May. 18th, 2012 11:35 am
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Uwaah! I'm so hungry. Why is the machine-lady so mean?!

We were FINALLY about to eat and that inn was supposed to have really awesome food! AGH! And Sanzo said I could eat whatever I wanted this time too!

Mou...At least I really did go back right where I was. It woulda been nice to remember this place though. Homura building a new world thing might've made more sense if I remembered there were already other worlds. Maybe I coulda told him about this one so he wouldn't have had to do that crazy ritual thing and wouldn't have had to...

Hn, I thought Homura's new world was familiar. Was it cause I sorta remembered this place? [no, something about that doesn't seem right]

Eh! I just remembered. How long have I been gone? Tama's gotta be really hungry too!


May. 8th, 2012 06:17 pm
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Hey guys, I gotta question. This guy was real mad, but I don't know what I did wrong.

So I went to a store and got a whole bunch of food, and that was okay. But then I asked for some cigarettes and the guy suddenly got really mad. He kept pointing at a sign. I could sorta read the sign...something about 'born before'. I don't know if I was cause the years are all different.

He asked for ID, but got even more mad at the tag things. I thought those were ID. It's got my name on it. I don't got anything else.

[Frustrated whine]

He wouldn't even let me buy the other stuff anymore. And kept saying he was gonna call the cops! I'm not gonna get arrested am I? And don't they gotta at least tell ya why? The last time some guy arrested us it was really boring. The food was good but I wouldn't have wanted to stay longer than we did.

Now I'm really hungry cause I couldn't buy the food.


Apr. 4th, 2012 01:09 pm
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I was at a restaurant eating lunch, and I don’t remember how it happened but the waitresses started asking me questions and one was about my birthday and I found out that my birthday is actually tomorrow!

I didn’t even realize it was already here, but she showed me a calendar and it’s true. Then it got even better! She said ‘cause it was almost my birthday I could have a free dessert and another one if I came back tomorrow! So cool!!

Anyone want to come with? I don’t know if the free dessert is for everyone or just me, but we can ask! Do other restaurants around here do that? I want to go to all of them!


Feb. 17th, 2012 01:06 pm
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Uwah! I don’t like this. I haven’t been able to talk to anyone on the boxes because all anyone is talking about is if you’re really a badguy.

This box was awesome before cause it let me meet all these new people. Now everyone’s saying not to trust anyone it let me meet!

What’s the point of even talking to anyone if you can’t trust them? If you don’t trust anyone then you’re all alone.

That's stupid! If you really know someone you should be able to tell!

I’m going to trust everyone and if they turn out to be a skrull or whatever THEN I’ll kick their ass for being a liar!
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Ah! The screen finally turned on! Does that mean it's working now? Hey can anyone...

[video turns off and it switches to audio]

Uwah! Where'd it go?

Dammit! The buttons are all in the wrong place. That shitty machine gave me a broken one.

Awww. I'm hungry. Now I can't ask Sanji if it's safe to come get lunch. I'm so hungry even Tama's food is starting to look good.

[if it's not clear by now he has no idea he's still being recorded, the random button sounds should make it more obvious]

I wish I knew what the buttons meant. I really gotta learn how to read it. Everything uses the swiggly writing.

[the comm has been set down on the table, and is now just giving off the faint hiss of an audio connection left open with no actual input]


Jan. 8th, 2012 01:37 pm
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[Goku is staring at the video in confusion. The black persian cat in his arms looks like he would be more comfortable if he had more support than just one arm under his front legs, but Goku needs his other hand to hold the comm]

... There've been lots of people talking about important people going home. Does it...Does it really just happen without warning? No one knows when their friends are gonna leave?

Why would the porter do that?

It...It's not fair.

I thought she asked for our help and then after we helped we got to go back! Are the people being sent back after they finish something? Doesn't she warn them it's gonna happen?

If she doesn't then...she's not a good person. Why hasn't anyone done anything about her yet?

I don't mind being here if I'm helping. I would like to go home when I'm done too but...do I really not to get to say goodbye first?

[tries to raise the cat up with one arm, which just causes the front paws to go higher and his head to get more squished] And what's gonna happen to Tama if I get sent home? He could be trapped in my room without food.

[His eyes suddenly get very wide and he shakes his head at the thought.]

T...That wouldn't happen right? There's gotta be some kind of warning before ya go home!



Dec. 1st, 2011 10:03 pm
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[picture opens on a trading card.]

Naa Yuma I think I got your card. This is the one you wanted right?

[Pulls the card back to look at it obviously confused. He's also covered in band-aids and inexpertly wrapped bandages, but doesn't seem to mind.]

It popped out of one of those giant vehicles after I hit it a bunch of times. Is that normal? That thing sucked. I mean it was really pretty, but it was being followed by all of the other metal vehicles and they kept hitting me.

Anyway! Yuma! Haibara! Monster! Hiyori! Gramps! Toph!

Do you want to come over and play games?

I finally got a mahjong set! And Monster said he had something called Monopoly, and someone has to have cards.

Hey! Does anyone else have any fun games? The more people the better!


Nov. 10th, 2011 02:04 pm
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[The video shows a very worried looking monkey face in front of a large pile of food wrappers on the ground]

Naa…Is there a way to make the machine hand out more money? I thought the tags were like a gold card, where you just get the money you need. I already used up everything it gave me and now it won’t give me any more!

I’m hungry!

It didn’t even give me enough for lunch. Those food stands were really good too. I didn’t even get to try all of them! I only got to have the hot dogs, and the falafels, and the ice cream, and the soda, and the burgers, and the pretzels, and the pizza, and the tacos, and the eggrolls…

[ looks side to side instinctively as this is normally when a fan would hit his head or a gun shot would go off. However as nothing is stopping him he turns his pleading gaze back to the comm.]

I didn’t even get to try the burritos and the french fries and the corn dogs and the paninis. I don’t even know what they are but they smell so good!

If I beat up more bad guys and do more hero stuff will the machine give me more money for food?

[Plops down on the ground grasping his poor neglected belly]

What’s the point of giving me a place to stay if it’s not going to feed me? It can’t expect me to be a hero on an empty stomach!

I’m hungry. When do the tags refill?

I can get more food soon, right?
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If anyone with their own boxes can hear me I got a question.

I beat up the demons already so when do I get to go home? I went back to the room with the machine to tell her I was done but nothing happened.

I really gotta get back. It's been almost a week. Sanzo's gonna kill me for being gone this long. He won't even bother with the fan... he'll go straight to shooting me!

Maybe I can think of a way to prove I was stuck...no he'll still shoot me for getting stuck in the first place.

[Low grumbling noise]

Aww...and I'm gonna die hungry.


Oct. 28th, 2011 09:55 pm
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[The video turns on to a close up of Goku’s fingers as he pushes at buttons. His very confused face can be seen with every few movements. When it doesn’t do anything he lowers it, to look around instead.]

Naa…Sanzo! Hakkai! Pervy Kappa!

[The bouncing of the video shows that he’s currently walking. The sudden loud car horn and swerving headlights show that he’s currently walking in the middle of the street.]

Eh? Hey! Hakuryu!

[Faster bouncing as he runs, followed by still video of the monkey scratching his head]

That wasn’t Hakuryu.

[A whine followed by a loud stomach growl can be heard]

Aww. I’m starving. Figuring things out is hungry work.

Where is everyone? It’s like a ghost town.


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