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Why is it that realizations often happen when you're doing something completely unrelated? One moment you're doing laundry, and the next you have an epiphany that bowls you over.

[ for those with keen ears, there's a constant rustle of soft fabric in the background. carol is, in fact, folding her laundry. ]

And it's even more strange if you happen to drop whatever you were about to put in the dryer and it ends up landing in the trash can. Suddenly you're torn between annoyance and whatever emotions that realization may have evoked in you.

[ a beat. ]

Here's a second, slightly related question. Has anyone figured out why creative inspiration tends to hit hard in the shower of all places? And if they haven't, has anyone invented a waterproof notebook and pens for writing down notes when that does happen? It would make my life a hell of a lot easier.
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I need a good chocolate cake recipe. Preferably something without nuts. I'd stick with Google, but I have yet to find a recipe without mixed reviews.

I'm also in the market for a few good books to curl up with. Fiction preferred, no romance novels please. Hit me with your favorites, City.
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Well... I gotta say, this wasn't exactly where I was expecting to end up when that artefact started acting strange again. At least Helen didn't get pulled with me.

[ city, say hello to a voice you haven't heard in a while. ]

Looks like it's been a while. I'm willing to bet a lot's changed since I was here last. They've certainly changed a lot back home. I'd appreciate a hollar from people, so I can know who's still around and kicking. And who I need to yell at if no one's been feeding my cat.

If we've never talked before, hi. I'm Captain Marvel. Hope you don't mind if I hold off on the "nice to meet you" until I've had enough time to form a first impression.
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[ the feed turns on and it's a view of the city from way up high. ]

There's nothing quite like a trip home to help you sort out your priorities. [ a beat. ] And there's really nothing like spending time on an alien world to make you miss the sights, sounds, and smells of the big city. As much as I love the stars, there really is no place like the home planet. Even if this one isn't quite the one I was eager to get back to.

[ there's another longer pause. ]

Is it just me, or does the Porter pick... interesting times to pull people from?
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It looks like Spider-Girl was ported out late last night. The one who dresses in black and white, not the one in red and blue. We have too many Spider-People here if we need clarification like that.

[ slight awkward pause ]

I know she made some friends here and she had a job, so I felt it best to let everyone know. Don't be surprised if she doesn't show up to something you had planned.

[ there's some empty space like she's going to say something else, then she clicks the comm off. ]
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[ encrypted to: clint barton ] )

[ public: ]
$100 to whoever can completely define the word "what" in three sentences or less without bending grammatical rules for longer sentences.

Vaguely related to that, what's your favorite word? It doesn't matter what language it's in or why you like it. I'm interested in hearing about it if you have one.
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[ forward dated to late tonight!! because i will not be awake at midnight probably ]

[ carol's in her room, sitting at her desk when she turns the feed on. she seems a little preoccupied with the dog tags she's slowly twirling around her fingers and it takes her a moment to start talking. ]

You know, I hardly ever use these things. I think I lost them in my sock drawer for a week a while back. But I'm willing to bet a good lot of you that use them for the MAC keep them pretty close. Maybe you stuff them in a pocket when you go out, or you keep them in a certain spot on your dresser. Personally? I'm used to wearing things like these around my neck.

[ she puts them on and carefully holds the tags in her hands. ]

I've got to say, it's weird seeing these against my shirt and with different info on them than what I keep expecting to see. [ a beat ] For those of you that don't know, dog tags are more properly known as identification tags. They're used by the militaries all over the world. In the US, soldiers are required to wear them at all times when in the field. If a soldier dies or is injured, the tags are used to identify them so they can either get the appropriate medical attention or so their families can be notified and any religious rites can be performed.

[ there's another pause and carol frowns a little. ]

The Porter pulls us here, calls us heroes regardless of who we were back home, gives powers to those who didn't have them before... and then gives us dog tags that actually have a name on them. And we don't really find that strange. ... Wonder why that is.
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[ carol's lounging in the living room of the mansion in a tank top and shorts because, well. ]

I can't believe it's almost summer. It seems like just yesterday it was the middle of January and everyone was freezing their asses off on the actually wintery days. It's a nice change, though. I like the heat more than I like the cold. Which is probably due to how much time I spent in deserts after college. What about you, City? Hot or cold...?

[ she trails off, then frowns a little as she looks to the side, out at the rest of the mansion. ]

Alright, this is getting eerie. I can't remember the last time the house was this quiet. And dog-less, but I'm not complaining about that.

[ as if on cue, there's a bark from off-camera. carol chuckles— ] Oh, that just figures. [ and turns off the feed, presumably to go play with whatever dog is barking. ]
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[ this post is brought to you by... planes!! specifically one plane. carol's plane that tony gave her for christmas. it's a fairly plain looking white cessna with red and blue stripes, but right under the pilot's side window, it looks like someone's stenciled in the word "CHEESEBURGER". ]

Well, there we go. That's the last thing I needed to really make this baby mine. Network, say hello to Jessie. But this is only part of why I'm posting this.

[ she turns the comm around so the camera is focused on her. and she looks way to thrilled with this whole having a plane thing. ]

Tony, I definitely owe you a flight. Kate, you too, though we won't be able to go skydiving in this plane. I think there's a few other people I promised to take flying at some point, so let me know if you still want to go up. And whatever you do, don't eat beforehand. I don't want anyone puking in my plane because they can't handle it.

[ so basically she just wanted to show off her baby. because she finally has a plane and it's hers and it's all decked out and she is so excited about this, it's a childhood dream come true, okay?? ]
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[ encrypted to: jennifer walters, reilly tyne, and matt murdock ] )

There's a phrase, supposedly a Chinese curse—the origin of it likely isn't Chinese, but it being widely known as a curse is the important part here—that says "May you live in interesting times." Some people know this as the first curse of three, each of which is worse than the last. The third one is "May you find what you are looking for."

I think it's safe to say we all live in interesting times just by being here, and I think whether or not it's a curse is a matter of opinion. I'm interested in phrase number three right now. What is it you're looking for? And do you think finding it will be a blessing or a curse?
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[ encrypted to: callie maggotbone ] )
[ encrypted to: tony stark ] )

[ public: ]
I've been doing some thinking recently about jobs. My manuscript is pretty much as done as its going to get without an actual editor looking at it, and so I've been finding myself with more time than I know what to do with. It's not a fun feeling. But something tells me I'm not exactly going to have an easy time finding something here with what my resume looks like, hence the thinking.

So tell me, City, did you end up working a different kind of job here than you did back home? Would you consider it a step up or a step down? Have you ever found yourself doing something here career-wise that you probably wouldn't have had the chance to in your own universe?
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[ gooooood afternoon, city!! today, you get a video of the corner of carol's room as seen from the floor. it's not very interesting, just carol in sweats, sitting at a desk covered in papers with model planes hanging above it from the ceiling. it's pretty obvious she's not the one who started this video.

that would be this little guy who walks into the frame after a moment and starts sniffing at the comm. he bites it once, and after determining that it doesn't taste good, he wanders over to carol, squeaking meowing the entire time.

he jumps up on her lap and she laughs quietly before putting him back on the floor. ]
Luke, stop it. Mommy's trying to work.

[ and that's when she spots the comm. she scoops it up off the floor and gives it a small smile. ]

Sorry about that. Looks like someone's a little too curious for his own good. [ there's a little bit more meowing in the background and carol looks down at the cat before turning back to the video. ] I have to say, though, this is actually fairly good timing. Asking around about cat stuff is on my to-do list for today. Might as well ask the whole network.

So... Anybody out there feel like building me a kitty jungle gym so this little guy has something to do other than bother the dogs during the day? I'd buy one from the pet store, but the ones there cost a ridiculous amount of money for something that looks incredibly flimsy. I'd rather invest in something I know he won't be able to shred within a few days.
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[ there's a hum of a computer in the background and carol's typing even as she speaks a little distractedly. ]

Before it died, the Skrull posing as Namora told me they're holding the originals in a cloaked ship in orbit above Earth. I'm working with what I know to find it right now, but it's been a while since I've had to do anything like this and I'm going to need a hand. No promises that's going to work, we may need some, I don't know, magic or something like that to uncloak it.

Once it's found, we're going to need either teams of people who can survive in space, or a way to get up there. If you have a spaceship, incredible teleportation powers, or the like now would be the time to speak up. If push comes to shove, I used to work at the Kennedy Space Center back home as head of security and I'm more than willing to use that knowledge to... commandeer us some transport.

Odds are the Vulcanus ship is going to be manned, but I couldn't tell you by how many people or how well-trained they'll be. It's probably best to prepare for another fight. If anyone's got any more info from the Skrulls, now would be the time to speak up.

[ a pause, in both her speaking and her typing as she breathes in. ]

Talk to me, City. What've you got?
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[ look out, city. ms. marvel just got her determined groove back and it shows. also, this is all public because lol there is no avengers filter set up ]

Alright, Avengers, listen up. We've got one of our own locked up, one Skrull in custody, and frankly it's high time we got our shit together and gave the civilians something other than paranoia and violence to look to.

Beast, Spider-Man. I need you two in the lab. Iron Man says all the equipment should still be in there from when you were working earlier. I don't care if you have other priorities, right now I'm saying the Skrulls take precedence. If you want me to write you a sick note or threaten your boss so you can get a few days off, I will. I'll also make sure we've got coffee, food, and whatever else you need delivered down there, just get me some progress on that detector.

The rest of you get yourselves over to the mansion or reply to this privately so I can tell you what we need to do. If there's any other heroes or civilians that aren't Avengers, would like to help, and would be willing to go through a number of possibly invasive processes to check to make sure you're not a Skrull... well. We'll take it on a case by case basis.

[ there's a pause, and then carol smirks. ]

Oh, and to all the Skrulls who are undoubtedly watching this? You better batten down your hatches, sweethearts. 'Cause we're going to kick your pathetic, green asses and get back everyone you replaced.
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[ the video opens up on the avenger's work-out room gym thing. it looks a bit messy, like a fight went through it, which... it did! after a moment carol manages to get the video where it's supposed to be and, oh look, it's her and clint. she's got clint pinned to the mats in the gym and they both look a little worn out, but carol's grinning. ]

Alright, City. Important question here. What's better for take-out, Thai or Chinese?

The correct answer is the one that gives out fortune cookies.

Fortune cookies are not the end-all, be-all of what makes good take-out. You wouldn't want fortune cookies from an Italian place.

Yeah, but you get pizza at Italian places. So it makes up for it.

[ lineface ] That doesn't make any sense.

Sure it does.

Why don't we just let Network decide which of us has the better argument?

Your argument doesn't come with inspiring messages inside a cookie, but sure.

[ ooc| purple is clint, black in carol. they are idiots and you should laugh at them. ]
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[ the video today is shot through an open window. there's carolers on the lawn singing, and they're actually pretty good. carol seems torn between amusement and exasperation at the sight, though. ]

It's amazing how few Christmas songs are really good for caroling. I think they've started to repeat themselves.

[ there's a pause as carol shuts said window, then she continues. ]

On a vaguely related note, how many people are doing or did their holiday shopping online this year? I actually went to the mall, and I can't help but wonder if ordering things online would've been more convenient.
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Well. It's in dire need of some really heavy editing, but the first incredibly rough draft of my book is done. And with a few days to spare, too.

I know there's a few people who said they'd be interested in reading it once it's done — and it's not quite done yet — but would any of you happen to have experience with editing for things other than typos and basic grammar corrections? I'm talking the kind of editing that'll have pages covered in red pen marks and me completely reworking some scenes.

[ there's a slight pause, and a creak as she shifts in her chair before she continues. ]

In a completely unrelated vein of conversation... I'm looking into buying a pair of running shoes. It's been years since I've had any shoes specifically for running though, and I've got no idea who's selling good ones and who isn't. Anyone got any suggestions?
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[ look! it's a wet pug. except he's ever so slightly purple and in a bathtub. ]

So this little guy is now internet famous. As is our cat, Luke.

[ there's a pause as carol reaches out to scratch bee-pug behind the ears. ]

It's amazing, the things that are popular these days. Stupid videos of animals, Jersey Shore, Twilight... Maybe I'm getting old, but there's a part of me that just shakes my head at the stuff that gets put out. It's weird to think of books being stocked in a shelf labeled "Teenage Supernatural Romance."

But then I think of things like this one movie that's coming out, Red Tails, or this book that I read recently, though I can't remember the title, and I think maybe it's not as bad as it could be. There's always a balance between the crap and the good stuff.

[ another pause. carol stops scratching bee-pug's ears and he whines. she laughs quietly and starts it up again. ]

What do you think, City? Do you prefer the classics, or is there something to be said for modern entertainment? Soap operas need not apply, some of those have been around for longer than my mother's been alive.
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I've got a bit of a problem. And I'm willing to bet there's someone on this thing who can help me out. I'm going to try and hammer out something resembling a novel next month, since November is National Novel Writing Month. I've done it before and I've got some time on my hands since I'm not working. My only problem is figuring out what to write, which is where you come in.

So far I've got partial outlines for... [ she pauses and rustles through some paper ] A book about space pirates like the ones I wrote back home, a novel that's something like political thriller meets military/spy adventure... something, or — and I can't believe I'm saying this — a somewhat cliché romance novel because, hell, why not?

I obviously can't write all of them next month, but I do want to write one of them. And unfortunately, I'm just indecisive enough that throwing them all into a hat and blindly picking one isn't going to work out. So which one sounds like a genre you would be interested in, City?
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I've been wondering for a little while now, how many people here have had to do something over again to continue life here like it was back home. Like taking the bar, for example, or getting a— [ the doorbell rings in the background, cutting carol off. ] Hold that thought.

[ the feed keeps running as carol walks away to answer the door. not much of the conversation filters through, but there for those with good ears, they can probably make out a guy saying, 'sign here,' and carol wondering what is with all the boxes. a few moments and some shuffling later, there's the distinct sound of tape being ripped off of a cardboard box and said box being opened.

then, a long moment of silence. ]

Alright, who's responsible for the ninety-six ShamWows that were just delivered to Avengers Mansion?
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[ oh look, it's carol on a random rooftop somewhere. and she's got her business face™ on. talking with gordon gave her ideas and raised some questions in her mind, so she figures she might as well ask them. ]

I know this isn't going to have the same ring to it, but... Avengers, headcount. If you're willing to talk, I'd like to know how many current and former Avengers are here, how long you've been here and if you'd consider yourself on active duty either here or back home. Young Avengers, you're included in this.

[ pause. she should probably say something else for people that... aren't avengers... ]

For everyone else on the network... How many of you have teams of heroes back home, whether or not you're a part of them? What are they like?
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[ the video feed turns on as carol's comm clatters to the pavement. there's nothing but bricks to see, but there's the unmistakeable sounds of a fight in the background. after a few moments, there's a flash of light and a loud FWASH to accompany it. then, carol's voice. ]

Woof! After the past few days, I can't tell if this is exactly what I needed or exactly what I don't need.

[ the sounds of feet on cement and then the picture tilts until carol's smiling face comes into view. ]

Hello, Network. You're a pretty useful thing when someone's got questions about what the hell is happening when they end up in not-New York. No need to give me the big spiel, I've read enough that I think I got everyone and their mother's different ways of explaining it.

I was hoping to wait to use this thing until I had something other than just a typical, "Hi, I'm so and so and I just got here," speech. But... Hi, I'm Ms. Marvel. I just got here. And I've got some small-time crooks that could do with a pick-up, if anyone's got a line to the police.


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