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[Handheld communication devices that allowed for video feed were not exactly the norm from Charles' day and age. It had taken him some time to suss out how exactly to make the device work. Alright, to be honest, it had taken him some time to get frustrated enough to reach out and pluck the 'instructions' from the head of a handy local.]

Right then, small red light indicates that it is recording; I would say that this apparatus would appear to be transmitting. At least I hope it is recording or else I am simply going to be addressing myself, which will not get me very far.

[Clearing his throat, Charles gave the camera a strained but warm smile before he continued.]

My name is Charles Xavier. There appears to be a discrepancy in my immediate memories as I am quite certain that I was in another place entirely up until a little under an hour ago, when I suddenly found myself in this 'City'.

While I do not desire to be considered disagreeable, as a rule I like to have some say in the location and relocation of my person. In this case I do not recall being asked about the sudden change of local. [If his tone has a bit of an edge to it when he speaks, well ... can anyone really blame him?

There is a breath and then the smile presses out into a much more serious expression.]

There are matters back on that beach I need to attend to, matters that I fear, will not wait and their outcome will affect many for quite some time. I would ask to be returned to that beach with the same immediacy in which I was removed.

Charles would have liked to have made a bold statement when he disconnected the feed from his device, a nice, clean snap of the off button, like walking firmly through a door and closing it behind you. Truth was it took him a bit of turning his device first this way, then that until he got to the right button and flicked it to the off position.

Not quite as dramatic as a firm door closing but as the saying went, 'the best laid plans of mice and men'.

Action Only )

[ooc: And so I toss Xavier back into the City! Network or Action responses, I am open to either! At the moment Charles is in the 'Porter building, looking for an exit and from there on to the DOI.]
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[ When Charles appears on the video, it's with a not-so-well-hidden expression of exhaustion -- exhaustion, pain, and most notably, apology. He is seated on the couch in his shared home, with his communicator placed in his lap. His newly acquired wheelchair is within frame; easily accessible from his position. ]

I understand that some terrible things have occurred here in my... absence. [ That's definitely hard to say, as the memories of this place are coming in so slowly and of their own volition; some things more prominent than others. ]

I do not remember everything, and for that I am sorry. I thought it prudent to let those who need know — that I have returned to the City. [ A few more seconds of silence, then he's sighing, closing his eyes. ]

If there is any way that I may be of service, or help, please... please let me know.

Thank you.
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[ Charles appears on the screen with a friendly smile, and a look of determination on his features. He starts to speak after a moment, though only after lifting a cat out of his lap and adjusting his communicator. ]

Hello, everyone. It will come as no surprise to you that Erik and I have been keeping our eye on the… developments here, in the City. It is obvious that those native here do not appreciate our… interfering with their lives, intentional or no.

Something that they are certainly allowed, and we cannot fault them for that. However, I should note that I have been thinking. Erik and I have been thinking, actually. It would do this City some good -- it would do the imports and the existing citizens of the City some good -- if we were able to show them just how… ah, how beneficial we can be.

[ Charles purses his lips and waits for a moment before continuing. ]

Please note that this is entirely in its early stages. Those of you familiar with -- [ This takes him a few moments. It sounds silly, okay? ] the X-Men will have an idea of our plans here. A super-hero team, as it were, to provide protection to humans, transports, and mutants alike.

Should you have any advice or interest in our endeavour, please let me know here. I intend to organise a roster of sorts -- we will see who we've got, and we will make our points clear from then on.

Thank you.

[ Charles smiles diligently and then nods once before hanging up. ]

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As Erik has kindly reminded me, it appears that my birthday is coming up -- in two days, in fact. Ah, on Saturday. It's really rather surprising, finding myself aging here in the City; it makes it all the more real, if that makes any sense at all.

[ Charles hums for a moment and pauses, as though he's sorting his thoughts. ]

With that said, have I missed any important dates? Birthdays? Anniversaries?

I suppose this place really will be like home, come Saturday. It's certainly impossible to even entertain -- returning. Has anyone else felt this… phenomenon? Hm. [ There's a sound as Charles clears his throat, and tries to remain on track. ]

Yes, well. That's all very thoughtful enough for one broadcast.

Thank you. [ There's a bit of a silence on the line, before it cuts completely. ]
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[ When the video clicks on, Charles is looking quite humbled. He seems apologetic, if it is possible for an expression to show -- which, well, it works in this case. He hopes. ]

I would like to issue an -- ah. An apology to any of the women with whom I have been unexpectedly forward, in my time here in the City.

[ Charles can't really explain why he feels compelled to issue such an apology, and for a split second, he looks almost confused by the words that are coming from his mouth. Then he's straightening up, clearing his throat, and apologetic once more. ]

It was incredibly disrespectful of me, and for that I am sorry. I hope that you will accept my apology, and my promise to not inappropriately flirt with you in the future.

Ah... yes, well. Thank you very much.

[ Charles smiles in a polite way that is almost nervous, before the feed clicks off. ]
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It is remarkable how much you find yourself missing someone when they are no longer here. Ah, in their true form or otherwise.

I am well aware I'm not the only one, and for that I reach out with condolences; to everyone who is missing a loved one or a close companion.

We will find them.

It is no contest.

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Erik, I've a list of things for you to retrieve while you are at the store.

• PG Tips - preferably the box with 80ct.
• Sugar
• Fountain Ink
• Talcum Powder
• Flour
• Lettuce
• Cigarettes - Benson's, I do not think anything else will do.

Finally, that curious serum we continue to see those advertisements for on the television that purport to assist in the loss of hair. Rogaine, is it? I've rather an overwhelming urge to experiment.

[ It appears someone is having a bit of a communicator malfunction here. It had taken him much too long to get used to the old communicators, it is hardly fair to be given yet another one of these awfully tiny devices and expect him to be able to keep up.

Jerk doesn't even say 'thank you'.
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[ When Charles appears on the communicator, he looks almost apologetic. His brows are furrowed and he's scratching his chin for a moment before he finally responds. ]

It seems we've all been out or gone for quite a while, haven't we? In any case--I do hope the holidays have treated everyone well.

I feel as though I've much to catch up on. [ He smiles, nods to the camera. ] I've been doing nothing but schoolwork; ah, this whole season, really. Then… then I've managed to spend some time to myself.

There is an awful lot of concerning material on television, on the Internet. Both new and not so.. new. I've a lot to catch up on, even here in this future. I tend to forget. [ Then, his smile is even further amused; less apologetic. ]

With that in mind, I've been gifted some sort of -- some sort of video gaming device from Nepeta, as well as a hat. I've no idea what to do with the thing, but I've been instructed I ought to find appropriate video… games. [ Charles says these words with a very heavy air of complete confusion, not quite confident about the phrasing or the terminology. ]

Does anyone have any, ah, suggestions? For these games. As always, your input is entirely appreciated. [ Finally, we see Charles reaching for a colourful controller -- frowning at it momentarily before the screen goes black. ]
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[ Charles' English accent comes through the communicator succinctly after a polite clearing of his throat. There's been an incredible amount going on, both in his own life and others' as well as in the City, and he'd love any excuse to take a breather from it all.

The holidays, as it so happens, are the perfect one with which to do just that.

With Christmas and Hanukkah coming so soon, I've found myself in need of both decorations for the house and gifts for friends and family. I'm afraid I don't quite know my way through these awfully expansive malls, and was wondering if perhaps someone should like to shop with me for gifts?

This person would also assist in the picking out of gifts for certain individuals to whom I'm obligated to provide them for, as well as instruct me on proper holiday home decor.

[ The smile in Charles' voice is evident, though the stiffness of it suggests that he's essentially requesting someone to temporarily replace the help he grew up with in his affluent home. He has no intention to be malicious about it, but he's also somewhat disconnected from your standard family holidays, and much of that can be gathered from his behaviour in his request.

What a dork.

Of course, if you are able to provide any home decoration or gift suggestions over the Network, I will gladly take them. Your help is wholly appreciated.

Ah--thank you very much.
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[[ Purple is Erik, blue is Charles. ]]

[ When the video turns on, Erik and Charles are both visible, seated in the living room of their house.

Erik is frowning a bit when he speaks.

Alex Summers is gone.

[ Charles looks away from the camera for a moment, leaning back into the couch. Then he closes his eyes, breathes deeply. ]

I'm not quite sure what to say, to be honest. He'd hardly been here long.

[ Charles opens his eyes and faces the camera once more. Then, he's smiling; though it's a distant one. ]

I have faith that he'll be much happier, gone home.

[ Erik nods, though he does not seem as confident about that as Charles. When he speaks, he is adressing Charles more than the camera. ]

I hope you are right.

[ Charles only watches Erik for a moment, then lets another breath escape. Something just above a sigh. ]

I will miss him. We will miss him. For those that had known him in his time here, we thought you ought to be aware.

Your having listened is appreciated. Ah--thank you.
[ Click. ]
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[ When Charles' voice comes over the network it's shaken, only momentarily; then solemn, and hardly as prepared for what he's about to say as he'd like. He clears his throat and makes a soft sound like a hum before he's speaking. His confidence is regained and his voice has its appropriate, upright standing it requires for his words. ]

In the aftermath of this event, I would like to--offer my services. The ones I have available to me. Should you know anyone whose mind has been altered, manipulated, or-- [ He pauses, trying to search for the right phrasing. ] broken; I would like to help them.

I cannot promise anything, but I will do my utmost with the experience and capabilities that I have. I know myself to be capable of healing minds; ah, should you trust me.

Thank you. [ There's a soft echo of a sigh as Charles clicks off the voice feed of his communicator. Then, almost as an afterthought, a string of text appears. ]

On a less serious note, it appears I have acquired a porpoise. I would not prefer to disclose how it has come into my possession. Though, should anyone desire to take it from my hands, I would like that.

Very much.

Thank you.
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[ The video clicks on to reveal Charles sitting on his couch, from an unusual angle — perhaps at his waist. He's speaking aloud, but there is nothing to see — no one beside him, and he is hardly facing the camera. ]

Erik—but what am I to feed a shark?

Yes, I know you are not a pet… I did not imply that! [ He's frowning to his side, looking up perhaps at his shoulder and focusing intently on nothing. But he is very passionate in his words to nothing. ]

Do not make that face at me, Erik! You cannot even be expressive with all of those pointed teeth…

[ He reaches for the communicator then with the intention of sending Erik a message with his questions about what he ought to feed a shark before he realises it has been on this entire time. He only manages to furrow his brow at it before he's ended the feed, shrugging. ]
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[ Charles is staring long and hard into his communicator and he seems to be thinking of what he's going to say, as his lips are pursed and his eyes narrowed. When it seems he's satisfied, he opens his mouth and begins to speak — English accent heavy with displeasure. ]

It has come to my attention that a rather misinformed young man has made it his goal in the City to keep children out of school. [ Charles clears his throat here, and he's pursing his lips — looking incredibly ruffled as he adjusts himself in his seat. Granted, it has taken him a while to hear this news — he's rather terrible with his communicator, but things travel quickly to him through other means. He'd like to believe it's his mutation. Really, he just has friends who tell him when he ought to pay attention. ]

I cannot begin to express the necessity and benefit of attending one's courses and, certainly, attending school as a whole. [ He looks almost pleading for a brief moment, before he's back to looking rather offended. ]

There is no monetary value to be placed upon education. It is a wholly rewarding experience with merits beyond your minds. While I understand that it is difficult for young people to enjoy education to its fullest, that does not mean it is to be forgone entirely in any situation.

It is not in my power to force students to attend their classes, nor would it be right of me to manipulate your minds to encourage you to do so. [ He says this, but who is to say he's telling the truth? It is for the greater good, after all. ] Just know that we will, quite likely, not let it stand.

[ There's an even longer pause here as Charles bores into his communicator's camera sternly, just the edge of his lip is curling into a smile before it disappears almost as quickly as it came. His expression is quite solid once more. ]

After all, if one does not attend school, the communists win.

[ Click. ]
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[ Charles is sounding quite impressed when he clicks on his communicator, and he's chuckling with each of his words in his own amusement. ] Ah, it appears I am much more popular than I'd previously imagined —

This auction seems to be doing quite well.

I cannot say I'm not flattered! [ Charles lets out a bit of a hum before he's speaking again, and it's almost as if you can hear the smirk in the way the Englishman forms his words. ]

Whomever is successful in bidding upon me will most certainly not regret it.

[ A final soft laugh, and a click. ]
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Hello, this is Charles Xavier, ah, typing. Speaking? Regardless.

I am here to announce that as school is beginning just tomorrow at the Institute, I am prepared to greet all of my new students with an earnest pleasure. I have provided for you both a text-based version of the syllabus for my Mathematics class as well as attached an image.

Charles Xavier's Mathematics Syllabus )

I have not created a syllabus for Powers Training as that course does not require one in the same way. Each student will be worked with in a different way in Powers Training and receive individual attention for their individual power or mutation and the rules and necessities will become clear for that course after perhaps a week of its running.

If you have any questions before classes are to begin, please let me know and I will address them as soon as I am able. Good night and happy learning!
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[ Charles is obviously a bit drunk as his comm clicks on and he's facing the video screen, his cheeks flushed and his eyes lidded -- with a grin on his face like a wild cat. He's smirking, and very clearly thinks he's quite the charmer. He opens his mouth to speak and his words are slurred, if only slightly. This is what he gets for going to the bar with Erik. ]

H-Hello, ladies..! Charles Xavier. It's w..onderful to meet you, all of you. You're beautiful, and don't you dare let anyone tell you otherwise. [ His English accent seems much thicker as he's working to form his words. ]


I would like to see all of your grooviest mutations, my friends, if you would so allow me. You see, I'm trying to catch up -- ah! -- on my field of study since the lovely year of nineteen sixty-two, and it seems like I've a lot to learn!--

[ Charles pauses and points a finger at the screen, his smirk and reddened cheeks evident in his state of alcoholic bliss. ] So please, I would love to hear about all your... skills, powers, mutations... what have you.

I've a lot of studying to do! [ He smiles handsomely -- at least, he thinks so -- and waves just slightly before the connection drops off and there's brief static, then nothing. ]

(( ooc: Charles hasn't exactly noted what's going on in the City, so he's resorted to partying at the pub with Erik and some other new company, so I apologise for his shenanigans while he sobers up and sorts things out aaaand gets appropriately shocked by the current plot. ))
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[ The video clicks on and Charles is smirking into it, looking quite lighthearted for the time being. He's in his apartment, sitting on his couch as he seems to be considering what he's going to say with an increasing look of thoughtfulness.

Pleased that Erik was now here with him, Charles had full intentions to try to lighten him up a bit. He was always a very serious man and Charles respected this, but that did not mean he could not have a bit of fun. When he finally did begin to speak, he put on a stern face. ]

Erik. Erik, you had best be listening--

I demand to know why, and how, you have so many children that you have not told me about. [ He puts on his best face of offense then, feigning incredible shock. ]

We are friends, Erik, and you owe me an explanation.

[ In all honesty, Charles was quite curious as to the multi-universe family tree of his close companion's, though he had no illusions that Erik legitimately knew anything about them. Yet still, he might as well have a bit of fun. See if he can pull a new expression from his friend's so limited collection.

With a very soft smirk tugging on the edges of his lips, Charles easily cuts the feed -- having gotten a bit of a hang of this device by this time and leaves his words to linger on the Network.]
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[There's a soft clicking sound to be heard before the clearing of a throat. Then, a gentle tapping before a momentarily silence and a breath is taken.]

Hello? Hello? I suppose I'm talking to myself. Ah, yes, well, anyway. I think I've got this bit figured out... haven't ever seen a device quite like this myself; though there is always a first time for everything, is there not?

Regardless, I suppose that is.. [He pauses for a moment, as if contemplating quite a bit more than just an intake of breath.] irrelevant in my current situation. But... make the best of it, I always say.

At least, I do now. Though I cannot help but wonder, will I see a familiar face again? [He hums in a way that suggests he is frowning deeply, and clears his throat a second time. It is only for a few more seconds that the transmission continues, before an abrupt click is heard and there is nothing but silence.]


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