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[The feed clicks on to a close-up of Gil’s chin. He backs up, looking awkwardly at the camera and tentatively pressing a few buttons around on the keyboard. He’s got sandy blond hair and a shaggy/disheveled, but not entirely unkempt look. It’s apparent that he’s outside, possibly in some kind of park, definitely in a public area. There’s some street sounds, but they’re a little more faint, probably from a block or two away. Behind him, there’s a field and people playing frisbee.]

Hello? Siri? Jeez, is this thing even on?

Siri, give me the maps feature. I didn’t realize central park was so big… It’s not like I haven’t been to New York before either, not that it really matters here. It’s less about the city and more about how weird this is. Okay, Gil, think. You were with Adriana and the others in the carriage and then you walked into the restaurant.

Then nothing.

Oh, hell.

[He leans forward again, pressing another few buttons.] Does this model even have Siri? Is there a Siri for Android? Look, whatever, if this thing is on, I need to find a way to get back. My girlfriend—well, I don’t know if she’s my girlfriend—my friend is probably stuck in the 1890s and I have to meet Gertrude Stein in a few hours to go over my book, and then Hemmingway is gonna try and get me to fight him again if I don’t make it for drinks and he’ll hit me, I know he will…

Basically, it’s real important I get back.

[There’s another close-up of his chin, as Gil tries to change the settings. He’s muttering something (another come on, Siri) as the feed cuts out.]


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