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How are we all fairing this holiday? Are we surviving the overcrowded shops, dreadful traffic and Christmas music on loop? Or better yet, are we tired of these questions yet? I almost feel sorry for those who only just arrived. I think we need to change the record. Aren't we supposed to be facing an apocalypse tomorrow? Where's all the overindulgence and debauchery? Shame on you all.

Now, I did hear something about castles popping up. Perhaps it is the end of the world.

I believe, then, someone owes me dinner.
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[ The device turns on, and the voice that emerges has a modern posh British accent with a velvety edge, definitely nice on the ears. There are a few background noises, like she's on the move perhaps, but the attention is on her new audience. It's a shame she can't share a face just yet; she is supposed to be dead. Better safe than sorry. ]

Hello, Heroes.

[ and a sultry, pleasant hello it is. ]

Well, we're certainly not being modest, now are we? The City. Should I assume it's located in The Country as well? Compensating for something? I have got a lovely view of the moon.

But nevermind that. I have to say I've never been given dog tags before. [ a quiet jingle of said items. ] No, usually I'm the one holding the leash. Will I find everyone in collars, then? Now, that'd be interesting.

[ her smirk is almost audible. ]

So, tell me, I must know. Since no one has found a voluntary way back home, how do we all have fun in this unrivalled city?

[ Yes, come tell her exactly what you like. Information, gossip, details. She wants it all. ]


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