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Been almost a month in this jailcell of a city and I've noticed some things. Things like how completely brainless all the posts on here are. How much weird shit happens just to be annoying. It makes me want to tear someone's limbs off and use 'em like a flail.

This city wants to mess with me? Nah. I don't listen to anyone, wiseass robot broads and their haywire teleporters included. I'm going to make my own fun.

The gangs here wouldn't know how it's really done if it came up behind them and clubbed them over the head. Figured that one out myself. All of 'em running around like chickens with their heads cut off and then stuffed up their ass. I did some investigating, the hands-on kind that ends with the guy begging for mercy. Lot of pissing their baby pants about some foreign mooks.

That's gonna change. This town needs a new crimelord. One who signs his work.

So here's how it's gonna happen.

This town is my territory now. I made one city, and I can take another. You wanna fight about it, then I'm all blades.
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okay fess up
who's the piece of shit with the big ideas kidnapping me right out of the jaws of death and making me into one of you assholes with the flimsy shell and the hair
giving me a phone and shit
is this some kind of prank
might even be worse than dying was gonna be
how is a man supposed to work like this

turn me back right now or i will put so many blades into you you'll look like a walking pincushion
what are you scared?
you should be
normally i'd cut you a deal but you went and lost yourself living privileges

shouldn't be too hard to get the drop on you either
see looks to me like the whole city's just full of a buncha soft idiots waltzing around asking stupid questions
what's the time he says, aaaaargh why did you stab me he says
liked the second question better
people round here got a lot of nerve
i can fix that
best solution is kill everybody who looks at you funny
you got a problem with that then step right up


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