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[The camera clicks on to Hank and Cross sitting on a white couch. There's a clear tension between them, as Cross sits with his arms and legs earning his namesake, while Hank has an elbow propped on the armrest, chin in his hand and eyes rolling upward. He has a small remote in his other hand.]

I'm telling you that they will tell you that it's a terrible idea. Unless we're in a city of morons- which means I'm disregarding their opinions because they are morons.

Well, the camera's already rolling, so I'm just going to come out and say it.

[He perks up, looking into the camera and holding his arms out in a welcoming gesture.] Ladies and gentlemen of the City, we have a grand occasion to announce to you all today! You see, this weekend I'll be celebrating my 34th birthday, and we would be delighted if you would deign to join us!

To that end, this Saturday morning, I'd like to invite everyone out to the park for a game of good old fashioned football. It's been perhaps too long since I've tossed around the old pigskin, and whatever some people
[A very unsubtle glance shoots in Cross' direction.] may think of it, I can say with a certainty that we'd have quite a grand time.

[Cross, however, regards this as a chance to show his displeasure by giving a slight sneer and staring at Hank as if he's stuck with some old man.] Oh, yes. Nothing says "Happy Birthday" than running around with a ball and performing what can only be described as the most mundane thing ever contrived. Why do something fun like have a huge party celebrating yet another year that you have managed to defeat the forces of nature and stay alive? At least let me put in an open bar for the rest of us.

[Hank turns to face him, his brows knitting a sweater.]

You do realize how impractical a full-service bar would be in a park, don't you? I told you, we can bring a cooler!

[Almost too quick a response, Cross scoffs:] Yes, because everything about me screams practical. Just tell him that his opinion is dumb and let me get back to putting together a party that people will actually have fun at.

[Hank turns right back to the camera with a giant grin.] Now with an added bonus! We'll give you each one free shot at taking us both down. Him especially. [Because guess which one isn't built like a mountain.

For a moment Cross stares at him, completely stoic before he starts to chuckle. From a chuckle to a laugh, for a laugh to something that causes him to almost fall of the sofa, he's laughing so hard. It takes him a moment or two before he can regain composure, wiping a tear from his eye.
] That's hilarious. If you wanted to watch me backhand idiots across the mouth, you should have just said so. It'll be my gift to you.

Ah ah ah, "free shot" means without defense or reprisal! You want to give me a gift, I'd say just go along with the game and keep an eye out for the forward tackle!

[With that, he hits a button on his remote and the recording ends.]

blue is hank, red is cross, of course
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[ The video opens on a sub-basement laboratory of the Xavier Institute. There stands who else but...Sydney Greenstreet? He gives the audience a small, knowing smile as he stands there in his rotundity in a black suit, holding a cigar. ]

Mm hmm hmm. I distrust a man whose trust for other men is determined more by his trusts than his distrusts. There is no trust without discretion, and in that scrutiny we develop the distrusts that determine our interactions with the world at large. I do like a man who tells you upfront that he distrusts you, saves the time of founding a trust that only disguises the true distrust present.

[ Once he's done he gives his audience a very stern look that holds for all of five seconds before it starts to crack, erupting into a hearty laugh. When he continues, his voice is different, now a rich, purring baritone that may sound familiar. ]

I'd like to present to you the X-Club's latest invention, a new take on an old classic... science within. )

Anyhoo, we’re on the tail end a’ publishin’ the results a’ the headline project, but if y’wanna donate a hint a’ tissue for the sciences... it’d be much obliged, yeah? There were some concerns last time it came up that I wasn't... [ In the mood to deal with. ] ...available to answer, that we'd like to be more upfront with now. What we're looking for for is proof of physiological connections between imPorts that are absent in the native populace, so obviously we'll need a reasonably sized sampling pool of imPort volunteers.

So, y’know, with that lil’ hint a’ clarity -- please? We got cash, alright?

[ They both give big, slightly desperate smiles for the camera before the feed cuts. ]

red is madison, blue is hank
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Two years. Hmm.

It's funny how retrospect recolors it. It's never what you've actually done that stands out the most, but what you haven't. There's always a greater amount you feel you should have accomplished, harder you could have tried, more you might have helped.

It's tiring, hindsight.

[He pauses, wishing there was a conclusion he could have added to this, but he doesn't have one. Instead he ends up just clicking off the comm. ]

Avengers filter )
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[Hank is leaning against the counter in his kitchen, passing an apple between his hands. He seems a little disappointed.]

So, I was afraid I might come home to the possibility given how much difficulty I had in reaching her, but it appears that Amanda Waller's gone. Seems it happened before she could have one of Dr. Solus and Peter's sensors installed, too, which is a shame when her company was funding them.

[He looks back up at the camera, tired but trying to smile.] Still, it's good to be home, I suppose. Weather's starting to turn, and just in time, too. Don't know how much longer I could've taken the warmer climates!

Has it been busy, aside from that matter at the UN? I guess I still have some catching up to do.
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[Hank is sitting on a bench in the imPort clinic, wearing green scrubs and a white coat, his back hunched and his arms drooped over his knees. His fur is singed in various patches, including a bald streak across his neck. One of the lenses on his glasses is cracked. He has been on his feet for the better part of thirty-six hours and he is the very picture of exhaustion.]

It's the crises that really help one to understand how criminally understaffed a hospital can be. Three doctors, at best, for something of this magnitude? [He brushes back a few strands of hair trying to sneak their way onto his face and then rubs his shoulder.] Partly a result of the recent outwards migration, I suppose. Really, I feel worse for Dr. Hooper, left to handle the whole of it on her own while the rest of us were otherwise engaged. That is my definition of a hero, ladies and gentlemen. The kind of person that, should you run into her, you buy a coffee. Tell her I said to.

I'm rambling, aren't I? I hope someone's been gathering the information, has some cohesive picture of what caused this, how many were affected. Maybe how many of these people would have been taking the subways instead, had they been running sooner.
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[The camera opens in on a wooden coffee table with a generous layer of dust on it. After a few seconds, a furry blue finger crosses the screen and takes a swipe out of it before moving out of sight again.]

There's something sobering about returning to an empty room, so long neglected. [He bends down so his snout comes down along the table's level, his eyes and pince-nez framed in the screen, scanning across the the dusty surface.] It's as though it retains some memory of the life that resided in it before, but only as much of the actual life that gave the place its character as a tomb might.

[His gaze shifts upward, as if the silence were so palpable he could see it.] Combined with an environment far quieter than I've grown used to in the past few months, it's almost enough to drive a man to overcompensate!

But I've never been one to wrinkle my nose at a little midnight cleaning. [He reaches for the camera and picks it up, the view shifting to look down on the table as he brings a feather-duster down to dance across it.] But that's me. Tell me, how is everyone else doing this fine early morning?
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[Hank's in a white room, seated on a bed with his legs crossed and and a book between his toes. He looks a little drowsy.]

Well, it seems refusal to take prescribed medication and the resulting effect on one's mood is enough to net someone involuntary commitment, despite numerous protests. [He lifts his foot to indicate the book.] I'll give Osborn this much, they do provide adequate reading material.

But! [He perks up a little, but not happily, then reaches to take the communicator and points it at the ceiling. Smooth, white, seemingly normal, nothing worth noting, right?] Would you just look at these ceilings? Not a single grip to find! Though I suppose using them as I might be accustomed to would be considered to erratic anyway.

[The camera turns back to his face.] Either way, I've been quiet too long, haven't I? How have things been since?
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[Hank is standing outside on the sidewalk somewhere in the City. Passersby walk behind him with odd looks every now and then, the sounds of traffic are notable but not so bad as to overwhelm the video.]

Ladies and gentlemen, you may perhaps know me. My name is Dr. Henry Phillip McCoy, and I've been an imPort since December of 2010. You'll most likely know me as the headmaster of the Xavier Institute here, or as a science consultant to the Avengers.

What you may not be aware of, is that I'm also a monster.

On the night of November 28th, I broke into the abode of a certain Thomas Blake, assaulted him, then kidnapped him to my lab where I applied... [He chokes before continuing.] ...multiple biological grafts, and attempted organ transplants. This was done with no regard to his safety or aversion to participating in the operation, and was only ended thanks too the efforts of Harvey Dent and our own Deputy Mayor, Edward Nygma.

Now, while it's true that I was not in a state of mind where, due to outside influences, I had any access to what I would consider my typical mindset, but does that remove me from culpability? Is that enough, that I be absolved due to the complications of the situation while Mr. Blake had to live with the resulting disfigurement? Is that just? The blood was on my hands.

The pressing issue is that we must be held accountable for our actions. I must be held accountable for my actions, and someone responsible for such an atrocity is not a man who should be appointed as the head of a school, much less be allowed to teach at one.

[He glances at his watch.] In approximately two minutes, I will be crossing this street and turning myself in to the authorities, at which time I will fully cooperate with whatever sentence the court sees fit to provide me with. I will not expect anyone's forgiveness, but I will not begrudge your prayers.

And should Mr. Blake happen to see this, I want him to know that I cannot possibly reverse the trauma I may have caused, but he never deserved any of it, and no apology I could attempt to provide would be adequate for this situation. However much you must hate me for this, I know I've earned it, and you have every right to it.

May God have mercy on my soul.
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[Hank is huddled over his worktable, playing with a small camera.]

I've always been something of a tinker, even since I was a child. [He gives the lens a momentary smirk.] But you'll know this already, you've seen it.

Even with having some sort of block this past month, wondering if I was doing something wrong when all the pieces seemed like they were in place. I know that because I checked, double-checked, ran diagnostics, tried alternatives. Took the every prototype apart and rebuilt it numerous times, trying my best to isolate and work out any kinks.

And even then, we never detected a single Skrull until they revealed themselves. But see, there was still one thing I'd never gotten to tinkering with. Funnily enough, the first thing I noticed when I returned.

[He points to the camera.] I keep this remote camera for Network interface when I prefer to work hands-free. It shorted out while I was gone, and I hadn't had time to repair it. Doing so would require familiarizing myself with the circuitry of the new communicators, in order to copy it.

So, tell me. How many of you had your communicators in Times Square last night? [He holds up a small silicone tube to the camera, almost buried in his large fingers.] And who can tell me what this is?
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[Hank is walking through the halls of the Institute, on his way back to his suite. The video angle is from below, he's walking and talking.]

New communicators for a new Network? Check.
Vulcanus on the move again? Very well, then.
Preliminary signs of an imminent Skrull invasion? Marvelous.

Heaven knows we had a hard enough time of it last time, though I'm hardly in any position to begrudge a species the audacity to escape extinction. I know a very charming little Broodling who might agree.

[He reaches his door and fumbles for the keys, still talking as he gets the door open. He's still moving afterwards, like he's looking for something. His expression is growing increasingly distressed.] Seems it's been a rather eventful week while I've been away, and here I expected the most significant issue I'd face upon return was keeping my dates straight! It's not something that's easily resolved in the mind when you experience and entire year's worth of days twice! Just further need for compartmentalization, I'd imagine.

And Logan, in case I need to remind you, I get the big office in this universe.

[Finally he stops, frowning. He gives the room one more glance, then points the camera at the table, where one sole plate sits. The meal's half-eaten, and spoiled from being left out for more than a few days.]

Has anyone seen Amanda?
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Well, it's certainly been an interesting holiday season, but with classes beginning in just a few hours, the time has come to officially consider it finished! I hope everyone's enjoyed the break.

So, is there anything in particular that you're looking forward to this semester?
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[Professor Lionface is in his office at the school, leaning up against the front of his desk, very particularly lion-faced again.]

So, if my time here has afforded me anything, it's the ability to better prepare! The clock's a-ticking, the days are growing shorter, the remaining calendar's looking a little slim. We all know what time of year this is, and so, with all this time I've had to rethink how it worked out last year, I'd like to revisit an idea I saw through to some meager success previously.

I am, as a matter of fact, talking about The imPort Holiday Benefit Album!

Of course, I didn't really know what I was doing last year, it was mostly a way to keep me busy. This time I have the funds to handle production, have a better established rapport with the charities we'd be donating to as well as the distributors, and, perhaps most importantly, enough time that it won't be released two weeks after Christmas! I'm not going to pretend it wasn't something of a hideous mess last year, but sometimes you simply have to run with an idea as it occurs! This time around should go much smoother.

So, I'm thinking it would be best to stretch the practicing and recording sessions across the next two weekends. I know many of you must have your holiday shopping ahead of you, still, but if you could devote just a single Saturday and Sunday, I'd really deeply appreciate it! Meals will be provided for however long the sessions may last, all that's necessary for you to bring is yourself! Though I was considering a food drive as well, so if you feel like sparing any non-perishable foods toward that end, I suppose you could feel free...

This doesn't only apply to vocalists, mind you, but if you have any desire to participate in whatever position, with the recording or production or the musical accompaniment, you're certainly welcome to it! Anyone who wishes to participate, should they be capable of behaving, will not be turned away.
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[The video opens on the human face of Dr. McCoy, his hair curiously reaching up in the air. His expression is one of gravity, as though he's speaking on a topic of dire importance.]

Now I understand this can be a trying time for many adolescents your age. Your bodies are going through changes that can be difficult to accept or understand.

Why, in just the time since lunch, I've inexplicably gained around 150 pounds!

[His glasses try to slip off and fall up. He catches them and adjusts them back on his nose, then resumes his non-smile. Then his tie falls in font of his face and he bursts out laughing.]

Hahahaha, I'm sorry I can't keep this up...

[The camera zooms out and flips around to show Hank hanging from the Danger Room ceiling, one giant hand holding a remote for the tripod. He pushes the tie out off to the side and smiles. He's much bulkier than last time we saw him, and his shirt is clearly too small now, which a few rips in the seams of the sleeves and buttons missing.]

You may like to know that I've been in this position for over ninety minutes with no adverse effects. I've been running copious tests to document the parameters of my abilities at present to establish the state of affairs. One moment.

[He holds up a finger, presses a button on the remote before placing it in his pocket, then releases the hold his feet have and does a double back-flip on to the bar behind him. This maneuver is followed by a more complicated series of flips that the camera doesn't fail to follow, until he lands on the floor on one hand and holds his balance there as he continues talking.]

I'll spare you the strength test, it was actually a little embarrassing.

[He flips back over onto his feet, adjusts his glasses again, and fixes his tie.] Whether this is an initialization of my mutant gene, or the beginning of something further, only time will tell! The blood work I've run so far has been inconclusive, only showing that it has, all of a sudden, been reactivated. [And much to Hank's delight, if the smile's anything to go off of.]

I'd like to apologize to my afternoon Biology students, I do hope you took the opportunity during the empty period to study chapter six, or perhaps review those previous. I don't think I have to remind you that midterms will be running all through the next week!

And Ted, I believe I owe you a shirt. I'm afraid the sweater fared far poorer.
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[The video shows a brown-haired man, early-thirties and with round-framed glasses. His style of suit, plaid slacks with a matching vest, rolled up sleeves on a yellow Oxford shirt, and a red bowtie, may have some familiarity to it. He's studying his hand with a look of almost excited curiosity.]

It's the hands that always take me by surprise. They've never been so small as this, even when I was younger. Well, not in terms of proportion, at least. [The voice may be familiar as well, though it lacks a very distinct purr to it. He stamps his foot twice.] My balance isn't struck such a blow as last time this happened, which I suspect is a result of the resurrection. The change wasn't so sudden, thus the loss lacked something immediate to compare it to. I also must express my gratitude to Lachesis for giving me clothes that fit at this size. Anything less, well, I'd rather not dwell on how embarrassing that could be!

[He puts his hand down and smiles at the camera.]

Sorry to ramble, but you'll have to understand I'm only just now experiencing firsthand phenomena I'd only heard of before! It's an astonishing sensation, actually, and I can't help wondering about the logistics behind it. Whether it's due to my X-Gene simply being shut off, or removed entirely? There's clearly some alteration occuring at a basic genetic level, but by which means? Nanites? Magic? Some simpler chemical process? Just imagine what we could learn from the data this process could reveal, should it be possible to unlock it!

[He puts up his hands aquiescently.] Ah, but I'm sure I'm boring you all by now! This isn't meant to be a lecture, Hank, but an announcement of your return. Of course. I suppose I'm still dealing with the entire process of being dead only to now find myself no longer in that state. [He runs his hand through his hair and smiles wide. Sorry, guys, this is all just a little overwhelming for him.] I suppose I'll need some sort of update on the situation as it's been in my absence. I'm sure there's much to do!

encrypted to Amanda Waller )
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[Hank's chilling on the ceiling of the Danger Room, wearing a sleeveless t-shirt, khaki shorts, and a tool belt. He's traded in his glasses for a pair of goggles, currently resting around his neck.

A few panels have been removed, revealing the circuits underneath as he takes a break from poking at them.

I don't spend enough time tinkering around in here, but recently I've been thinking it may be wise, given I'm now responsible for the Institute in all its aspects. I really must admire the work my prior iteration put into it, though I wonder if there are certain considerations he hadn't put into it.

Perhaps that's the voice of experience talking, the years between now and then making me ponder more on a certain topic: security. Not that the Institute isn't secure, but I can't help wondering if it could be moreso.

[He takes out a circuit board and gives it a once over.] My therapist says it's a coping mechanism, perhaps a paranoia from losing the school at home, and not wanting to do so again. I suppose it has some merit. Has anyone else been through something like that?

[Encrypted to Tony Stark:]

I have a few designs I'd like to run by you, perhaps get an estimated cost for.
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[The camera cuts in on Hank with a hand over his mouth. His expression is a bit ambiguous, but clearly somber. Someone's been looking over the past week's Network posts. He slides his hand up to the bridge of his nose as to not obstruct his voice, in a gesture that's somewhere between thoughtful and overwhelmed.]

It's a curious thing. I'm certain the majority of us have no access to media capturing our younger selves here, and many of us would have had no access to such things at home, either.

It can be a rather bittersweet reminder, but the mere idea of having it now...I'm tempted to say it's worth it. For me, at least. Wouldn't be fair to try speaking for anyone else on the subject, but it's...been quite a while since I've had anything like this.
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[The voice of a young boy comes in.]

Now that we've insulated the the battery and replaced the cover, we should be able to...

[The camera clicks on to show the boy, dark-haired with big, round glasses, and a large build. He has the biggest smile in the world.]


[He bounces off-screen and flips and spins back and forth before finally settling down, and picking up the comm with a massive hand to focus on his face. May Parker's apartment can be seen in the background.]

Salutations! My nomenclature is Henry Phillip McCoy, but I'm most often called Hank! I've mostly been observating this chatgroup through my accomplice Peter's deviation, but now that I have my own working I should be able to participate interdependently!

This metropolis is much grandioser than any I've ever seen, and I've been to Chicago once! We visited the Sears Tower, even, and escalated to the very top! But we habitate a farm, so having everything in such close proximity is a very new explication for me. I'm still becoming a customer to it!

Where are all of you from?
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[Hank has been put in charge for the weekend and by god he is going to do things right. He's updating here from his desk at the school.]

It is my regret to inform our students at the Xavier Institute that classes will be cancelled until this current crisis is averted. It simply wouldn't do to have our offsite teachers [Well, with the exception of himself, of course. Except he'll prolly just find a room here to crash in for the most part.] or students to have to travel under these conditions. Stay inside if you can.

That said, we plan on reinforcing the school to keep the pests out, and offering sanctuary as it may be needed for the duration. So, if anyone should happen to be stuck in Brooklyn without anywhere to take shelter, or in need of medical aid, we'll keep the doors open.

So, stay safe, and we'll help you do so if it's within our power.
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[A voice post? Ah, but Dr. McCoy has no intention of spoiling this serious matter with his serious beard.]

Please, tell me someone has heard from Rachel Grey today.
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[Backdated to earlier today. Hank's idly thinking between periods, posting from the teacher's lounge.]

You know, I've been here for over three months now, and I couldn't help noticing the numerous imPorts either with feline-related abilities or feline-inspired motifs we have in this community. And so, I cannot help being curious.

Therefore, I'll put it to the Network! If you're one of these individuals, I'd like to hear your story. Was the connection arbitrary and out of your hands? If not, what drew you to it?
Obviously, I have my own story that I'm willing to share, but I'm more interested in listening at the moment.
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[The Saturday matinee showing of On A Clear Day You Can See Forever is interrupted by a stern reporter at the news desk.]

The streets have been the scene of rioting and violence yet again today, with brothers fighting brothers and friends fighting friends, all due to the so-called "hate gas" that's been unleashed upon the City. But thanks to imPort superhero team, The Avengers, the end may very well be in sight.

Bart Clinton joins us from the Avengers Mansion with the details of this alleged cure. Bart?

[And here's Bart Clinton's flawless sun-tanned face and veneered teeth, cheesing it up for the camera from his post in front of the Avengers Mansion. Beside him are Hank McCoy and Bobbi Morse, and visible on the roof of the Mansion is an out of place looking machine.]

Good evening, Randy. I'm joined here by Avengers members Beast and Mockingbird, who claim they've developed a counteragent to the "hate gas" that's been ravaging our fair City. If you don't mind, would you explain to us what exactly the hate gas is and how you were able to develop an antidote for it?

The hate gas is a variant of a type of nerve gas that causes irrational hostility, fear, and anger in those exposed to it.

Beast and I used our backgrounds in science and medicine to analyze samples of the gas, along with provided samples from individuals affected by the gas to isolate the chemical agents in the gas and create a counteragent. We were greatly helped in this task by fellow imPort, the Blue Beetle, and we would like to extend our gratitude to him for his assistance.

And how is the counteragent being distributed throughout the City?

We've had our teammates construct a machine to distribute the counteragent into the air.

And how exactly does this distribution device work?

If you'll direct your attention to the vanes on the side of the pump, those connect to three tanks kept within the mansion, full of our counteragent. As that is being pumped out, it seeks out the hate gas in the air and the bloodstream of infected Cityzens and filters it out. Then that inert gas is pumped back into the machine's powerful ventilation system where it can be properly disposed of.

Fascinating stuff! So what's sort of time frame are we looking at? When can we expect things to get back to normal around here?

Normal is an interesting word to pick, Bart. In this particular instance the machine has been operational since yesterday evening and will be in continual use until all signs of the gas attack are no longer present.

And I would point out that the hate gas has indeed been in the City's air for nearly a week by my readings, so there is quite a bit of cleaning for our little filter to do!

We estimate that the threat should be over by Sunday evening at the latest.

That's wonderful news indeed!

[Bart turns back to the camera.]

And be sure to continue watching the Action News team for further developments in this breaking news story! Back to you, Randy!

((ooc: Dark blue is Hank, light blue is Bobbi.))
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There's a high likelihood I may have to be absent from classes tomorrow. Something important has come to my attention, but I should hope it'll be settled over the weekend.

[encrypted to Bobbi, Luke, Natasha, Spidey, Pietro, Bob, Thor, and Herc]

I'm aware that we're still working on how exactly we intend to organize ourselves, but with this unseemly rioting going around and the uncharacteristic belligerence and fighting that's affected individuals City-wide, well...

...I would begin to think some Assemblage may be in order.

As for myself, I'll be in the Mansion's labs, trying to determine a cause to this, and if it can be reversed. Feel free to join me, if you're so inclined.

[ooc: so discussion kinda stalled out before we got any kind of squad rosters decided on, please go to THIS THREAD and we'll get on that
sorry if i'm coming on a little strong? but yeah, people poking me means it's time for me to poke people
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So, my flight landed in the City early this morning. It was a long flight and I'm not yet entirely reacquainted with the local timezone. Should be fine in the morning.
Anything I need to know about local events?
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[Hank is updating from outside, standing in front of Khartoum University. It's still early (9:30 AM local), but the scene behind him is slowly growing to a bustle.]

Good morning, Cityzens! I suppose it'll still be very early your time, but the day's already beginning here in Khartoum. I was helping with medical aid in Freetown over the last few days, but I arrived in Sudan yesterday to complete the main purpose of my trip here.

I've been reluctant to get involved in the actual political process here, I'm sure the last thing they need is another "enlightened" white man telling them what they've been doing wrong, but I am helping as I can to establish a few self-sustaining systems here.
The focus has been food and medical aid primarily, health and welfare, but the area I'll be working on during my stay will be education. In finding ways not only to provide children with that choice, but to encourage them to follow it.

We're already hard at work building new schools in Al-Fashir and Geneina, but a school requires more than simply students. It needs teachers also!

[He waves a hand to indicate the university behind him.]

I'll be spending my time here working with prospective teachers, orienting them in the subjects they'll need to know and helping to finance the programs necessary to prepare and place these teachers where they're needing.

It feels...a little inadequate, but it's what is within my ability to help them achieve.

Anything exciting in the City while I've been away? The water's still behaving, yes?
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So, we've finally gotten some of the first profits of the benefit album. It's not been quite a month yet, and while we certainly didn't make the Billboard charts, I daresay it did rather well, and I wanted to send another word of gratitude to everyone who helped make this happen.

And so it is that, as the first donation transfers in that direction, I'll be catching a plane to Sierra Leone tomorrow morning, to see firsthand that the money is doing what it should be and helping in the aid efforts personally. It's something I would've liked to do either way, and my therapist seems to think it'll be a good idea. I'll return in two weeks, just in time for my leave of absence at the Institute to end. I do hope you will all take care in the meantime.

[Filtered to Kurt Wagner, Remus Lupin, Pietro Maximoff, Bobbi Morse, Luke Cage, Tony Stark, Thor, and Eleanor Lamb.]

Should anything come up that you feel requires my attention, I do believe you should have my number.
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First the oppressive heat, and now this. What a day to end an eventful week with.

[Encrypted to Remus Lupin]

We need to talk.

[Encrypted to Eleanor Lamb]

I'm afraid that opportunity we discussed may have fallen through. I'll be sure to discuss your situation with whoever will teach you in the future, though.

[context :(]
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[Encrypted to Mockingbird, Quicksilver, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Dr. Strange, Black Widow, Thor, Wolverine]
[there are more avengers than can fit in a single filter, sorry Bob and Danny]

By now you've probably heard about this epidemic going around town, mutations in humans and fauna City-wide overnight, possibly more widespread even than that. I've deduced from the sudden nature of the changes, the situation is probably magical in origin, though I'm uncertain of who could be behind it.

I hear Loki is among the imPorts, do you think he may be involved?
What are all of your thoughts on the matter, Stephen especially?

And should we bring Bob in on this?
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[Hank's seated at his desk at the Institute, a few scattered papers in front of him and a red pen tucked behind one ear.]

I apologize for the extended silence, everyone. I'd spent all of last week locked away in the recording booth, finishing the mastering of the benefit album, and then the new semester began almost immediately after! So, you know how it goes, busy busy busy.

I just wanted to let everyone on the Network know that the benefit album was a roaring success, and should be available at your local music store! [He leans back and taps his chin, eyes to the ceiling.] You should also be able to find it on iTunes, especially after the hassle I had to go through securing the listing.

[Leaning forward again, he clasps his hands together and looks straight in the lens as he smiles softly.] But what I really wanted to do with this message was thank everyone who participated! Whether you lent your musical talent, financial support, moral support, or any number of other volunteer positions, this couldn't have happened without you, and I appreciate that from the bottom of my heart.

I'll try to keep everyone posted on what kind of donation we've given once a report of the earnings comes in. But do be sure to buy a copy if you haven't!

[He leans back in his chair and frowns in thought for a moment.] And while I'm here, is anyone familiar with a Welsh Corgi, answers to Bruce? It use to belong to the Sentry, but we've lost track of it since he was exPorted some time ago. Is anyone familiar with what happens to an imPort's belongings in such a situation if no one is there to take care of them?
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[Hank sounds a little frustrated and absolutely exhausted.]

Dr. McCoy, checking in. I really do apologize for disappearing on Monday, the situation was well beyond my control. We'll have to reschedule another session, but between my own fatigue and the impending holiday, I fear our window may have closed.

Nonetheless, I committed to this project, and I'm going to see it through. If anyone is willing, perhaps Monday, the 27th, would work? 10 AM again, of course.

Do please confirm if you're receptive to the idea.
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[The recording is of very poor quality, full of static that overtakes large chunks of it.]

--Tor McCoy--session plann--thi--orning--cancelled--unforeseen circumstan--pologize--inconvenience.


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