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Jul. 25th, 2012 03:18 pm
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[ The sound of waves crashing against cliffs, birds cawwing and other creatures of nature making their presence known. Edward is sitting on a precarious perch, conveniently shaded by rock overhead, bare save for a thin pair of khakis. He looks ... happy. And wet. ]

I really do recommend getting out of the city every once in a while. Explore abandoned ruins, swim the length of an ocean, taste the local game. This is the only time we will be here in this world. [ He grins, and stands, the sunlight hitting parts of his chest and arms. Y'know the drill, dazzling sparkles and what-not. ]

Visiting a new world that closely parallels my own is fascinating. It's the nostalgia and euphoria of experiencing something new mixed together. [ He chuckles and turns his body, the feed getting a nice view of the ocean. And a sparkling dude. ]

After all, you only live once. [ And the feed cuts off as he falls backwards into said ocean. YOLO BZ. ]

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Jul. 11th, 2012 09:45 pm
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Three years condensed into only a few weeks.

Living out the events, I still do not see the appeal that cause so many to idolize me. I do, however, find comfort in the knowledge that it is a happy ending for us both. Especially now that I have been taken before the birth of my child.

I suppose the next order of business is to ask how one goes about traveling in this world. I am growing sick of looking at buildings.

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Jun. 21st, 2012 06:23 pm
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[ Sitting in a darkened room, Edward just seems like a really pale guy. Definitely not a sparkling vampire here, nope, no sir. He is without a shirt and only dark trousers. If one's eyesight is extremely keen, one might notice blood on the back of his neck. The feed is positioned on another surface in the dark, empty room, showing him in his somewhat relaxed pose, leaning back with his arms supporting him up.

There's a reason brooding is his middle name. ]

I've spoken with other vampires here before during my previous stay. I'd appreciate it if you - or any vampires with which I have not conversed with yet - would mind indulging me in a conversation about your origins, lifestyle, and abilities. It seems that every one I meet here is so vastly different that the term 'vampire' seems so ... unnecessary, when not one vampire here is the same as another.

There are some that, like myself, are able to go out in the sunlight without burning to a crisp or catching fire. And there are even some that have fleshy skin and a distinct lack of 'supernatural' abilities. Yet they are still considered vampires. Even the ones that do not feed on the blood of other living animals.

I am merely curious. [ He cocks his head to the side. ] And the conversation need not occur over these devices. [ The feed ends quickly, the last frame only a flash of color. ]

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[ Yet another video from our friendly neighborhood sparkling vampire. This time he's sitting on a windowsill in what looks to be an attic, dressed in warm, neutral colors, as always. He looks somber, almost, but his face is rigid, no emotion. The sadness only shines through in his eyes. He doesn't inhale before he begins to speak, his voice smooth like velvety satin or some other nonsense. It's just hot okay it'll make your panties melt. ]
tl;dr  )

[ He pauses again, eyes unblinking. In fact, he hadn't breathed nor blinked during the entire recitation of the poem. ] This poem of Dickens has been reiterating in my mind for quite some time. It's quite heart-breaking, moving; I remember reading this same poem when I was younger. Perhaps it is the sentimental value that makes it contain more melancholy than was intended. [ Edward pauses yet again. Again, not to take a breath; merely to collect his thoughts. ]

Tell me, what poem-- [ See that light creeping up from the horizon? Edward realizes too late what is happening, lost in his own thoughts of melancholy and brooding and what-not, and there is a bright glittering for a brief second before he shuts the video off. After a few moments, he continues the question instead on audio. Smoothest recovery ever. ]

Which poem has the most sentimental value to you?


Mar. 12th, 2012 10:03 pm
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[ He's unnaturally pale, even in the dim lighting of the car he's currently sitting in. (How did he get the car, you ask? Well, perhaps he 'borrowed' it from a dealership...) The car appears to be at a stop, no other sounds to be heard outside of it. ]

So, what are the high schools like around here? [ There's a grin on his lips, his golden orbs eyes shining from the light in the car. ]


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