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[The camera turns on and he looks rather annoyed, or possibly tired. Possibly both.]

I am looking for spare aviation parts. My rate of breakdown is increasing prohibitively, I am also in the market for ammunition and ordnance, if such is available outside of official channels. I would prefer to avoid being a burden to the city administration, if possible.
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[When the video feed comes on, he is obviously not in the best of moods. The cut on his forehead and the way he holds himself as if he has been knocked around also is obvious. There is smoke behind him]

This is Officer Hans Von Hammer, calling on an open channel. I require the services of someone with a lift truck of some sort.

[He looks behind himself for a moment, sighing]

And a verdamnt crane, it appears. To all police force members, I will endeavour to clear the road as soon as possible - the crash was not serious. I would appreciate someone with a knowledge of mechanics, however...while I believe this is just mechanical failure, I would like to be sure.

I assume my pay will be docked for the road repair?
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[He is holding a piece of paper when the camera comes on, and wearing full uniform. His still-new police badge has a place of honour next to his Iron Cross, First Class.]

I am in need of some specialized equipment, and perhaps there are people here who can aid me. I require some form of netting. Quick spreading, collapsible. Rope is insufficient, naturally, so is rubber. Some form of malleable polymer or alloy is to be preferred. Durable, in other words.

Further: I will require a significant quality of silk squares, large. Ten feet by ten feet ought to suffice.

[He ticks each off with a pencil]

Beyond that, are there any munitions manufacturers in the city? I can fabricate what I require by...alternative means, but the speed is not to my liking. Specifically thirty millimeter cannon shells, the specifications of which I can forward, as well as replacement R4M rockets. And if anyone has ready supplies of ammunition in calibers sufficient for a bolt-action rifle as well as other small arms - again, I will specify - that would also be of interest.

Lastly, books. In German, preferably. I am interested in restarting my library, as it were. [Frankly, he can read in english flawlessly, but it's the familiarity that he is seeking to re-acquire] I have to assume there is at least one bookseller here. Hopefully many.

At any rate, I look forward to your replies.
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[He appears in front of the camera, in full uniform, the Iron Cross - first class - on his breast and the Pour Le Merite in its usual place at his throat. Then he holds up a new sort of medal - one he wouldn't trade for the world, right now. A police badge.]

I wish to give my greetings to my new kamaraden - sorry, my new comrades - in the police force. For those of you who do not know me, I am Oberst Hans Von Hammer, formerly of the Luftwaffe and the Luftstreitkräfte. I will be provided aerial support and reconnaissance for your operations.

I understand many of you have trouble with Germans of my era. I want you to know that I do, as well. It is particularly for that reason that I am here to aid you - honour demands that at least some of the stain to my beloved nation from the Nazis be wiped away. So long as there are those here who follow even a shadow of that perverted cult, I shall fight to the death - repeatedly, if necessary - to erase them from this land.

[He steps closer to the camera, the intense eyes boring into the viewer]

And to those of you who follow the Major and his twisted creed, look me up. I was, and am, the Hammer of Hell, and the combined forces of France, Britain, the United States, Russia, and the nazi party could not defeat me. And I will come for you. So I offer a choice: surrender, and find redemption for your crimes...or await your final defeat.

I assure you, there is nowhere you can hide from me. [There is a slight pause] And to show I mean business....

[The camera moves a bit, revealed a red, sleek, Messerschmitt 262 jet fighter. It is every bit as deadly as it looks.]

Believe me, it will bring death from above. Von Hammer out.
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[He's outside of an aircraft this time. In fact, he has been curiously absent from the skies of late. But the Hammer of Hell isn't giving any explanation of that]

Some time ago I made an offer to Herr Grey, about offering my assistance to the constabulary here. That offer still stands, if anybody in the organization cares to hear it.

[He pauses a moment, taking a drag of a cigarette and running a hand through his hair.]

Something to do, certainly. Simply staying out of sight of the fascists is becoming dull.

[Private, to Kent Allard]

Herr Allard. You were recommended to me by a...mutual friend. I would like to discuss certain matters with you.

[Private, to Agatha Heterodyne]

Agatha - I had hoped to give you a chance to inspect my 109. If you are interested, of course.
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[The camera is, initially, left upon the ground. It seems to be looking at a deserted road at the outskirts of the city. One of those ubiquitous, dying industrial areas that cities tend to acquire. Then, a minute or two of nothing happening later, there is a red dot in the sky. And it is low, and moving fast. It blazes past the camera, with enough force to knock it over from whatever it has been sitting on.]

[What anybody watching might have seen, just maybe, is an impression of a sleek red aircraft. Something quite a bit faster than a Fokker triplane. Another minute after that, the deserted road is host to a full-red Messerschmitt Bf109 bumping down, coming to a stop close enough to the camera that the maltese cross on the wing can be seen. Footsteps are heard walking towards the camera.]

[Von Hammer appears in view as he picks it up, letting the camera pan onto the 109 before it comes back to himself]

I am enjoying figuring out this new...power that the city has given me. I do hope I have not woken anybody.

[While his plane may not be as loud as modern jet airliners...he has been flying lower than those do. And an air-cooled Daimler-Benz V12 has a rather unique sound.]
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[He isn't in uniform. He wears, instead, a decent suit, a tasteful blue. The jacket isn't on, and the waistcoat is unbuttoned, the tie is loosened, and the shirtsleeves are rolled up. That sort of casual that somebody who wears suits regularly can carry off. He is smoking, a habit that has increased since he arrived here. Partially this is owing to good American cigarettes.]

I have been watching this city, as best I can. It is...an unendingly strange place. [There is a brief chuckle] I cannot begin to understand this place, nor am I attempting to. The rules are different, and for the most part, they seem to rule that reality, as one knew it, is a guideline. Nothing more.

[He shifts position, crossing his legs easily. The eyes, however, are farther away than the room, further away than the people he is speaking to in the camera]

I need to say now that, regardless of this, I hold no grudge for the hostility I have received. I understand. I know who else is here, and all I can do is assure you all that your enemies are my enemies. And I will help fight them, as well as I can. That these monstrosities wear even a modicum of Germanness insults me to my very core. We were not all monsters, but soldiers too.

[He looks at the camera, finally]

I will aim to prove this. I would say this is a declaration of war on the schwein that infect this city, but it is hardly anything that dramatic or unexpected. I have been given power by this place, and I will use it. I have honor to restore.

[There is a tight smile. The wolf will roam free again.]

In the meantime, to the friends I have made here, I offer my thanks and my hopes that I will deal with you more in future.

[Private, to Aaron Grey]

Herr Grey, if you are there - the silence, I take it, indicates a rejection of my offer? And that officer I dealt with when I arrived...I believe her name was Victoria? I require paperwork to get my sidearm back. I do hope she kept it.

[Private and encrypted, to Agatha Heterodyne]

Agatha, I have been relocating to make the use of my power less...problematic. That, and I am working on directing it a little more. My labours have borne some fruit...

[And he pans the camera over, revealing he is on a second level of...somewhere. And parked below him is a shining red airplane - significantly more avanced than the Dr.1 she has previously seen. He turns the camera back]

I am trying to locate some fuel, but at some point in the near future, I hope you can take a look at her.
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[The image flickers on. Von Hammer has long since thrown away the hated Luftwaffe uniform. A good deal of his money was lost making a deal with an elderly tailor of German descent for what replaces it. He wears, once again, his Imperial uniform from 1918. A replica, to be sure, but the tailor did his work well. As the video begins he removes his peaked cap, running fingers through his short brown hair]

I was given to understand that the machine that brought people here also granted them...powers, of a sort. I did not believe it. But then...well, I started to think. And something happened.

[He pans the camera, revealing an open and deserted street. And in the middle of it is a bright red Fokker Dr.I Triplane. He pans the camera back.]

I do not know how I thought that here, but it is here. Thankfully I was not indoors at the time, else I should have a real dilemma on my hands.

[There is the ghost of a smile, just for a moment. He puts a lether flying cap on, adjusting the goggles with one hand.]

At any rate, I provide this message as fair warning. I hope not to disturb anyone, but I am going for a flight. I will answer questions, if there are any, on the wing.

[He meant to thumb off the device, but failed to do so. Unfamiliarity with the technology, once again. The image is jerky of an approach to the plane, then a sudden jolt and there is a good if momentary view of the instrument panel. Then the sound of an engine roaring to life. The image gets considerably more jerky after that, but when moments reveal the world outside the cockpit, the buildings on either side of where the plan *was* are being viewed from above.]
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[He has carefully set up the camera, clearly not at all familiar with the technology yet.]

Good evening. It has been bought to my attention that here, blessedly, the war has been over for sixty-five years. For me it is still a matter of weeks, which as you might understand, is somewhat problematic.

[A slight pause]

To put it mildly. I begin to see that I am...different to what I was before I arrived here, as well. I seek to understand, but more importantly - I seek purpose. After the first war, I retreated from the world, and shut my ears against the groaning of my land. Too many of us did so, and it seems that sixty-five years later, the consequences of this inaction are still quite visible.

I do not seek absolution. I served Germany, to protect civilians, and because it was duty. War is uncompromising, and it leaves us all with blooded hands. But I am not one of them. That must be understood. They were monsters who stripped the Fatherland of its honour. Crimes which forever taint us all.

So on one hand, I seek purpose. A new life, away from war. But, on the other - there is yet another battle to be fought. Thus I wish to volunteer my services and expertise to the local constabulary - for the sole purpose of fighting the fascist menace.

Thus I would...appreciate conversation on one hand, and if someone from the police could contact me. I will not retreat from the world this time.
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[He awakens slowly, and sees nothing but sky. For a split second, a smile flickers across his face, looking up at that empty, perfect sky. Then two wars' worth of combat instincts flare back into life, and he sits up with a jerk. He gets to his feet, checking at his side to make sure his side arm is still there.]

[He is tall, with brown hair. A scar, an old mark of war, goes down the left side of his face by the jawline. But more remarkable are the blue eyes - they seem cold, alert, and far older than the man himself. He is in his forties, in excellent shape, wearing the a short leather coat over the uniform of a Major in the Luftwaffe, Germany's World War II air force. At his throat hangs a blue medal - the Pour Le Merite. The highest award for bravery and courage and skill from Imperial Germany, a clear indication that he has seen far more action than just one war.]

[He looks down, picking up the communicator and switching it on. He switches on the video mode unwittingly, assuming it to be just a radio.]

Achtung, dieses ist...

[And he trails off, looking around. Whatever this place is, all the signs are in English. He isn't in German territory. He sighs, then switches to flawless, if formal, English.]

Attention...this is Major Hans Von Hammer, of Jagdverband 99 of the Luftwaffe. I am, it seems, stranded. To whom will I direct my surrender?


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