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It doesn't take a genius to realize that three people saying the same things are more than a coincidence. It's a trend. And not one I'm about to ignore given what they've said.

Is there anyone else hearing repeated songs and voices? I am deeply interested in knowing what the voices say. There is a puzzle here to be pieced together if you will give me the pieces. I am not unsympathetic to the pain and frustration you must be going through, but this is important. [beat. Maybe he should try diplomacy] ...I know what it's like to have something else thrusting visions and words on you against your will. That doesn't change the importance.

[sigh. He should have made this message days earlier. Now, it's suddenly urgent]

I have news of interest to all of us. My contacts have confirmed that the scanning devices are real. They exist, and they work. The countries banning our presence are surveying on the ground and in the air to keep us out. But their net has holes in it. Be aware. It's not a bluff.

Knowing that this is true...has deep consequences for all of us.

If it wasn't obvious before, given the messages being relayed by certain individuals, it's clear now. We, as a community, are in danger. 'They,' meaning not the citizens of this world, but Vulcanus, are more than just up to something. I recognize the signs of building war. But we must tread lightly, lest we be blamed for more than a vehicle exploding.

I understand that, for many, the thought of organizing into a cohesive unit, a single team consisting of all of us, is ridiculous if not impossible. I have my own doubts. But the fact remains, it must be done. We cannot continue like this. Twice now, we have been caught with our proverbial pants down. If we don't suck up our pride and consent to work together, then they will indeed succeed if they move against us. They will pick us off one by one, or they will turn the entire world against us, and we will fail. I have seen this before. Former foes must work together. I'm not asking for pure trust and deep loyalty, merely cooperation, until we can be assured that we are all safe.

I have more information, for those who would like to hear it.

[PRIVATE: Jack Bauer (no encryptions)]

Jack. I could use your thoughts on this.

[PRIVATE: Tony Stark and Ghost, separately, no encryptions]

Whether or not you trust me, I would like to hear your thoughts on the current state of things. By sharing information, we can form a bulwark of defense. Time, it seems, is of the essence.
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[completely expressionless, and not in that "covering up an actual feeling" way either]

For those who knew him, it appears Zelgadis Greywords has been sent to his home world.


He was a good kid.

I'm aware several comings and goings have happened lately. If he does not return in a week, consider it a true farewell.
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[for a moment he just sort of...stares into the camera. He still hates talking to the box after all this time, even if he's used to it]

So. We've rescued our own, and now...we do nothing?


I figured as much. Then I might as well make it official: I quit.

You're on your own, heroes. One man with a strong intention is apparently not enough use against Vulcanus. You won't miss me, I'm sure.

I would find somewhere to live off the land until the machine sees fit to send me back to my world, but I've learned in the...two years I've been here, that one needs money merely to exist. I have no more potch to sell as gold, and I'm low on takings from other mercenary jobs, so if anyone can make use of an old general with lightning in his fist and no wish to be heroic, I am for hire.

[a pause, and then, half-murmured:] will be two years sometime this month, won't it? Damn.
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It's time I spoke up openly.

The escalation to wild accusations and violence has been too fast. While I don't necessarily share the altruism of the young woman who messaged earlier, I do agree that dividing this community is going to be fatal for all of us. It occurred to me that despite being exposed as a Skrull, Deconnick's message a few weeks ago had a grain of truth in it. That being, we Imports are in danger of being eliminated. By whom, or what, or why, does not make a difference in the long run, the simple fact is, we stand as the last, best force available to counteract any large-scale threat. Invasions, manufactured super-powers, what have you. The civilian population of this world cannot handle it, that's why they brought us here. We are the last thing standing in the way of Vulcanus, or Skrulls, or any other similar threat. If they remove us, or cause us to remove each other, they have this world free for the taking.

I'm no Silverberg, but I have some training in battlefield tactics. I offer these to you now.

First, we must prepare non-lethal means of incapacitating our foes. You are a community of people with powers, can none of you use them with a sense of restraint? I have no qualms about killing those who come against me with deadly force, but I also know the value of using my power to incapacitate rather than kill. For one, it will ease the consciences of those who end up attacking innocent people. For two, it gives us the chance to capture and interrogate legitimate foes.

Second, do not rely on the porter-machine's tendency to resurrect. Those who knew of the demon Illidan who lived in the park...when he was killed, he did not return. I hear rumor that he is not the only one. Rash actions still have consequences.

Third, use your damn common sense to figure out who may or may not be vulnerable. As I understood it, when I was told about these Skrulls, they need to abduct their victims before replacing them. Anyone who has been out of contact with friends, coworkers, allies, or family for lengthy periods of time is more likely to be suspect than those you've had around you regularly. I say suspect; accusations are pointless. Simply keep a closer eye on anyone you may suspect. Keeping your guard up and your suspicions to yourself is wiser than simply blindly trusting all, or trusting no one and pointing fingers. Those with a power that may allow them to identify the spies in our midst should start using them right about now, unless they are as unreliable as the lobster.

I don't even know if there are more of them out there, or if they have already replaced some of us. Assuming that this has happened is as foolish as assuming it hasn't. I advise caution. If they're out there, and they have a purpose in mind, it will reveal itself in time. Use your heads and stay on your guard, but do not divide our forces any more than they're already divided. Each man or woman sitting alone on an island is an easy target, not a bastion of defense. To think otherwise is naive.

...I have half a mind to leave you lot to yourselves and head out to the wilderness to enjoy the solitude of my own thoughts. But if I abandon this place, that's one less warrior on the front line. So, I will stay.

[police informant filter]

Jack, I don't know what use I can be to you at the moment. I may have raised suspicions about myself by losing my temper with Ghost. I can deny being a Skrull all I want, but I have no way to prove it other than my word. But if anyone comes after me, they risk unleashing True Lightning again. If I die, it will be loose in this world with no rune orbs to contain it. I feel it only wise to warn you of this.
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Time is a funny thing. People here seem to take great stock in it. The passage of days and years, the marking of certain dates annually...though I suspect the recent rash of violence and mayhem centered around holidays has more to do with one of us than a local tradition. [totally lookin' at you Calendar Man] I've never really cared much for dates. One year is nothing to me, after spending nearly fifty in a state of self-exile.


Come to think of it, I didn't remember the date of my own birth until Wyatt forced it out of me. After that, it was hard to forget.

[another beat. Where was I? Oh yeah]

Maybe it's because of all that time I spent away that I stopped marking dates. Certain tribes, clans, and nations celebrated their holidays without me, I just passed through without much care. As I still do. When there is no meaning ascribed, there is no reason to consider one day more special than the next. I mark the solstice for my own reasons, none of which are religious, and that's about it.

[ other words, his birthday is coming up and he's feeling philosophical]
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[who has two thumbs and willfully forgets that there's private filters on the comm? THIS GUY]

Zelgadis, Baroona...

Tonight is the solstice. It old tradition of mine to hold vigil at a bonfire this night and drink to memory. If you care to join me, I intend to do it at the park where Baroona lives. It's out of the way and less likely to attract unwanted attention.

...I'll bring the ale.
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[don't worry, this will be brief. Look at that face. That face. Also, he's clearly not in the city, rather in some forested land that looks a hell of a lot warmer than the Northeast]


Extra days in the field are not a big issue, but I thought I was to be teleported from here three days ago.

[beat. Now, for the rest of you]

I don't know what happened this time, but I don't regret leaving this thing turned off and stuffed in a bag for a week. I'm starting to think I would prefer washing my hands of the affairs of 'The City' and leaving you lot to fend for yourselves next time.
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I must ask those with more experience with this...modern technology, than I.

Is there any means at all of telling whether or not a person has been teleported out of this world? Particularly people who may not use these devices as much or spend time among civilized society.

[beat. srsbizns face]

If you are still here, demon, I would speak to you.
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[this face? This is srs bzns face]

The most disturbing part of it all is that I feel it actually necessary to send this message.

Something is going on. I have been listening to every single message, and I don't like what I'm hearing. Everyone, I don't care who you are, who you affiliate with, or who you know around here. Be on your guard. If our own can just go missing with no trace and turn up injured, lacking limbs, or lacking their memory, then we are all currently in danger.

I don't know if this has anything to do with the cryptic messages from the shadows, or the prophecy spoken, but if it isn't connected at all then we have even more to worry about. If those of you who call yourselves 'heroes' can't unite together in a time like this to find out what's happening and stop it, then at the very least don't go anywhere alone and make damn sure people know where you are at all times.

I don't like this. But one man alone can do little. I would talk with anyone who has even an inkling of a theory. Or a damn plan. This is not the time to sit around with our thumbs up our asses wondering, it's time to prepare.
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[yep, it's story-time with Grouchypants. He's taking a break from sharpening his sword - it's on the table within view of the comm]

The incident last week put two things into my mind. First, that the basic lack of organization amongst those who would be heroes is going to be our downfall. Yet again we were caught with our pants down, this time while an actual army invaded our territory. An army made up of civilians, yes, but the fact remains they moved in under our noses and started a war, and those they declared their enemies mostly flailed about in a haphazard attempt to stop them. It's a wonder there weren't any casualties. [pause...] There weren't any casualties among us, were there?

The second is much as I dislike cities, my place is here. I cannot afford to go roaming off on my own, there are certain things here that require my attention. But I'm still not cut out for law enforcement. I'm liable to break more laws than I uphold. If there is a similar station for a man of my experience, I would appreciate learning about it. I should like to do more than just walk the streets with my sword and endure the strange looks...particularly after last week.

[a thoughtful pause, while he eyes the comm. He's thinking about whether or not he remembers how to private-filter a message. And the answer is no, no he doesn't]

Jack? I'd like to talk to you about a few things.
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[mercenary captain is sitting in a bar with a big mug in front of him - and a couple of empty bottles nearby. It's dark because he doesn't quite know where the fuse box is or what to do with it, but he's sitting near the windows to get natural light. BEER AND SOLITUDE, it's all he wanted]

This has gone beyond ridiculous into dangerous.

How many of us were not affected? I've barely seen a handful in the past few days. Everywhere there's nothing but children. Screaming for their mothers, crying on stoops and benches, walking around looking scared. They can't be left on their own for much longer. Something has to change.

For those still in a position of being able to act...I've been silently augmenting your forces but I've reached a limit. It seems that our efforts are better directed toward protecting the helpless citizens, so I've given up trying to stop looters. And if anyone has a problem with me actually breaking into food stores to allow children to eat, they can take it up with me later.

...I'm not letting them into the bar, though. I need a few minutes to myself, to think and recharge. Any adults still within hearing are welcome to join me here before the beer gets too warm to drink.

That said, I consider it urgent that we find out how this happened and how to reverse it, if at all. It's said phenomenon within the City limits is usually temporary. But temporary still leaves children starving and unprotected while the world without tries to act either to take advantage of us, or to help in their own misguided ways. [frooowwwn] ...and the idea of just sitting here waiting it out while I'm surrounded by children is the closest thing to a living nightmare I can think of.

[he looks off-camera for a moment, just to shoot a glare at some kid with his nose pressed up against the glass of the window looking like he wants in]
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I see that it's customary to say something publicly when you've marked a year in this world. I suppose then I ought to speak up as well, seeing as my one year moment was a few days ago.

I have made few alliances, and continue to live as I always have. There's nothing personal I want to share, so I will spare the lot of you that sort of drivel. My life is not for your entertainment, and I'm sure you'd be glad not to have to listen to me for long.

[a long pause, like he's mulling over the things he could say and mentally erasing or rejecting each one]

I don't like this world. But I don't miss my own with any burning desire. It simply boggles me that the machine will not send us home if we're not living up to expectations, if we're taking the money and running so to speak. Only slightly less mysterious is the fact that no one has bothered to try to fix the machine. We all simply sit and watch the months tick by, until each person either vanishes or marks a year, and then two, and then...

[another long pause. Watch the wheels turn in his head]

Even if I were trapped another fifty years, I will never assimilate and settle down. I can guarantee that much.
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[nothing fancy to see here, he just...always posts video. Just because]

And here I told Zelgadis that the city could look after itself for a couple of weeks without our intervention. Clearly we came back at just the right time.

For those to whom it matters, yes, I was out of town. No, nothing happened. It was simply a training exercise. I've gotten to see a large portion of this continent, most of it covered in snow and ice, and met a number of your locals. [disgruntled look, which passes] Only time will tell if the exercise will bear fruit, but it was nice to get out of the snow for a while.

It's my guess that a few people have come and gone in the last two weeks. Things have happened. If anyone wants to fill me in on the details, I would appreciate it. Lupin... [and here, he actually looks sympathetic for the briefest moment] ...I'm sorry for your loss. If he's not returning, that is.

And Ruka, the same for you.

I think, after that train ride, I'm going to need a few drinks.
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[suspicious!face. It looks remarkably like thinking!face]

The first day in a week that the device has been quiet.

I take it there is suddenly nothing strange to report.

[blink. Lip twitch]

Anyone want to speculate as to why? Or take credit for it?

I note that a week of this strangeness has not actually killed anyone. It seems the omen or warning was a bit off in its level of direness. For my own curiosity, I should like to know what caused it, but something tells me I'm going to be left wondering as usual.

[hairy eyeball time] people need to learn to cope.

[shhh not like he didn't get haunted yesterday, but like hell if he's going to say so!]
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[as he settles back down in a chair from turning on and propping up his comm, Geddoe picks up his sword and goes back to what he was doing before he thought to send a message - sharpening his blade with a whetstone. And he's clearly back in his leather armor and gloves, mmm leather armor how he missed you]

Tomorrow is the winter solstice.

[scrape, scrape. The blade shows no sign of all the blood it spilled last week]

Apparently, tonight there is supposed to be a lunar eclipse.

[scrape, pause]

I plan to sit vigil tonight, as per my own traditions from my world. If anyone would care to join me by the bonfire...well. Finding a place to build a bonfire where the local police won't mind may be an issue. But I will do it, and others can join me if they wish.

It'll be a good night to remember the year past and those I've lost.

[back to scraping - all replies will be video]

((ooc: because I am ridiculously sick, there will be no log for this, just handwave. Feel free to chat with him about it and make plans though! Seriously I'm about to pass out, and I'm in too many logs already))
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There is something that's been on my mind, lately, and since this...device, and the people using it, seem to be taken with posing questions to the community at large, I may as well do the same.

More than one of us has had their power go out of control, here. Or backfire, or not work as it was intended. From the boy and his failed experiment, to myself and the instability of my Rune, it keeps happening. A friend suggested that the machine alters us when it teleports us here, which I can believe, but malfunctioning or uncontrolled seems to me that this is not a good thing, regardless of whether it's the fault of the machine or of ourselves.

Has no one bothered to investigate this? Or are we simply to throw up our hands and go along our merry way until the next time it happens, and the next, and adapt or deal with it as it comes? It seems to me that it would be wiser to prevent these things if we can. But I know nothing of this technology, so all I can do is observe and ask.

[a pause. A huff]

It seems to me that people tend to take much for granted. That we will be 'heroes' and stop crime on the streets for the pittance from the machine. That everyone who gets brought here is familiar with this world or one like it. It's good that I've lived as a nomad most of my life, adapting is easier for me than for some, but I wonder sometimes at the things I see with this device. A mercenary captain who's collected enough bounties to fill a prison is somehow less able to fit in with 'heroes' than children whose main concerns are games and holidays. That, I think, is a mystery I will never understand for as long as I exist here.
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[as in the past, the feed shows darkness behind him and the light of a campfire on Geddoe's craggy face, but the firelight is a lot stronger and he's a lot closer to it. He happens to be sitting on a makeshift camp chair formed out of moose antlers]

...there's going to be frost again tonight, I can feel it. It is officially too damn cold to really enjoy camping in the wilds. Still, I can take it - I've been forced to survive in conditions far worse than this. But...I'm using the device to ask for assistance in returning to the City for other reasons.

[slight frown] ...last night, I hiked into the closest town for supplies, and to find a tavern. The wilderness may be a bounty to those who can hunt and fish and gather, but it doesn't have booze. While I was there, I caught rumor that... [scowl, sigh] ...some of the locals believe a legendary Thunder Bird has been seen in the area. They've witnessed lightning displays on clear nights and are thoroughly convinced that a giant mythical bird who can control the weather has come to life.

I don't care whether or not this world has such a creature, but I do know that they're mistaken. I know the source of these displays. I don't want to go on giving them fuel for their tall tales. I should leave.

I've been trying to privately contact Pixie all day, I've heard no word from her. Has anyone seen her? Barring that, are there any other teleporting mages who could easily fetch me? The hike back would take another month and a half, and I'm tired of waking up with frost on my blanket.

...thank you.
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[my, Canada is beautiful this time of year, isn't it? At least it is where the gruff mercenary is currently camped out, clearly in the middle of nowhere and yet somewhere that he can still use his comm]

My...condolences to the friends of the police commissioner.

And. [long pause. This is hard for him, even if it has been almost a month]

I owe the people of the City an apology. I don't know how it happened, or why, but...the thing I carry within me went out of control. It wasn't my intention, and I hope the damage was minimal.

I have left the City and gotten as far away as I can. That way, if it happens again, it will only affect me and no one else. I don't know where I am, and I prefer to keep it that way. I'm sorry.

[more pausing. You can almost see the "dot dot dot" cross his face]

I'm sorry, Lupin. Zelgadis. Lyra. You have all been good to me, and I repay you with this. But it's the only way I know. I intend to remain out of your midst until the machine sends me home. I don't want to risk such a thing happening again.

[he'll treat the network to a fine view of the glaciated hills and a lake, and the clear blue sky above, before clicking it off]
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*there's only a view of a ceiling in the dark and the sound of ragged, panting breaths before the camera tilts to show Geddoe's face. He's sweating, his skin is ashen, and the highly observant might see the glassy signs of pain in his good eye. He's operating the comm with his left hand - the right is off-screen*

People...of the City. I...

I need your help.

The thing in the picture, the beast in the sky with electricity. *deep breath* That is. It's the True Lightning Rune. It needs to be stopped. I don't know what kind of destruction it can do alone, but...

...I can't stop it alone. I'm in no shape, even the other Runebearers almost couldn't...


If I can't get it back, I will die. Is there anyone...willing to help...

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*hello, network, have a shirtless mercenary shadowed by the half-darkness of his room, clearly still groggy enough from lack of sleep to forget his manners when posting*

Do any of the healers, out there, have any good sleep remedies?

Or anyone, really. Short of drinking myself into a stupor...if any of the taverns are even open at this hour...

*he rubs his face - on the back of his right hand, the faint symbol of lightning bolts can be barely seen in the glow from the screen. Oops, he forgot about that*

I don't know if it's this city affecting me...or something I blocked out for so long...
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*he fiddles with the camera for a second, as if debating how to properly focus it on his face. In the process, he gives a pretty good impression of where he is - on the side of a mountain, or what passes for mountains in the Allegheny region, in the shade of a thick stand of trees. It's late in the day but the cicadas and other insects are still making a ruckus in the underbrush. Mercenary captain man is outdoors, duh*


I turned this thing on to contact my transport, but. People seem to like to use the device to consult each other, right? I find myself in a small quandary with no good experience to draw from to make a decision.

ooc cut, it's just tl;dr )
Is it...normal, for powers to be muted upon arrival, only to return to a normal state later...?
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I require the assistance of a teleporter.

It's nothing big, I just want to get outside this city for once. I'm accustomed to relying on a teleporting mage to get me halfway across the continent without the days of foot travel, so if there's certain protocols here...or payments...forgive me if I don't know them.

But most of the people with teleportation use this device, I assume.

*thoughtful pause*

Lupin, if I can hitch a blink out of here, I'll be missing a week's lesson. Maybe two, if I find a nice place to spend some time in.

*another long pause, like he's trying to remember what he turned this thing on for*

...Zelgadis. Were you looking for me? I had this thing turned off for a week or so.

*aaaaand another pause, before he peers into the camera*

...I would appreciate suggestions of far-off undeveloped places where a man can get some time alone with nature. Wildernesses, if any exist in this world.

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*this is Geddoe. This is Geddoe in a bar. This is Geddoe in a bar looking at the camera of his comm with a rather annoyed, disgruntled look*

Does somebody want to explain to me why complete strangers feel the need to walk up to me and say 'Yarr' at me at least twice a day? Is this some kind of local colloquialism I'm not familiar with?

I tried asking one of the other patrons here, but they just laughed. *he thumbs over his shoulder to where a bunch of guys are clustered around one who happens to be sprawled on the floor trying to shake off a punch to the face*

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All right. This time I'm asking for answers straight, no fancy words or games about it.

*disgruntled face. All right up in your camera*

The announcement just made a couple hours ago. By the one I take is the mayor of the other city-state. Does somebody want to explain to a newcomer just exactly what this means?

It was my understanding that Tony Stark is the one you call 'Iron Man,' not the kid in that picture. Assuming these people are not simply stupid or off their nut, what in the hell did all of that mean? I can't be the only one wondering this. I must be missing some important bits of information, because I consider myself reasonably intelligent and I can't begin to fathom what this has to do with all the talk of defenses, teams, and war.

*muttered* Damn otherworld and its incomprehensible technology...
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*there are a number of papers - maps, even - strewn about the table as Geddoe clicks on the video feed. The map of the U.S. near to hand has sharp, angular characters written on it - he's been taking notes, filling in words in his own hand*

If you'll excuse an old general a moment of your time, people.

I think I've come to some grasp of the size of the nation to which this city belongs, and a bare sketch of its politics. Given the number of messages made in the last 24 to 48 hours regarding war and fighting, I couldn't sit by silently and watch. As I understand it...

*he picks up the map, though he doesn't demonstrate for the camera even if his gloved fingertip moves across it*

...the capital city from which the leader made his declaration of military advancement lies here. The territory which sent the second message is here. The miles in between put the distance roughly the distance between Vinay del Zexay on the west coast and Gregminster in the Toran Republic. In my reckoning. In other words, a damn long way. And this city is here...


Is there a reason people here are losing their minds so quickly?

War has not been declared on this city, nor on its people. The, uh, 'HIVE' territory has expressed interest in something kept somewhere in this location, but the primary military action has been threatened or mobilized far south and west. There are no armies on our doorstep. If people would just stop and think for a moment, they would realize that taking up arms and crying for blood at this moment is premature and pointless.

I should know. I've fought enough wars. If someone listening has the capacity to understand tactics and strategy, I might potentially offer my services as a general tactician. *under his breath* It isn't as though I don't know how to bolster defenses, raise a guerilla army, and wage a successful campaign against an invasion.

But a warning goes with it. I don't pledge my loyalty to just any captain. I refuse to follow fools. I also am not interested in glory. If no one needs a front-lines general or a strategist, or even a mercenary skilled in intelligence-gathering, I will offer my services elsewhere.

Never let it be said that I refuse to fight a battle in which I have no personal stake.

*he gets distracted, then, looking over his notes*

The distance may not be insurmountable...but more intelligence is needed. Guns...damn. How could the Howling Voice's secret weapon be so abundant in this world...? Is there more connection...?
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[look, he's getting much better at keeping the camera focused on his face and not jumping around!]

I heard the kid called Taiitsu is gone. Yes? I wonder. Is there any way to tell if someone has been...uh...teleported, other than having someone go around to their residence and check?

That wasn't the question I meant to ask when I picked this thing up. Actually, I want to put out a call for swordsmen. Or women. Or anyone skilled with bladed weapons of any kind. I've had a couple of impromptu matches in the last week or so, and I want more. I shouldn't let the lazy lifestyle of this world get to me and let my skills lag - my unit will notice if I return too fat and slow to even lift my sword, much less take down a troll dragon in two hits.

I've been trained in multiple styles of weapons work, from fencing at the Zexen castle to axe-handling by the Lizard Clan. I don't care what style any of you prefer or know, I am capable of adjusting. I'm interested in speaking with other fighters and setting up practice times.

...that includes Xena, if she can hear me.

Josh. *and now a very very slight wry gleam in his good eye* Keep up the good work.

two [video]

Apr. 3rd, 2010 09:07 pm
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*thanks to more than one person's assistance and a lot of careful, quiet observation, Geddoe has figured out how you use the comm's video feature quite well. It clicks on to show the late-day sun and a spot somewhere in the region once devastated by Godzilla. The area is mostly leveled and plowed over, waiting for someone to rebuild, but now there are fresh scars in the ground - long scorch marks splashed across sand and gravel, and one very large, disturbing hole blasted in the middle of the plot*

Lupin. Consider this a successful test.

*he swivels it around to show who's speaking. Still wearing the leather armor, still looking scowly, but now also looking a bit drained and sweaty around the eyepatch-strap*

Taiitsu, Lyra, and the others who've assisted me. Thank you. Adapting has been much easier with your advice.

I have two more questions for the people at large, though. First: is there an actual conflict, here, for which you require fighters? Or is the...machine, which brought me here, behaving like a malfunctioning Blinking Rune and teleporting people for no reason at all? I have no qualms about accepting the housing and stipend, but not knowing the reason for which I was hired bothers me. And I usually get hired for a lot more than that.

Second. Are there any taverns or pubs who won't throw a fit if I try walking in with my sword? I don't like being without it. And I really need a damn drink.
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*a heavy sigh* ...this is ridiculous. I'm talking to a little box.

[the thumb obscuring the camera moves aside to reveal a dark and rugged-looking man with an eyepatch, his hair slightly damp. He has no idea where to look but you still get a good shot of him - the harsh lines of his angular face, the shoulders of his leather armor (speckled with water spots), and the thick leather glove still partly in focus. It's enough to know he's one of you, and the background suggests he's in a bus terminal or subway station]

It seems that nature wins again. Thanks to the rain, it's probably wiser of me to humble myself and ask for some answers rather than find them out on my own.

I've spent the better part of the last day trying to use this...thing, to find out information. But the writing system is unfamiliar to me. A girl in the park told me this was the best way to contact others, though, so consider this my distress call or something.

*straightfoward, dark glare* My name is Geddoe. I am a captain with the Southern Frontier Defense Force. I've been able to gather that there is available housing for those who've been teleported to this place, but I haven't located it. I am told there is money in the metal tags, but not how to reach it. And if you don't mind, I would really like to get in out of the rain. Someplace with a bed for once.


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