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It's nearing Christmas, isn't it? I've always been fond of this holiday -- the lights and music are beautiful, and the atmosphere of cheer never fails to lift my spirits. I didn't have the chance to experience Christmas when I was younger; it was never something my people celebrated. [Obviously because of the religion itself, amongst other reasons.] Of course, we celebrated the winter solstice, but it was never anything so grand as Christmas. In fact, someone who's observing the holiday for the first time would think it spans an entire month, considering how early it's celebrated.

[A pause.] If you'd be so kind as to indulge my curiosity, perhaps you could tell me if you celebrated something similar in your world. Or is Christmas a completely new experience, something that you've only witnessed in the City?

[Her smile brightens, and she leans in closer to the camera.]

That aside, I want to address my friends at City Hall. I have participated in several Christmas gift exchanges in the past, and they've always been immensely enjoyable. I'd love to organize one for the team, if this would be something people are interested in.

[ooc: SO YES there's gonna be a city hall secret santa. people who have close cr with city hall people are welcome to join, too! anyway, the plan is for it to be anonymous both ic and ooc, because it would be more fun that way.8D and you don't need to reply to this post to join! i'll put up an ooc post soon explaining this further, but now diana's just mostly bringing the idea up.c:]

♞ four

Oct. 24th, 2012 10:56 pm
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[ The communicator turns on, showing Diana a few feet away holding her lasso. It shakes a little, being held by a somewhat unsteady hand. Off-screen and with audible unease, Max speaks: ]

I'm telling you, Diana, stay back. Get away from me. Put that down and don't come any closer. All right?

[ Diana's gaze is drawn to the communicator before she looks back at Max. She frowns, her grip tightening on her lasso. It begins to glow dimly. ]

Calm down, Max. If your intentions are as good as you claim them to be, then there's nothing to be afraid of.

[ She takes a step forward, her expression changing into one of determination.

When she steps forward, Max takes another step back. ]

Oh, I'm absolutely sure that's all you want to do. I wasn't born yesterday. It always starts with the lasso, and then — and then — get back!

[ Her eyes begin to narrow, and she reaches for Max's communicator. ]

The lasso only burns those who fear the truth. Do you have something to hide?


[ He tries to jerk it out of her reach, backing up again. ]

I've got witnesses, Diana, so don't think you can just do whatever you want. I don't care what you've told them all, I'm innocent!

Now is the chance to prove your innocence.

[ With one deceptively calm tug, she pulls the communicator from his grasp and lets it hit the adjacent wall. ]

Stay still.

[ The communicator hits the wall, and Max shrieks loudly off-screen right before the feed dies abruptly. ]

( Note: Both of them are currently emotionally compromised by the Import virus. )

☆ video.

Oct. 2nd, 2012 01:29 am
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[The video opens to darkness, slowly adjusting into... a vast, creepy forest? The sound of leaves rustling and branches snapping come before Diana and Zatanna appear, running to -- or from -- something. What creature is so frightening that it has the ability to make two powerful women run for their lives?

Soon enough, they tumble to the ground, along with the camera. The view is quickly obscured with a thick, clear substance making it difficult to really get a hold of the situation. But there's shrieking.

And also laughter.

White fur fills the screen before a pair of hands appears, revealing Zatanna struggling to carry a very, very big puppy that appears to be a Great Pyrenees. Diana lets this go on for a few seconds before taking the puppy from her, letting it lick her cheek mercilessly.

It becomes clear that this display wasn't meant for the crowd when Zee grabs the device and wipes the slobber off onto her jeans and makes a little face.]

Oh, hey. This, uh. Was recording. I guess we should introduce our friend, here?

This is Hermes. We adopted him a week ago, but he's definitely proven to be a handful. [As evidenced by this video!]

Anyway, I guess now is as good a time as any to mention that I'm holding a costume party on the 26th. Tickets are $100 each and all proceeds will benefit the ImPort Arts Committee. It's twenty-one and up, but if you're underage or the cost seems a little steep, there will be a second party hosted here. [She gestures widely to the creepy forest they're in. Which seems to be right behind the house that she and Diana own, although it now appears much more eerie than in other posts...]

Larsa will be hosting the second party, which will be free and open to all. I'm certain it will turn out wonderfully, so I hope to see you all there! [Diana smiles to the camera. Everyone should come to the party or else she'll be disappointed. :c] We'll definitely make sure everyone has a good time.

And that's about it, ladies and gentlemen! [Zatanna holds Hermes' large, fuzzy paw and makes him wave goodbye before turning off the screen.]
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Good afternoon, City. It’s been almost a year, hasn’t it? It’s certainly not unwelcome to be back –- I’ve missed numerous people, and if they’re still here, I’d appreciate it if they’d make their presence known.

[Diana's already settled inside her MAC apartment, having arrived earlier that day. She's gone through the communicator records right up to her arrival, but she's not going to be bringing any of that up. It's best to end her return post on a positive note.]

I should introduce myself, since I understand that most of you may not be familiar with me. There are many who know me as Wonder Woman, but please, call me Diana. I've made a lot of friendships here previously, and I do hope to make many more during my current stay.


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