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Well, goodness! Lachesis does enjoy sending people on little trips, does she not?

[ last time it was paris, this time it was metricog :| this is starting to become a habit.

ofc, he's not concerned at all

I have to say, though, there were certainly worse worlds to end up in. A fascinating place, overall, and the natives were at least friendly. [ If touchy-feely. ] It was enjoyable for me, at least.
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Well, that was a pleasant vacation! Unexpected, but pleasant enough.

[ yeah guess who got ported to Paris :| THIS GUY! he seems happy enough, though ]

But enough of that. I was meaning to ask - would anyone happen to have blueprints for a pipe organ? A large one? [ he looks a little sheepish, sob ] I know it's an odd inquiry, but if anyone is able to assist, that would be excellent.
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[ The room is dark - well, dimly lit. Someone appears to have taken pains to shut as much light out as possible without actually moving anything, but it doesn't do that much.

The person responsible for the broadcast moves into the view of the camera, seemingly unaware of it. Their face can't be made out - not that it could anyway, as they're not facing the camera.

There's enough light to discern that this person is wearing a black, slightly ragged suit, contrasting nicely with shoulder-length white hair. There's the rustle of cloth, the soft plink of a string, and a violin briefly comes into view as they raise the instrument to their shoulder, bow in the other hand.

A slightly shaky breath, and then they put bow to string, pausing for a brief moment.

And then the violin sings. This performance goes on for quite a while.

What may be impressive is that the whole thing is played perfectly; no hesitation or stumbling. When the person is finished, they lower the violin, and the broadcast ends.

The name attached to the broadcast may be familiar to some people.


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