone if he doesn’t have to.

He’s not worried so much as concerned. He’s never experienced anything like this before, and he’s lived an awfully long time. His children will be safe for a while, and to be completely honest, he doesn’t believe that there is a power great enough to cause him harm (he is one fat snake after all). His presence in this strange place is simply an inconvenient adventure. Perhaps, though, perhaps it will bear some fruit.]

My name is Byakuroku. I seem to have just arrived and [He gestures vaguely, dogtags pinched delicately between his fingers.] I’m not sure what I am to do with this... [Trailing off, he smiles at the screen, looking to the side just a little, clearly not having any idea where on the communicator the camera is.]

I have never seen a place such as this before; the air here is different from anything I have ever felt. The spirits are silent, and yet... [He tilts his head, as though listening, scenting the air.] there is a hum of life that is not familiar.

[His expression brightens, friendly and beatific.] If someone could offer some information, that would be quite welcome.


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