Apr. 12th, 2012 07:25 pm
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Welp, I've attempted to make so called ends meet in Dukat's absence. Once again, like that redheaded curly haired snot-nosed orphan Annie, life has become hard knocked. A roommate is essential. It's a nice flat, with three bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. Contact me if you are interested.

Now, City, how do you suppose one can get an extra source of income? Waste removal and a $200 stipend only covers so much for a man with big projects.

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Mar. 8th, 2012 02:02 pm
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When you put a creature out into existence, especially when the mother is out out of the picture, there's a sense of duty and obligation to that child. No matter how much the child challenged my authority, there was pride there. The day Simon shot his first rocket launcher; oh, did it make my heart swell with joy. He may take after his old man yet- never mind the doughy physique- he had great potential. He was my boy after all. Gay or whatever he decided he wanted to be.

My servant was a great help- her presence posed that of a mother figure my Simon so desperately needed. I probably shouldn't have sacked her. Blindness, a mild concussion, and the dependent friendship with Barnaby may have swayed that decision.

Phil, however, deserved what he got- that cancerous swine with the stones to try to take every penny from me. There's no regret there. I'm glad he exploded all over my balcony floor. Still, the friendship was nice as it lasted. I still remember Lorraine's baby shower- the poor man was a mess.[There's a sad sigh]

All manner of things aside, I miss it all terribly.
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Now, it's so hard to find good help these days, Melissa. I'd hate to replace you, but when you are performing a half-cocked job, I really have little choice.

[There's a female whimpering]

No, no... since you're such a lovely girl, you do have one last chance before you end up like Rodney. Oh! Speaking of! Look who's come to visit!

[Melissa sounds legitimately upset]

No, oh please, that's- don't-

Oh, see now. Rodney, you're upsetting our dear friend, Melissa. If you want to help, why not tell her where you went wrong, hm?

[Killface impersonates a high pitched New York accent]

Oh, well, I broke the circuit on purpose.


I electrocuted you

[Melissa sounds like she might be crying here]

You electrocuted me. See, now, I get hating your day job, but don't take it out on your employer.

But we aren't-

Don't interrupt, Melissa. [He clears his throat] Now where was I? Ah, yes. Rodney.

You were acting like a bloody fool. I give you all these opportunities, and then you try to shoot me with my own gun. Not cool, Rodney. Not cool. And that's why you've been 'discharged', and why poor Melissa here has to pull your weight. But if she fails at even that, then maybe you wont be so alone there in the unemployed corner of shame!!

[Melissa is whimpering again. There's a thud]

I hope we learned our lesson. When you're hungry come downstairs for some lunch.

[Killface sounds like he's smiling now]

It's a burrito bar! Mmm. Burritos.

[ooc: Killface has been kidnapping people to rebuild his Annihilatrix. Blue is the voice of his current engineer, Melissa. Green is Killface impersonating a recently deceased kidnapped engineer named Rodney of whom he was using his dead corpse as a puppet to make a point to Melissa.]

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Jan. 4th, 2012 08:55 am
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Goals. Dreams. Priorities. You'd think they'd change once being thrown into another world. I'll have to laugh at the Porter's fat face- she truly gave it a try. Of course fatherhood is out of the picture, but I don't plan on staying where this City deems I should stay.

I've been reduced to acquiring a job again- a bloody shame but a necessity. However, my pay and expense of a hobby has unfortunately.. made me short on the rent for this month. Funny enough, working at a Junk Yard doesn't pay much. Yes, I can get another job. But I won't. [He snorts] What do I look like, an adolescent boy trying to take 'ol Franny out to get some shakes and a movie? I like my free time, as any creature does.

I'm looking for a housemate. Preferably one that respects privacy.
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Nudity. Apparently a much bigger issue here than back home.

Seeing as how none of "the goods", as some of the Cityzens so colorfully described, are out on display I figured my garb-less conduct would not pose as a problem. This was, as I so unfortunately discovered, not the case.

Now, I removed myself from the constraints of conformity, restricting movement and unnecessary attire of both my home planet and Earth. The obvious solution, in this case, would most likely be pants.

Not without a fight, America. Not. Without. A fight.

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Dec. 8th, 2011 08:48 am
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Greetings, City. I am Killface.

It would seem that your lovely contraption made a bit of a goof-up. It's bound to happen. Nothing is perfect, though I do suggest the neanderthals that created the beastly device should pay for their mistakes.

You see, I have no desire of saving anyone. No desire to clean up the messes of a failed system that this so-called "City" has so sloppily built up. A trip back to my dimension would just be grand.

Would like a spot of good news, considering it all. Perhaps the whereabouts of my son, Simon.


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