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[in the background of the entire recording are the occasional sounds of traffic. feferi herself sounds a mixture of angry, worried, and a little out-of-breath.]

So I got Ported out again.


Hey, I know the way humans catalog planetary orbital periods is really stupid, but I'm pretty sure it was in the seventh month when I left, and now the comm is telling me it's in the fourth month. I am also pretty sure they're not counted backwards so that doesn't really make any sense!

[another pause, and this time she definitely sounds more worried than angry]

Can somebody tell me how long I was gone for?
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Are you telling me t)(at t)(e B-EST birt)( sign for all you )(umans already came and went and I MISS---ED IT??
Quick, w)(o was born in t)(e last mont)(? W)(ose sign is ♓??
I'll )(ave you know t)(at t)(at's t)(e B-EST sign, because it's MIN-E!!
You're all like my little )(umans, )(ee )(ee.
So clam on, speak up! W)(o's one of mine??
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glub glub
glub gluuuuuuuuub glub glub glub
i'm t)(e worst ever i'm sorry
i'm staying )(ere) in t)(e ocean and never ever ever coming out again
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*If you know Feferi Peixes, you may notice that she doesn't look how she normally does. Oh, she's a troll for once, but she's taller - much taller - and her face is slender without the chubbiness of youth. If you saw her during the age-swap plot, you might recognize her physically; this is her, fully grown. There are some differences, however - she's wearing far more jewelry than one might be expected; she's wearing a golden crown and ornate necklace that look almost, dare one say it, imperial.

But beyond that is her expression. It lacks the cheerfulness and kindness you might have come to expect from the fish-troll princess. Instead, she smiles at the camera simperingly, coldly - a smile that does not carry up into unnaturally all-yellow eyes.*
Oh, dear, dear me. It seems I have a bit of an impossible dream after all. What ever shall I do?

You can't change people so easily. You can't change how they act, and I was a little bit stupid to think I could ever change how they think. No, no, poor little me. All alone on that great golden throne, giving empty orders to the void. And nobody listened. Nothing changed.
*She stands up, idly sauntering around the room, one hand lazily turning the camera to follow her. Her golden double trident is leaning against the wall, and she runs her fingers over its points.*

Being nice doesn't work like that. You know what does change people, though? If a velvet glove doesn't work, try an iron fist. *She giggles.* It turns out that all you have to do to make highbloods more respectful of the lowbloods is just to brutally execute a few.

Or a few thousand~! It's so easy. Murder makes people nice; who knew?

*She turns, her chin in her hands, and smiles again.* I'm a forgiving Empress, though. They can step out of line once or twice without facing punishment. But you need to put your foot down somewhere, right guys? It's all in the name of people being nice to each other. Can't make an omelette without slitting a few throats.

*And then her expression turns twisted, and she laughs sharply, mockingly.* As if! What a joke, right? This stupid little dumbbass princess thought she could change things by batting her eyelashes and telling everyone to be nice. Like that'd have ever worked - even before she got her chest blown open!

But don't you worry, little ones. All you poor little lowbloods and you weak puny humans, Empress Feferi's going to make it aaaaaall okay~. She's going to take care of you, and you can stay with her and amuse her forever and ever.

*Another laugh - and then she picks up the trident, spins it around, and knocks a hole in the wall... but where one might expect to see another room, there's just inky blackness.*

(ooc: This is shadow!Feferi here to entertain you. Her labyrinth won't be open for a few more days, but she's the talkative type of Shadow.)
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*Judging by the bubbles that drift upward past the camera, someone's device is floating underwater.

And that someone is an adorable cuttlefish with a pink-and-teal color scheme and big goggle-like markings around her eyes that might look somewhat familiar. Said cuttlefish is flitting rapidly back and forth in a panic, streams of bubbles escaping in frantic-sounding glubs.

But you can't understand what she's saying. You don't speak cuttlefish.*

(ooc: Feferi will only be able to respond in very sloppy text. Cuttlefish are not known for their accurate typing.)
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*The video comes on to show Feferi lounging in a filled bathtub, wearing a swimsuit that looks a little bit too small; the water, however, means that she's in her usual troll body. Or something like her usual troll body - those of you who know Feferi will find her looking very different right at the moment. She's slightly taller, yes, but more than that she's filled out considerably; perhaps the most obvious change, though, is that her two curved horns are now easily over a foot long, approaching one-and-a-half or maybe even two.

But she smiles at the camera as bubbly and excited-looking as ever. Her voice, however, is considerably deeper, a low and regal alto that sounds considerably at odds with what she's saying.*
Hi everybubbly! My horns are really big now! It makes doors kind of annoying but don't they glub great?

I'm not really sure what happened to everyfin; I don't think it's some sort of weird human disease, right? That just wouldn't make any sense. Even this planet isn't as strange as that.

I did have some questions, though! You see, on Alternia, where I'm from, there aren't any adults - when you come of age, you're forced offworld, usually to join the Imperial army. So other than the lusii that raise us, there isn't anyone around to tell young trolls what to do! But here, there are all sorts of rules and laws about how old you need to be to do things, I heard.

It's kind of shelly when you think about it. Even if it's something dangerous, why wouldn't you be ready to do it the day before you celebrate your newest solar cycle... but ready to do it the moment you're another year older?

Anyway, I didn't mean to really talk about how silly that idea was, but I wanted to ask... what are the sorts of things that human children have to be older to do? It's a really weird cultural thing and I'd like to know more about it! There's no otter reason I'd ask.
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So, I was kind of glubbing to myself about things, and then I started wondering! I heard that a bunch of the otter countries on this human planet don't want us anywhere near their shores, right? People are scared of our super nifty powers and what we can do!

Buuuuut... what about the ocean? Who owns the ocean??

Where I'm from, the ocean is owned by the ruling class and nobility, since that's where we live. But there's none of that here, right? So why don't we all just move out onto the ocean? If you can't swim, just build a boat or find an island!

Why hasn't anybubbly thought of this before? It's a great idea!

(ooc: Responses will be in audio unless you first use text)
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APPAR-ENTLY, )(ere t)(e )(umans )(ave a )(oliday at T)(-E --END of t)(e warm season?
It's called WORK-ERS DIURNAL CYCL-E or somet)(ing! I'm not 100% sure on t)(at.
Buuut nobubbly )(as to work! Or go to t)(e communal fis)(sc)(ool t)(at starts soon!
So t)(at made me T)(INK!
Wouldn't it be reely fun if we all went to
T)(E B-EAC)(!!!
It's warm but not so warm t)(at t)(e sun BURNS YOUR -EY--ES OUT!
Everybubbly go swimming! It'll be flotsam of fun! 38D
O)(, but... don't go swimming near t)(e city.
T)(e water is reely gross t)(ere 38(
Is t)(ere a better place for a B-EAC)( PARTY nearby??

(ooc: Free open beach party log this weekend/Monday! EVERYBODY IS INVITED. :D)
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T)(is is a LITTL-E L-ESS D--EAD t)(an I remember being!
And a w)(ole lot MOR-E )(UMAN!
I t)(ink it's )(uman, actually.
I'm not s)(ore! I've never been a )(uman B-EFOR--E! 38O
It's reely, reely W-EIRD!
)(ow do you )(umans even put up wit)( t)(is s)(it??
-Everyt)(ing's so brown and pink and SPONG-EY.
Squis)( squis)( glub squis)(!!
And I don't even )(ave my )(ORNS!
Finny fins going missing is ON-E T)(ING, but no )(orns??
I don't even know if I want to look in a mirror like t)(is 38/
But! T)(is is muc)( less dead!
In fact, it's almost kind of ALIV---E!
T)(at's -EXCITING, don't you t)(ink??
No more stupid dumbbass J-ERKFINS blasting )(oles in your c)(ests or anyt)(ing!
-Even if I'm PR-ETTY S)(ORE t)(is wasn't part of t)(e plan t)(at t)(e )(orrorterrors )(ad GLUBB-ED UP...'s interesting! Reely interesting!
T)(ere's not)(ing wrong wit)( -EXPLORING and swimming in a STRANG-E S-EA, you know!
But I reely miss my )(orns.

(ooc: Feferi's text quirk is R-E-ELY annoying, so if you'd like to go to video or have me just knock it off, here's the text permissions post!)
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[It's a video post! From Shinji! And he's smiling. Terrifying. He's got his comm held up and angled down so that it's clear that someone is standing next to him, and that they are, in fact, holding hands.] I don't usually admit when I'm wrong, but in this case I gotta say, the speed dating thing was the greatest time of my life. I'm glad I got talked into it, so that I could finally find the person who makes me feel complete. [And the comm is angled to the right to reveal that the girl next to Shinji is...]

[feferi!!!! w h a t. she beams, positively radiant, and offers the camera a little wave.] Whoever came up with this is a genius! Thank you so much. I never would have discovered this without it! [she pops shinji a little kiss on the cheek for good measure.]

[Shinji's smile gets big enough to cross into "obnoxiously happy" and goddamnit is he blushing too? This is the worst.] Feferi! [Shinji chuckles. Giggles? It's like both at once.] Anyway, we just wanted to say thanks and we hope it worked out just as well for everyone else! [He turns back to Feferi, ignoring the comm like it isn't still on.] Hey, let's go get ice cream!

[she grins even wider, if that is even possible] I love ice cream! How did you know? [she flicks his nose, jokingly, and laughs herself. god, he is such a dork!]

[Shinji leans towards her aaaand fortunately for the sake of everyone's sanity, that's the end of the video feed.]
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[the feed flicks on to show feferi, standing in her room. she's livid.]

So I guess the porter wasn't satisfied with just making me human. It had to take my gills this time, too.

[she swallows hard, apparently reflexively. she looks ready to kill someone, or at least break things.]


[she takes a few breaths to try and calm herself; when it doesn't work, she just says:]

I'm back, by the way.

[and cuts the video.]
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[ the camera clicks on to show kanaya, her glow slight and gentle, wearing something rather modest, considering the subject she'll be discussing today. she smiles as she begins her address. ]

You'll pardon the intrusion, I hope, but I thought I might share one of my own passions today. ...Ultimately to your enjoyment, perhaps, should your interests fall along similar lines. I'm speaking, of course, on the subject of fashion. And to that end, we've prepared a small presentation on the topic!

[ she turns the camera around seven girls fancily adorned, aradia, nepeta, rose, feferi, jade, terezi, and nill. she passes the camera down the line, then it moves to the side of a small pathway she'd laid out earlier as a makeshift runway and motions for them to begin their march down it. ]

ooc cut for length because good lord is this long )

So, I hope the show didn't too poorly occupy your time, and I'd like to take this opportunity to note that prom is only two months from now, I believe, and so I will be taking commissions for any outfits one may wish to have prepared for that occasion! I can typically be reached here over the Network, and my fee shouldn't be difficult to negotiate. So, I welcome any clients who may be interested.

[ and she walks back in front of the camera to shut it off ]
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[on-screen is a girl with dark skin and hair; there is nothing particularly remarkable about her except her eyes seem to be an odd pink-purple color, though that could also be the light. she seems to be holding the comm away from her at arm's length. she is not smiling.]

So, I know sometimes when people get ported out they come back again like normal a few days later! [she's trying to sound bright, but her heart's not in it.] I was just wondering how often that happens as opposed to, you know, being gone forever. Or--reset.

[she opens her mouth like she wants to say something else, hesitates, and closes it again before saying simply:] Thanks in advance!
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I shore hope I'm doing this right. All these machines are so complicated!

[there is a series of clicks mixed with some strange gulping noises, and then typing sounds. and then in text:]


[I might be a bit slow to respond; apologies in advance. oh yeah if any castmates have an issue with feferi's dreambubble awareness (not a power) please let me know!]
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Before I used to sleep during the day, my Lusus would always tell me stories about her friends and when I'd dream, I'd see them and we'd chat about a lot of things!!  There wasn't much to talk and glub about with someone so much bigger than you, but my slumber buddies were the BEST!

I dunno if it's orca vu, but they're here again! Or something reelly like them!

They're KIND OF mad right now, but I'm shore it'll be okay. Maybe something in the water's just making them crabby.
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Terrible terrible news!

I was at the pool earlier for a daily swim, and surfprisingly, I learned that pools were ofishally CLOSING after this weekend!!!!

Apparently a lot of humans don't swim after this month. But I think it'd be EXCITING to close pool season off with a PARTY! A pool party! It'll be a great opportunaty to swim in the sun before it's too late.

If anyone is GREAT at...

[She pauses, and reads from her cookbook] "bar-becue", you really otter come and help out. But I'll be EXCITED to sea you anyways!

Sea dweller over and out!
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[Feferi is picking out bits of kelp from her hair, and is looking a bit frazzled, despite looking as if she's been in the ocean recently. She doesn't seem to be all there today, and looks like she needs a shower and a good night of sleep, among other things]

WHEW....That was quite a swim. I don't know where that part of the ocean is, but rest ashored that it's not a place I'd like to go to again.

[She turns on the radio of her apartment and grabs a few fish flakes. Before she makes it to any of the fish tanks around the room, though, a Taylor Swift song begins to fill the apartment. ]

Well, isn't that pretty, Shiny-scales?

[She sneezes. And again. And again. It seems to be uncontrollable]
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[The comm opens on a beach-- nothing strange about that. Nothing strange,that is, until there the communicator starts shaking a whole lot, with the ocean's spray hitting the communicator hard]

Whoops! Nearly dropped it. Hmm, I shore hope this waterproofing holds up.

[Feferi holds it up to show that she is on the back of a giant sea-dinosaur, doing flips and shit making a few rounds of the harbor. A screech of a pterodactyl is heard overhead]

Imagine the surprise that I found this lil' guy near the beach this morning! Admiral Fiddlefins of the Royal Alternian Navy and I are going sightseeing, if you'd like to join us!
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EXCITING news, everyone! I've been talking online with a few people that know about us, and they've agreed to visit and have a FISHPLOMATIC talk!

non ic cut for space )
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Hmm, this is a tough question. And I've never REALLY been unsure about this before, either!

But...How do you know if you should help someone or not? Or if you can?
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I'm really EXCITED about being human! But...hmm...there's just something I coela-canth get off my mind. And no, it's not all this glubbing birthday nonsense. Fellow Pisces or not, I think you're equally EXCITING!

So anyways, generally things are hunky-dory when I'm awake, but sleeping is pretty lonely here. And boring. There aren't any slumberbuddies to talk to in dreams or moons to fly around or anything! How weird is that?

Do any of you dream about stuff?


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