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[ Franklin's in a library, evidenced by the wall-to-wall bookshelves around him, and also the fact that he's whispering while still looking very disgruntled. He's standing at the edge of an aisle, leaning against a shelf that looks on the verge of toppling but somehow doesn't. ]

Okay, you all know school totally sucks so I'm not even going to get into that whole thing right now.

[ That sort of counts as doing so, but whatever. ]

And like, I only agreed to come to Xavier's cause I thought it'd be all, pew pew fight scene, mutant powers all the time, exciting action, but it turns out we still have to do math every day?!

And now I have to write a paper about Ancient Greeks?!

[ holding communicator in one hand, flailing with the other ] Dude, Greece is all the way in Europe! I don't live in Europe! [ He realises he's getting kinda loud and goes back to whispering, still scowling. ] And I don't live 3000 years ago either! Wait did I go there once? I don't think family vacations count as living somewhere though.

Does anyone know about any cool battles I can write about? Apparently I can't use the movie 300 as a source.
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[ There's some fumbling after the microphone activates, a few seconds before a muffled voice says ohhh, right. It's a young boy, around ten or eleven. ]

Mission log zero-one, stardate ... uh, July 27. Agent Hyperstorm reporting in.

I'm in some kinda alternate universe, which is weird because I didn't even touch anything in my dad's lab. It doesn't look like any time travel was involved. That sucks, I love time travel. But there's definitely freaky crap going on because the Baxter Building is missing. I mean totally gone, not even just turned into Four Freedoms Plaza.

[ Franklin's quiet for a moment. The usual background city sounds are fairly muted; he's pretty high above street-level. ]

...if there's no Baxter Building, I guess there's no Fantastic Four in this universe. Who else fixes this kinda thing? Uh ... the X-Men. Dr Strange? Maybe the Avengers.

So if one of those guys can hear this and help me out, well, I gotta get home. I'm supposed to start at my new school next week and--

...you know what? On second thought, never mind.

I better sample the hot dogs if I'm gonna stay and be a superhero. Hyperstorm out. [ click ]


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