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Hello, heroes.

[There’s a man sitting at a table, folders on folders splayed in front of him, and he‘s staring at the camera. He speaks lowly to the camera, leaning in towards it. It's Ultranova, that blustering Buzz Lightyear-style Space Ranger, and he doesn't look like that at all! He's wearing civilian clothes, for one--a classy button-down shirt. If only the wolf t-shirt he has on underneath was visible! It might cut down on how deathly serious he looks right now.

Ultranova’s voice is frightened, yes, but it’s also measured and calm; there’s a cold, determined slant to his panic that hasn’t been present in any of his other Network appearances. Nevertheless, there are a few beads of sweat on his brow--the stupid goggles are pushed up on the top of his head this time. In one hand, he‘s got a bag of Cheetoes, half-eaten, though to his credit he‘s not actually ballsy enough to eat them during this very serious moment.

They’re going to find me soon. I just know it.

And another one bites the -- . )
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Attention, citizens!

[There's a guy with a deep and resonating voice, and this guy is sitting on what appears to be the roof of a building. Despite what the icons may tell you, the majority of this man's face is not in fact visible! He's wearing a spandex suit, mostly in emerald green, with a few polygonal patches of blue on it, and a big gold star emblazoned on his chest. And goggles. Both of his hands are encased in some big ol' dramatic metal gloves! In the right-hand one, there is an unwrapped and partially-eaten Slim Jim. Also counter-intuitive to these icons: he's pretty darn ripped.]

I believe we need to have a chat. Look, you've all been very kind to me, and this jerked cow is quite palatable, but I can't do this. [His voice rises.] I understand that you wish to rid your metropolis of crime, and I also can't deny that I am one of the best men to do it. But you must understand that I am not the only person whose life will be at stake if you keep me here! I have so much to do, there was--an explosion--but it doesn't matter anymore. Not compared to what might happen afterwards. The fate of the Marari Galaxy, my people, my, my, uh... [SUDDENLY SO BASHFUL] the princess! They all rest in my hands. Every minute I spend here is another one that Zurgax can use against me. You don't know who that is, of course, you don't--you don't know what I'm talking about... you must think I'm a madman. I assure you, I'm not. This is important! I--

[He grunts irritably and rests his head, goggles area first, in the palm of one hand for a moment, then looks up. PLEADING. PUPPY DOG EYES or there would be, if you could see them! Instead you get treated to the lovely handprint smear on his goggles, and his lower lip trembling in a totally manly way.]



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