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Nov. 21st, 2012 09:22 pm
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[ The video displays the familiar view -- relatively, that is -- of the River Clyde, because guess who's back in Scotland? This guy! He's leaning on the guardrail casually, holding the communicator above himself at a Myspace angle. The sky behind him is rather thick and grey, threatening rain. ]


I know, I know, ya yanks are all preoccupied with your special holiday. Me, I'm thankful I got out o' the country in enough time. No offense, but all that daft rabble is just the ticket to send me off on me weary way once and for all, it's madness.

[ It starts to rain -- very slightly -- and he frowns, looking up at the sky and deciding to walk as he talks. He's not going to hang around outside in the rain like a moron. ]

I can always pop back in a -- [ Don't say "flash." ] jiffy then, o' course. When I'm needed. I'm nae the type to neglect me work even if I've got to commute to it, but sometimes a man needs a change. Aye? So don't come looking for me, is what I'm saying -- need me, just give me a shout and I'll come find ya. Me prices are mad competitive. A steal, almost.

[ For drugs? Mercing? Killing? He doesn't specify but if you know what he does you can assume he means all of the above. He shrugs, walking a little quicker. ]

Just checking in, anyway. Don't all stuff yourselves stupid now, awright?

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Sep. 12th, 2012 04:34 pm
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[ This is one of the very rare times -- okay, the first time -- Evan appears uncowled on the network because he just hasn't put it back on after, er, indulging; skin is extremely pale and clammy, his eyes very red and dilated, his lips dry. Basically he looks all kinds of terrible. ]



[ His accent is even thicker than normal when he finally gets talking, though he speaks a little deliriously: ]

This's on, right? [ Ha. He holds the communicator closer, as if he'll be okay as long as he keeps talking to it. He's not even sure what he really wants to say, or ask for -- he's barely even sure what's going on, and asking for things isn't really something he does. He snaps is fingers. ] Awright, awright, no, I got it now. Oookay, say for a moment ye've mucked a thing up a wee bit oo'side o' -- ya cannae jus', y'know, right, ya need -- no, sorry, that's nae what I meant t' -- to... uh...

Bugger me sideways, how about just one complete sentence, then? Gaun yerself, for the love of God. [ Impatiently, abruptly frustrated: ] Never mind, why don't all ya cunts go fuck yourselves? Christ's sake. Waste of time, is what it all is!

[ He angrily shuts off the feed. And turns it back on about five minutes later, still aggressive: ]

What about bloody book recommendation or two?

( OOC: This of course is in reference to this. There's an open log here, forward-dated to tomorrow through Sunday. )

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Aug. 13th, 2012 07:13 pm
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Howzitgaun, kids?

[ Evan's walking along a brick road, peering up into the communicator that he's holding above his head as he walks. His eyes are dilated and kind of bloodshot. Also, he's got a monocle on. He grins, baring that charming gap-tooth. ]

Ya know it's funny, these things? I never used 'em much before -- didnae need to, know? -- but I dinnae mind the company so much. Sort of like listening to the radio. Ya shouldnae get too attached, though, or else ya willnae see life itself coming for ya 'coz you're too busy waiting for the warnings.

[ He adjusts his monocle, eyes growing hazy but his smirk growing. He licks his lower lip and turns the communicator slightly, showing off his destination. ]

All this tourist talk's made me right homesick. Nice view here, eh? That's the River Clyde right there. Used to come along this way as a lad to take me mind off me problems. Keeps me going on me weary way, know? Disnae have the same effect when you're grown, I'll say, but it's better sight than the Hudson.

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Jul. 22nd, 2012 09:28 pm
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[ The camera opens on the exterior of a jewelry store, from some faceless POV. On either side of it appears to be identical stores, only on all three of them the store name is reversed. After a minute or two, arms extend from the top of the screen, holding a WANTED poster with a hole cut out where the image would be. Evan's upside-down face fills the hole after another moment, gap-toothed grin and all. The text reads:

DNUORA-NUR raluger a rof NOROM repuS 1
nopuoc eht no hcnup a dna erutnevda daeD :DRAWER

(This may be helpful.) ]

Now this isnae my usual way of working, flashing the signal ahead of time; thought I'd borrow it. Little advertisement, see? It gets dead dull aroond here without the ol' Flasher to kick aboot, so I'm holding auditions. Step right up to take a crack, aye?

[ He moves the paper and flips down from whatever he was hanging from, or out of, still grinning and holding an appointment book. The store reflections behind him flicker and vanish, showing a simple alleyway instead. ]

I'm offering a fair go, right? One-on-one like, terms met. I'll even return my goods if I like ya well enough, so let's nae have us any cheaters.

(There's an open log here to those interested!)

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Jul. 10th, 2012 10:40 pm
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[ The communicator is laying next to him as Evan lies on the floor, his feet angled upward to lean against the wall. Wherever he is it's pretty nondescript, just darkness with reflective glimmers along the walls and floors. ]

I betcha I know the answer to this awready, but I've got work at stake here -- cannae take chances when a paycheck's involved. Serves him right if he's trying to avoid me. [ Not a literal paycheck. Just stealing shit. ] Anyone seen Captain Cold about? Right old bastard in a thick blue jaisket?

[ He lazily turns to get his Mirror Gun, clicking it and projecting an small holographic image of Captain Cold. It flickers out after a few minutes. ]

Christ, it's a sair fight... I cannae be the last man standing, but so I am. There's nae a thing to do about it either, what a world we live in.
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[ See Evan McCulloch. See Evan McCulloch looking completely pissed off and actually using his communicator. If you squint, you can even see the color rising in his face in the visible parts under his mask. ]

Think I dinna ken what ya did to me, ya weasely pipe-licking bampot?! Well then? Come out of hidin' and face me like ya got a pair so I can saw 'em off with a jagged hunk of glass myself! Ya hear me! Ya hear me, no one humiliates the Mirror Master like that, don't care who else likes ya, yer dead! Guts to garters, I'm killing ya! Don't try t' act it! I'll find ya! I find everybody!

[ SUPER RED-FACED NOW. He's holding his Mirror Gun, though impotently. Had he not just been killed by him he'd use the moment to yell at Midnighter too, but nope, not suicidal. ]

Soon's my gun works again I'm for a rammy and if you know what's good for ya so will you. Like men! Keep your creepy business off me for good, mind? [ He puts the communicator aside and has a shrieking fit offscreen. ] Wee bloody weltsucking jessie BASTARD TWAT!!

[ Super mature. Still offscreen, something breaks -- it sounds like a mirror or a window. ]

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[ The communicator turns on, obviously having been dropped and then stepped on. It shows the ceiling of Midnighter's spaceship, for those who would recognize it. For those who wouldn't, it's a ceiling! Voices are audible offscreen: ]

--Ya got another guy in here, aye? That it, huh? Ya'll be sorry if I find out yer cheatin' on me, ya cunt!

[ And there's the sound of doors opening and closing, looking for someone. ]

For fuck's sake, no and no. [ Midnighter sounds so exasperated I don't even. ] I'm not cheating on you. [ Beat. ] I'm not dating you, shithead! I'm ma-- you know what? We're not going there. I'm just going to murder you. Stand still.

This him? In the picture? Hate t'be the one to tell ya this, honey, but he looks pure queer. C'mon, aye, let's not fight. Give us a ki-- whoa, awright, enough o' that!

[ Briefly Mirror Master is in view before he disappears against one of the walls, shouting one more thing: ] I'll give ya some time t' cool off, then!

( Green is McCulloch, regular font is Midnighter. There will be no replies from Evan here (or for a while) since he forgot his communicator BUT YOU CAN TALK TO MIDNIGHTER. )


Mar. 14th, 2012 04:13 pm
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[ It's video, for real, and McCulloch twists the communicator in such a way to show his face that makes it seem like he's fashioned it to his wrist. ]

Howzitgaun, chaps? Got to say I like the look of this place. City seems well lived in, awright, Times Square's sure been given a wee doin' by the look of it and I do like me a place that gives you a pure good go now and then. Nice that you're fixin' your statues to look like monsters and that's Big Ben over in Jersey, isn't it? I'll recognize that big, shiny bell anywhere. Is any of you called Landmark? Gimme a ring, eh?

[ Snaps his fingers. ]

No need to fill me in on the whole "hero" biz, I got the skinny awright. Aye, well, how's that working for everyone? Canae make a decent living on it now can ya? [ He makes a whistling sound. ] Naw, I've got the message. Next step is we climb over each other t' gnaw our way ooside to freedom like wee rats.

Okay, don't mind me a challenge one bit. Any of you gents know your way around fixing a piece? Not asking for meself but if anyone's got a recommendation toss 'er over.


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