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[the video shows one distressed nill who is trying very hard to appear as if she is not in the least distressed. her expression is smooth, save a crease between her brows. nothing is given away in her demeanor, even though on the inside her heart is racing. her hands shake when she types, but it isn’t obvious:]

Has anyone seen Kate today? I have not heard from her today an

[it is at this exact moment that helena appears on screen, approaching from behind. she looks upset, perhaps a bit disheveled, pursing her lips as she places a hand on nill’s shoulder.]

She isn’t in any of her usual places. Not at home, not in the gym, and she’s certainly not at my place. It’s been days since she’s contacted me, this really isn’t like her at all.

[nill had swiveled around to look at helena, and when she once again faces the camera, there’s no hiding her worry. she doesn’t like to pry, doesn’t like to ask too much--but kate always, always contacts her if she’ll be out for longer than a night. nill takes a deep breath and reaches towards the comm again. her hands are visibly shaking now.]

If someone knows where she is please tell us.

[hel looks at what nill has typed, nodding her sentiments.]

Yes. We would definitely appreciate it. [a beat.] And if you see this, darling, it isn’t cute, making us worry.

[ooc; black is nill, purple is helena. both will be responding!]
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[As ever, a song accompanies Helena's broadcast.]

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you're all enjoying the last traces of sunshine before the night settles in. I'm speaking to you tonight to express my gratitude for the generosity shown by our community last weekend at the charity auction that Captain Metropolis and I organized. The turn out for the event was splendid and we raised a substantial sum for the cause. Thank you to everyone who attended the auction, and a very special thank you to those of you who contributed time, valuables, and money to the event.

Additionally, tomorrow marks one year since I arrived here in this universe. I can scarcely believe it's been an entire year since Lachesis brought me back from death to live a new life amongst you all here in the City. The people I've met here have been wonderful and kind, and I look forward to many more years here in this world with you, my friends.

[Locked to: Damian Wayne]

You've been suspiciously quiet, brother.

[Locked to: Kate Kane]

I'm afraid I can't come over tonight. I have some business that requires my attention. I hope you'll understand.
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[As always, Helena's post contains a musical accompaniment. More unusually, however, she is using the video function. She's inside a subway station, probably one near Times Square, judging from the amount of foot traffic all around here.]

A funny thing happened on my way home from the office. I opted to take the train instead of calling for a car, and glancing around, I spotted a few unusual sights in the station.

[She turns the camera away from her to show this vandalized advertisement.]

Normally I wouldn't think much of that, though the sentiment of the graffiti isn't one I've seen around very often, at least not on the walls of a subway station. But, unusual as it is, it would appear that this vandalism isn't an isolated incident.

[The camera pans down the hallway to show several other vandalized ads before she turns the camera back to herself.]

Perhaps I was wrong about popular opinion turning against us. Or perhaps it's just one particularly insistant punk with a magic marker and too much time on his hands. I can't say I agree with the destruction of property, but the message is certainly a welcome one in my book.

I only wish they'd left the advertisements for our TV show alone.
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[Hello everyone! It's Helena, with her helpful musical accompaniment to aid with her address.]

It's my sad duty to announce the departures of Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon. In addition to the losses of Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown in the weeks prior, this has left my office somewhat short staffed.

[Her voice is clipped and she sounds generally unhappy.]

Please consider this message a general notice for employment opportunities at Wayne Enterprises. We have open positions in our various departments. Additionally, I am seeking a second personal assistant to aid me in my day to day tasks. The main criteria for this job is that you demonstrate a high level of trustworthiness, so expect a thorough background check if you do decide to apply.

[Encrypted to Damian Wayne:]

I'd like to hear that you're alive.

[Encrypted to Jason Todd:]

You have a court date next week.
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[Of course, there is some inappropriate background music accompanying her message. Because this is how her life works in this town.]

I hope everyone tuned in to watch the debut episode of Socrates: Action Detective this weekend. If you happened to catch the show, I'd love to hear feedback from our viewers. What sort of historical adventures would you like to see Socrates and his friends encounter in future episodes? Did you like the premise or was it too farfetched to be sustainable?

And of course I'd like to offer a warm and sincere congratulations to two of our very own who played essential roles in the creation of this new TV program: Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, who plays the part of Charlemagne and Dick Grayson, who performed the theme song, "Philosophy and Love". You both were terrific and you should be quite proud of yourselves.

[Private to Kate Kane:]

It's been awhile. How are things?
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[As the broadcast begins, this is playing in the background. Here's hoping you like oldies.]

The Network seems eerily quiet. There don't seem to be as many people talking. Not that I mind the relative silence, but I'll admit I've become accustomed to a certain level of chatter.

Maybe this is a good sign. Maybe this means we're finding other, more personal ways of communicating with one another. That said, there's something comforting about turning this doohickey on and getting a full dose of gossip and updates on the personal lives of strangers all in one go.

So, who's got news to share? Isn't there anything of note happening anywhere tonight? I could start, if you like.

[Helena clears her throat.]

Socrates: Action Detective, the television show Wayne Enterprises has been financing, has a premiere date set for January. So I hope very much that each and every one of you will tune in to follow the adventures of history's most beloved philosopher as he travels through time and uses his learnings to solve mysteries.

[Private (but hackable) to: Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, Barbara Gordon, Charlie Gage-Radcliff, Kate Kane, & Nill.]

I've been trying to find my brother [ehhhh....] -- I mean, Damian, since Monday night. He hasn't responded to my phone calls and he didn't even appear to chase me out of his house when I dropped by this evening. He's good at avoiding me, but he wouldn't abandon his pets. The poor things were starved for attention and food. It isn't like him to treat his cats that way... or his poor dog.

[She pauses, unsure if she should say anything more. This is a tough crowd she's addressing. Chances are none of them even cares that he's missing. But she cares, and after a moment, she speaks again.]

I don't like coming to this conclusion, but what other one is there? Just... let him know I'm looking for him. In case I'm wrong and he's around.
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[It's another voice post from Helena. This song places very faintly in the background.]

Good evening. This is Helena Wayne speaking on behalf of Wayne Enterprises.

My family has been very fortunate in this world. We've built up a successful company here, one that will no doubt continue to flourish long after we've gone. Because we've reaped the benefits of the City and this world, we feel that we have an obligation to give back to the community and support it, especially during times of hardship and need.

In light of recent and recurring events here in the City and elsewhere, Wayne Enterprises would like to announce the creation of a fund in conjuncture with local relief organizations purposed with rebuilding and rejuvenating the City following events such as the one that befell us this past weekend. In addition to an initial donation of $5,000,000 from the Wayne family, 5% of Wayne Enterprises' annual corporate profits will now go into this relief fund.

It is our sincere hope that others who have found financial success in this world will join WE in the effort to repair the City and lead it and it's citizens into a peaceful new era.

[She pauses, clearing her throat as the music fades out finally. Her voice is more animated, she sounds much less grave.]

And on a slightly less serious note, I am pleased to announce that Wayne Enterprises will be entering the entertainment market with the production of a television pilot. In that we are an imPort founded company, we'd like to give imPorts a chance to work on this exciting new project. We're currently looking for actors, writers, costumers, production designers, etc. If you are interested in getting started in the world of TV, or if you have past experience, please contact me for more details.
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[This can be heard very faintly in the background. She has apparently gained some sort of control over her terrible powers.]

In case anyone here cares, Batman was ported out this morning.

[There's a long silence. Or, it would be silence if Barry Manilow wasn't gently crooning in the background. Then, the feed abruptly cuts out.]
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[ this video opens to an off angle, definitely roofside view of the side of somebody’s black, neatly serrated boot. There’s a tone to the voice that’s speaking too; a little defensive and embarrassed. Oh dear. ]

-ust saying it can’t be that bad. You know the belt’s different for a reason.

[ the voice that answers is hesitant, yet somewhat appeasing. also incredibly awkward. ]

And it's a nice belt. Really. It's terrific. The entire costume looks [ a strained pause ] really good on you…?

[ yup, that totally sounded like a question. ]

How about once more with feeling? [ this is probably the world’s most passive aggressive statement. There’s a shuffle of a cape and the comm shifts just far enough to show Batman perched up bird-style on the narrow ledge of the roof they’re standing on, wearing what looks like a regular old batsuit. He’s already got the batgoggles out and trained on whatever’s down below. Helena, you’re so out of the loop. ] I’m a big boy, Huntress. It’s fine if you don’t like it.

Right, fine. [she sighs, joining him on the ledge in a flutter of purple and blue. you're not making this any better, Dick. gosh.] I never said I didn't like it. It's not what I'm used to, that's all.

I swear the progression makes sense if you can see where it’s been. [ whatever he’ll cling to the impression that it’s the costume she’s weirded out by. And yep he’s starting to move his hips a little back and forth to some offbeat internal rhythm only he seems aware of. ]

But that’s not to say I don’t spend half my time in this thing missing how breathable the old one was. You know how much physicality it takes right out the equation in a fight? [ he’s dropping the goggles down off one eye, but not to look at Helena. ]

And that reminds me of something. sob cut for tl;dr )

[ bold is Helena, unbold is Dick ]
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[The feed begins with the last twenty seconds of this song fading in the background. The voice the follows is softer and much friendlier than the one she used previously.]

Well, I'd say I've got a ways to go still, but the adjustment to life here hasn't been so bad. There are so many friendly people here, I don't think I've ever felt so welcome in my entire life.

[She gives a quick laugh.]

Though I suppose it would help if I properly introduced myself to the rest of you. My name is Helena Wayne, of the Gotham Wayne's. I've met a few of you in the past several weeks and I look forward to visiting with the rest of you soon.

Dick has been kind enough to arrange for me to oversee the legal department of Wayne Enterprises. This will be a new position for me, though my background in consumer law should make this transition a smooth one. If there are any other employees of Wayne Enterprises around, please don't be a stranger. I'd love to speak with you.

[A pause.]

Being new to the City, my familiarity with the apartment market around here is unfortunately lacking. To cut straight to the chase, I'm in need of a new living arrangement.

It doesn't have to be too big or luxurious, though I certainly won't turn that down. I suppose I could go for something more... on the practical side. One bedroom, minimum, and room to entertain. Oh, and I'll need an ensuite bathroom. That amenity is non-negotiable, I'm afraid.

If anyone knows of trustworthy real estate brokers, landlords, etc., I'd appreciate being pointed in the right direction. Thank you in advance, and enjoy your morning, City.
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[All that can be heard at first is this song. It is about halfway through when it suddenly (and appropriately) begins to quiet a little.]

Helluva wake up call you've got here.

[A beat.]

JSA, can you hear me, gang? What's your status? Robin? Come on, answer me!

[The first song ends, segueing nicely into this. She sighs heavily. This music is getting annoying.]

For whatever it's worth, I'm 99% sure I was dead, not half an hour ago. I could be mistaken, but that's not something a person just forgets. I was resting pretty peacefully. And I wasn't being bombarded with disco music.

This crap is giving me a headache. I've always been more of a Motown fan anyways.

[And as if on cue, the song changes. There's a muffled groan like she's exasperated.  Seriously, coming back from the dead and having Diana Ross piped at you really makes for a lousy day.]

Good grief! I'll bet Batman never had to deal with this crap! Come on, guys! What the hell just happened to me?


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