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[ it’s the twins! and they’re holding small jester dolls. or rather, they were, but fred’s squirmed out of his hand and ran away. Not to mention that George isn’t so much holding his as levitating the flaming creature a few feet away. Not that that’s stopping him from cackling about it. ]

Brilliant, aren’t they? Seems we’ve caught Santa’s eye, despite all the mischief.

Breaking into proper residences by moonlight? Always knew the old man had a bit of mischief about him himself.

Seems mine has buggered off again. Tricky little things.

[ fred shrugs, takes a quick look around the room again before returning his attention to the comm. ]

Anyway, apart from thanking dear old Saint Nick is that we’re having a holiday party, and you’re all invited to attend. Do feel free to drop in, we’ve enough room for everyone and then some. In fact--

[ and then the fire alarm goes off, and twins scramble out of view of the comm. the feed runs for a few minutes, picking up the ensuing chaos and cursing and spellwork before turning itself off. ]

ooc | bolded text is [ profile] byholeystgeorge and the accompanying christmas log is here.
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Interesting place, this. Seen more creatures and types then they ever bothered to jot down in the Monster Book Monsters. Vampires, mechanical men, chatty equines...prejudice fish...

Prejudic--oh, you mean the bloke in the green panties?

[ wait no that’s no on the mark. fred, focus. he clears his throat and shifts a bit, glancing side-ways at george. ]


[George gives the camera the most innocent look he can manage at that. It’s a relative term.]

But it’s a joy to see some of the most important traditions still about. Halloween’s far too fine a holiday to lose to a simple bit of dimensional tourism.

And that, my friends, is why the good folk at Weasley Wizard Wheezes have come together to provide you with a taste of some traditional Muggle Halloween celebration.

Embellished a bit in traditional Weasley fashion, naturally.

And fully outfitted with all some of our finest product guaranteed to give you an evening of fright filled enjoyment.

We speak of none other, of course, than the mystical, marvelous, magical, happily Haunted House.

Soon to be located at [address] and fully operational this entire weekend, so come along, mates, get into your costumes and swing by.

It’s sure to be- what’s the word they’re all on about- ah, spooktacular.

[And there’s a cheerful wave. Enjoy, City.]

[[ooc: Red = George, black =Fred
log is up here]


Aug. 7th, 2011 02:46 pm
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[[ooc: Plain = George, bold = Fred]]

[The video opens to a serious case of shaky-cam, with some bright red blurs and a few quick shots of the inside of a MAC apartment visible as the comm is tugged back and forth. Then the world stabilizes as an unspoken decision is reached and the comm is finally placed on a solid surface. Now the two Weasley twins, identical in every way (down to the clothing) save that one bit of ear missing on George, are grinning into the camera.]

Would you like to start, Georgie?

I believe so, Fred.

Go on then. We’re back in business, should start in with the old sales pitch.

Definitely. [ahem] Attention wizards, witches, and muggles of all shapes and sizes-

We’re here to tell you about the Weasley Wizards Wheezes, the place for all your joke-related-

-and protection related-


Owl- er, post only ordering for the present. And we’ve exciting investment opportunities.

That’s a limited time offer, of course. Get in while the getting’s good, and all of that. Only so many shares available.

With special product discounts available after a certain donation amount. Or to anyone who solemnly swears to use products against one Bellatrix Lestrange-

-or Dolores Umbridge, should she ever show her face in this charming City.

A full list of acceptable discount-acquiring targets available with every fifty galleon purchase or more- [Turns to Fred] Muggle galleon’s?

Muggle coins. Or those bits of paper they use. Harry would know. [ pause ] But regardless fifty’s the number to watch for.

[Nods along] Order now, the last man armed is the first man pranked!

Wise, wise words, George.

A heartfelt sentiment, and part-warning for all.

[Still grinning, the boys reach to turn the camera off- only to have George hold them up at the last moment.]

One last bit of unfinished business now the business business’s set...

[He gives a little wave at the camera]

Hullo, City. For the first time in world history, the complete Weasley twin set is now at your service. Brilliant to be here.

[Fred gives George a quick shove with his shoulder, and the feed is finally ended]


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