Dec. 25th, 2012 10:31 pm
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[ What a beautiful freezing cold night for a little flight! Okay, no the weather is awful, but right now John has the video pointed squarely at the mass of Christmas lights that was once a house. If you can manage to look at this thing without hurting your eyes? Well props to you, because this thing is ridiculous. ]

Okay, so I think this is Jade's first real Christmas that wasn't spent on a tropical island or a crappy ship where everything was awful. Basically we kind of let her decorate the house...

[ He zooms down and around the house, circling it so people can see the house from all sides, and boy is it just as brightly lit on the sides as the roof was.

Finally John stops by the front door and ignoring the multiple wreathes on the door (also covered in lights), pushes the door open and--

Oh dear god. Tinsel and even more lights everywhere. Santas and nutcrackers on every flat surface. It looks like the gaudiest Christmas decoration store ever.

John chimes in with a helpful-

The outside and the inside.

[ And as he walks forward out of the hallway into the living room, there squashed into the room are four of the most overly decorated Christmas trees to ever grace someone's household.

He pans the camera over them slowly so there's a nice view of them.

All I am saying is that if any of you guys are around for next Christmas, and you celebrate it, and you have a friend or family that has never had the chance brace yourself.


Nov. 13th, 2012 07:16 pm
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[ The video cuts on to show John's scowling face glowering down at it. He looks unhappy about something, but really who can blame him? He's been gone for a few days and things seem to have taken a turn for the worst yet again. It's like you can't turn around without things going wrong in this city!

Yes, that has to be it, he's taken the time to look around, find out the news and is enraged by what he's heard.

Dave sprite! I know you're still in this city somewhere! Get your feathery ghost ass out here right now! I am going to kick it right off, you enormous tool!!!

[ Or uh... maybe not. ]


Jun. 10th, 2012 07:22 pm
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Hey has anyone seen Rose Lalonde around? I kind of thought for a bit she had just been ported out for a little while, and she would be back in about a week, only it's kind of been over a week and I still haven't heard anything from her. I'm sort of worried, so if anyone has seen her around and could let me know that'd be great.


May. 29th, 2012 11:38 pm
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[ It's pretty late at night, and John's sitting outside on the roof of his house. Well, he's sitting on some house roof, considering you can see the night sky behind him, and presumably his own considering you can see a couple text books strewn about on the roof tiles next to him. One would hope that John wasn't going to sit on random people's rooftops to do his schoolwork. ... One would hope. ]

Hey, so I was just thinking last year a couple months after me and Rose showed up here there was a dance at the school that we kind of ended up going to. Which in retrospect is weird, because we didn't even go to the school at the time! Only we do now, and I thiiiink that's still a thing, right? I mean, I think there is probably stuff up around the school for it, but I don't usually read most of that anyways.


Apr. 13th, 2012 03:53 pm
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[ John is out in the park, sitting up in a tree, staring up at the sky, but occasionally glancing down at the comm. as he chatters away. ]

Wow, since Rose reminded me today was the thirteenth, I guess that means that I am fourteen now. I think that's how it works. Even though I showed up in the City a few days after the thirteenth, and technically that day was my birthday when I showed up too. At least back home it was. So maybe I am about five days away from being fourteen? That's kind of confusing.

Either way, it means that Rose and me have almost officially been stuck here for almost a full year. I wonder if that is the kind of day you celebrate, or if maybe you're supposed to go into mourning on that day?


Mar. 28th, 2012 08:43 pm
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[ John is doing his typical number of some nice rooftop sitting. At least it's night this time, so there's a lovely view of the night sky... polluted by light and hard to really make out any things like stars probably, but that really isn't the point here, is it? ]

Hey, it's almost April, right? So that means that in less than a month me and Rose will have been here in the City for a full year. Dave would have too if he hadn't bailed on us for awhile before coming back.

[ He puts down the comm. to wiggle forward a little so he can drape his legs over the edge of the building, before picking it back up. ]

It's staring to get weird thinking about how over a year ago I was playing this game with my friends, and a lot of really terrible things happened during it, and eventually I am going to have to finish it up. I mean, I don't mind because there are still things I really want to do, but it gets really easy to forget about what happened back home while you're stuck here sometimes, you know?


Dec. 19th, 2011 05:35 pm
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Okay, so the City is pretty much part of a pretty regular version of Earth, and I have seen Christmas decorations all over the place so it's pretty safe to assume that it has normal Earth holidays right? Uhm, wait, unless my Earth is the one with weird holidays.

[ Pausing and scrunching up his face thoughtfully. It's like he JUST NOW thought of that possibility and is suddenly boggling over the idea. ]

Are Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah still normal holidays here? Because I think those are the normal ones where I am from. Also I have never celebrated the Kwanzaa or Hanukkah, so I don't actually know what's normal for them, but I know it involves candles, but... people still get trees to decorate for Christmas, right?

Locked to Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider and Jade Harley. )
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[ The video feed cuts on to show John holding the communicator about arms lengths away, laying on his stomach and partly lounging on top of a sleeping fluffy, white dog. The worst part of it is he's kicking his feet back in forth in the air in a way one would only expect from a female of John's age range. Oh John... stop :| ]

Hi everybody! Okay, so it's the middle of August right now, and I have been wondering... Shortly after I first showed up here someone told me that most kids my age are expected to go to school, even though we have all this business with being superheroes, and also having regular jobs? I don't actually have one! But I guess some people probably do, so I kind of want to know what is the protocol for these kind of situations most of the time? I think back home it's required that kids go to school until they're in high school or something, but this is a different world, so I figure maybe it works differently here.


Jun. 6th, 2011 04:11 pm
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[There's a brief flash of John's dirt smudged face grinning at the communicator before a bark makes him his head away, and suddenly there's and "Oof!" from him and the communicator falls out of his hands, pointing upwards so all anyone can see from it is the sky, with the sounding of excited barking and--]

No Cake! Get off! Come on, dude! This isn't funny!!

[In the background, until finally a grubby looking little hand comes up to prop the communicator up.]


[And here's John sitting cross legged with a medium sized brown dog flopped over in his lap. They both look absolutely filthy. Occasionally the dog will wiggle into a better position to scratch itself with its back leg, or chew on its legs, and more disturbingly occasionally John will start insistently scratching at his arms or head too.]

Hi guys! I kind of left the City for awhile, so I am sort of out of the loop on everything that went on for the past couple of days, but it looks like things are still intact, so that's good. Did I miss anything important?
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[There's a couple seconds of focusing on a hand that's WAY TOO CLOSE TO THE COMMUNICATOR before, oh, whoops, there we go, John's derpass face. And oh look at that... he's got tinfoil all over him? Why?]

Hi guys! I'm at this Rennfest thing!

[Oh, that's probably why.]

I've never actually been to one before, so this is pretty amazing. But I guess what I wanted to ask was, what are you supposed to be doing at these things? Are there lots of things that don't actually cost money to do? Since I haven't actually found a job here yet.
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[how do you like audio posts with sudden, rustling noises that turn off with no explanation?]

[how about several of them?]

Egbert, for once could you not be a total fucking dipshit--


--told you. It'll totally work! You just have to let me see it for a secon--

[click. that is a lot of spam, folks.]

You're breaking the-! You're gonna break the shit--

[a sudden, shaky shot of two pairs of shoes, one a dapper shiny black and the other golden yellow. the image wiggles around then cuts off.]

[ it turns back onto video and a girl peering in now, looking rather... unbothered by all of this. two boys peer in on either side of her ]

It seems I am forced to apologize for experimentation on the communicator from our side. Too many cooks in the kitchen.

As it is, we are new to the City and would like any information that you could give us that would help in our stay.

Thank you.


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