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Is it time yet to make an annual announcement against the ritual consumerist orgy that boosts corporate capital at the expense of the general welfare of individuals and their meagre finances?

'Time flies' is the expression, I believe.

Don't expect presents. I won't.

[Private; encrypted to [personal profile] hypnosymphony]

[an awkward pause, then a very rehearsed, like he's been working on wording it for a while]

I apologize for breaking into your apartment. Next time I will call ahead.
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have you ever seen the warning label (may contain phenylalanine)
have you ever wondered what that means (it has nothing to do with phenylketonurics) |

do you know traffic lights sync in a code translatable with a combination of sql and phoenix (the message reads 'help' again and again) |

all this was predicted in the star-gazette |

three thousand five hundred functional satellites orbit the earth currently and every single one watches us fronted by the iadc |

you are powerless i am mute |

[Encrypted to Tony Stark; Unhackable]

we should speak
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[ The network clicks on to a vocal feed, with a text component. The text component clearly reads four different messages, from four different sources. 1, 2, 3 and 4. ]

It sounds to me, like people who've been hearing voices lately may have had something else added into that, something of particular interest. So far, there have been four accounts of uninterrupted noise in the heads of some imports, but with all the extra fluff, there's something different, that actuallly pertains to us.

That's four accounts thus far, although other people have noted they've heard some noise.

So if you've been hearing voices, heh, we want to talk to you. [Ghost doesn't do delicate, but the next part sounds a little like he's trying to ...connect, or be understanding.] There will be no accusations of insanity. We promise.

If what we've heard already is trustworthy, we as a community have until late September before Vulcanus brings the hammer down. A substantially larger grace period than they gave Caesar.

We'd like to collect this into one place. The more data we collect, the better-equipped we'll all be to handle what might be coming. This should potentially be taken with a grain of salt. Until I have something straight from the horse's mouth that it's happening, there's no need to jump to conclusions, but it's best to be prepared.

Thank you.

Maybe we could head this off, I want all of us to be ready.

[ Any information shared will be tagged to the end of the post later. Too many technopaths up in this shit. This is Ghost.
Later, Tony adds: This text file; this phrase; and this phrase from an undisclosed source.
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sometimes i hate to be right

but so far


if i were you i'd be canceling your travel plans (effective immediately)

[Encrypted to Maxine Gibson, unhackable]

your current status [?]

[Encrypted to Tony Stark and Magneto, unhackable]

last chance to abort
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i cannot find max

anyone who has knowledge of her whereabouts is advised to contact me immediately

and i do mean anyone

you may have cause to regret withholding pertinent data {there will be no warnings}

[poorly encrypted to Tony Stark]

i cannot wait indefinitely

i will take action if you do not locate her.
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It's telling to examine the similarities in emotional and computing vulnerabilities.

Many of the same security problems that existed in IPv4's implementation were not corrected in IPv6 (buffer overflows). One careless programmer can make a hundred thousand problems down the line with a brief lapse of attention (bounds checking). Constant vigilance and repeated testing of personal defenses are the only sure methods of safety.

And safety is a target in motion.

Generally speaking: how many times do you have to make the same mistake before you learn? Only once? Twice?

A hundred times?
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[the comm clicks on all business, Ghost perched Batman-style on a graffiti-heavy rooftop, personally looking really clean, armor for a change actually white instead of dingy greenish-white. He remarks without preamble]

Time - both as a subjective experience of sentient consciousness - and as a dimension subject to external manipulation, is a topic of relevance to me now. And I suspect, of relevance to any exPort recently returned. ...That a week, only, has elapsed here is fortunate.

I can see the City is not on fire.

[a pause, and then less seriously]

How many of you would be dismayed at returning here, after a departure home?

And how many would be happy?

[ENCRYPTED to [personal profile] bringerofwar]

I trust you have kept abreast of the City's less savory developments. Any information would be welcome.

[ENCRYPTED to [personal profile] alldeduction, [personal profile] liverletdie, [personal profile] singlemanlytear]

Hello. Do you all remain uncompromised?

[ENCRYPTED to [personal profile] futurebatwoman]

... [ah yes the most difficult contact of all]

...My sincere apologies for leaving.

I hope you're still here.
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[the comm turns on facing the sky, a beautiful day, and then Ghost's fingers reach down to brush it, pick it up and peer into it briefly before turning back to an apartment door and knocking. His fingers swing back into the shot again and twitch a little, then gather into a loose fist. He's excited.]


[ A muffled, unintelligible answer from inside, and after a long moment Max opens the door and smiles, smothering a yawn. ] Morning, Ghost. ... Afternoon? [ she peers out to look at the sky. nope, still morning. ]

What time is it? [ Someone's been sleeping in. ]

I don't know.

[the comm jogs a little, as Ghost suddenly moves forward--the new position suggests he's shifted around to the side of her and is draping an arm across her shoulders.]

But I would like to spend the remainder of the day with you.

[ uh. there's a blank silence from Max for a bit, and then, sounding a little concerned. ]

Well, sure.

Are you okay?
[ uncertain pause again. ] It's too late for an infection now, right, your arm's been healed...

All my limbs are functioning. [he even sounds... happy, about that.] I believe I can spare 12 hours from fighting Vulcanus to indulge with someone--who--[and he's suddenly changing the subject] ...what sort of recreational activities would you like to do?

[ she's not actually convinced at all, but now she sounds more amused. ] If you say so.

... I have no idea. I've been pretty busy for a while, I can't think of anything in particular -- [ oh ]

Is your comm on?

Ah. Yes. I wanted them to know. [and to be jealous, apparently. Ghost is hanging with Max all day guys. And he turns it off before she has a chance to respond on the Network.]
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Start leaving your communicators at home.

Trust me on this.
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You cannot trust anyone. {It seems to be occurring to many of you now. Not a moment too soon.}

Panic is not the solution, as the good Captain pointed out.

Information is the enemy of the enemy in your midst.

I will take suspicions. Friends. Neighbors. Family.

If someone you know has been acting


I am one of the few with the means to spy as effectively in return.

Talk to me.

[ooc; individual threads will be encrypted on a secure line visible only to Ghost and whoever he's talking to, so nobody will be able to see anybody else's thread!]
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[the video switches on, bouncing a little on a hip before a sharp hiss of static and incorporeality. Ghost moving into a room uninvited, but not exactly stealthily.] You were a challenge to find.

[a voice replies from somewhere out-of-frame, female and familiar. a little less combative than the network may be used to.]

That's the point. And you didn't ask.

[the vocoder's level, neutral, as the video keeps recording a blank and unhelpful wall.] My error. I have made several crucial ones in my dealings with you. But I intend to rectify them. [a pause] Tell me why you requested access to the root functions of the Network.

There was something I needed. [audible is the click of fingers on a laptop keyboard, a pen scratching across paper without lifting. Candy sounds distracted.] And now I've gotten it. Why?

[a beat] Don't tell me you took a six hour road trip just for that.

[Ghost drifts closer, a gloved hand leaning on the desk in the shot] Professional curiosity. ...and no. I didn't. [the silence is gathering. Unpleasant, the moment before the Rubicon; the short step before the drop, the anticipation of pain.] Where is she, really?

[the stubborn bluff.] "She?"

I wager still alive, in an undisclosed location. For as long as her value holds... but nothing is certain. [there are little cracks, barely perceptible, in the mechanical voice. The human underneath struggling to remain level. Building anger palpable.] You were very convincing. I should thank you for giving me the opportunity to say goodbye.

[sudden sounds; the shifting of a chair, toppling and crashing to the floor with a violence smothered beneath that of gunshots. everything crackles, interrupted, like damaged film--and then the comm lifts, focusing deliberately on Candy as she writhes on the floor in the grip of what looks like a heart attack.

And then her skin mottles to a sickly, inhuman green, her features shifting, harsher, sharper. Alien.

There's a dead Skrull lying on the floor, Network.]

...I am sorry.
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[the comm cuts on halfway through a sentence] --of geokinesis that results in effortless infiltration, immortality, and strong combat power.

[Idly:] I could work with that. Assuming it's not a complete asshole.

A shapeshifter, whose primary form is leviathan in aspect.

Pass. [A snort and a sharp "clink!"] There are heavy enough hitters around that don't need to turn into massive fucking targets.

[sounds like he's moving closer] A stone-bonded power channeler, flight, photon energy, intangible aspect--very versatile. We've fought together.

[Uncomfortable... pause... look no one wants that smell inching closer okay.] If you can vouch for them. [Beat.] So you'd have an infiltrator who can double as a heavy combatant, and a long? Medium? Range flying combatant, so far.

Yes. Between them, and yourself, we should have adequate close combat ability. ...perhaps I could interest someone with observational skills to consolidate our research.

[Midnighter snorts.] What, and that's it? Ghost, the day I need an asshole around to give me cliffnotes on what's going on in front of my own damn nose is the day I'd like to be put out of my misery.

There is a lie detector, I'm told, whose skills would be vital were we to capture one of them alive.

[Thoughtfully:] That's slightly more useful. Assuming it's an ability. What about more firepower? How many posthumans can we guess they've pumped out? [Half a pause] Hypothetically, of course.

Good question. I can recommend an electrokinetic--our pool of 'heroic' individuals is disasterously small. Will this be a problem?

Not if you get the ones that know what they're doing. And smaller groups are better for me, less variables and scenereos to run through, makes communication easier. [Slowly:] Have a teammate that'll be useful if they set foot on the grid, but he's dead fucking weight out where they're at.

Hmmm... there may be some application here in the City for hi-- [exhales slowly and picks up the comm] You should remove the batteries to prevent this in the future.

Oh what the fu- it was on the table, how the hell- [feed cuts.]
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[the video flickers on and displays a small, poorly lit room with a bare mattress on the floor and wildly filthy, cracked walls. The conspiracy wall is out of the shot, but in the shot is an old tape deck. It's running, and a soft male voice is speaking on it.

--lieving emotions are self-organizing dynamic processes entwined with an activity in a given context.]


[A discrete emotion is a set of neural processes causing a specific expression and corresponding specific feeling.]

Deceptively simple, and, I believe, incorrect. [this is something that clearly troubles Ghost, or at least occupies his mind enough that he's polling the Network for it. He glances at the camera.]

How do you account for people behaving unpredictably and-or counter to their own interests?
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11 days, 3 hours, and 24 minutes remain until Mass Consumerism Day.

Wishing [presumptuous] peace on Earth, and [preemptive] goodwill to all - except for the corporate criminals that enslave your fellow man [and woman] - as you all celebrate your holiday of choice.

I am myself a conscientious objector of this season.

Please don't buy me anything.

[Encrypted to John Watson, unhackable]

My condolences for your loss.

Do you require my presence?
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It's likely you've all realized by now. Something appears to be - either loosening or restricting inhibitions in the imPorted populace.

If anyone you know is acting unusually (for them) I suggest you keep an eye on them, or notify someone else you trust to do so.

If you feel unusual, I suggest you stop using the local water supply, and review the people you've been speaking to very carefully.
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How much personal responsibility do you accept for this world?
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  • Your gender

  • Your current age in years

  • Do you self-identify with the label 'hero'?
    • (if no, is there another label you feel fits you better?)

  • Are there other people from your world here?
    • (if yes, how many?)

  • Have you suffered City amnesia / City death / City power loss?
    • If you can recall leaving and coming back to the City, how many times has this happened?
      • how much time passed in your world each time?
      • how much time passed in the City in your absence?

  • Did you have powers in your own world?
    • If so, were powers common in your world?
    • If not, did you know people who had them?

  • If 'you' have been to the city during a time you can't remember, how much have you looked up about yourself?

This information will only be used for calculations of ImPort demographics; your answers will remain anonymous and you may be as vague or specific as you like.

Thank you.

[ooc; All answers will be OOCLY screened for anonymity and Ghost has set it up on the Network so that the comms responding have scrambled numbers. So even he won't know who is answering!]
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[the camera feed cuts in on a room half in shadow, lit by a bare bulb hanging from the ceiling. On the wall behind Ghost are newspaper clippings, a lost dog poster, several missing kids posters, and numerous sticky notes on papers, penned with brief messages like "WHERE DID THEY COME FROM?" and "GLOBAL FINANCIAL INSTABILITY" and "1.2 MILLIGRAMS PER LITER". There are also pictures of Spider-Man, Iron Man, and various ImPorts - either screencapped from video posts, clipped from the paper or TV appearances. In fact, Iron Man features in a suspiciously high number of these, circled in red and connected to various shadowy pictures, insignias and symbols.]

Hhhhh. You can be in too deep before you realize it. Clumsy questioning, alert the wrong people, end up dead. Like Mr. Blake. And they rig your car to explode, or your apartment.

Murder on their minds. Unsolvable crimes.

Truth and roses.

[Ghost looks at the camera, more hideously filthy than ever--weeks of not bathing and various small skirmishes contribute to his grime-streaked, ratty appearance.]

It's like burning ozone, it lingers. Like Kree bodyparts at Area 51, like all the chemical planet rapists, like--

[he cants his head up as a pitched domestic dispute erupts somewhere above, to the left of his hideyhole. Sirens are distantly audible, and a barking dog adds to the chorus moments later. Like Urban Despair, the EP or something. Listening to the muffled argument reminds him of something, and he looks back to the comm again.]

Ever curious about why muggings keep happening so often in a city full of meta-human heroes? I'll tell you.

They're the symptom. And the disease is the society we live in. Until the gospel of the goodness of greed is repealed, until the have-nots finally start having, until hope and autonomy are restored from every city spire to every rain-slick gutter...

You'll have muggers to punch on a weekly basis.
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[hey Network it's the same old robovoice, perfectly disguising a very buried melancholia. He's been losing himself in statistics and quiet of late, and the fruits of his labor are evident at last.]

According to my research, 21% of unique comm numbers introduced to the Network never contact the Network a second time. 2% of unique comm users appear at least superficially the same as individuals who arrived and departed prior (47% of those outright confirm their old identities), and 76% of returned individuals appear to have, or are feigning, City-related amnesia.

...Additionally, Moonstone has left the City.

[a brief running silence]

A poll.

How would you describe your socioeconomic status, in your world? Are those conditions in this world more favorable to you, less, or roughly equal?
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I was right about the kayaks.

It's all part of the same Orwellian configurations, this CCTV culture. We all use the machines They give us even when we know about Carnivore, about Insight, about every byte pored over in some secret room where they have names and faces on file. What can you do? The system's been in place for centuries, but now They're bolder.

They are watching you. And They have a sense of humor.

Do you believe everything you're told?

Believe this: you can be neutral no longer.

Be careful. Trust no-one. |
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If you woke up tomorrow and the world was exactly the way you wanted it, what would be different?

[Filtered to the following comms: [livejournal.com profile] lyingbrat, [livejournal.com profile] prodigitalson, [livejournal.com profile] russianreverse, [livejournal.com profile] nottheanswers, [livejournal.com profile] pacifister]

[Filtered specifically to [livejournal.com profile] pacifister]
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[the recording starts abruptly, full of strange clicks that interrupt words spoken calmly enough] --st requesting --rgency --siststance--Thun---rbolts--do you read--

[Ghost's intangible gloved fingers brush through the device; Ghost seems unaware it's recording] I h-- no known coordin--es, I am lost, repeat I am --.

Mister C---? This ---host. --- am no longer--[a feedback squeal of rrRRRReeeEEE through the snowy staticky crackle--the clicks stop, a shot of red lenses glowing bright as the fingers suddenly become opaque, and the interference clears up. The background shows a cracked damp wall, gray and nondescript.]--the Raft. It is imperative you return there immediately. Transmitting compressed data about the prison break now. The Thunderbolts are attempting to contain it. Without assistance, probability of failure is... [beat] ...high.

[silence; the video feed twitches; then Ghost's voice again, as cool as a 911 operator] Mister Cage. Moonstone, Fixer, come in. Songbird, Satana, do you read? Thunderbolts Beta, respond. ...Mister Marko? This is Ghost, transmitting on all known channels and all available frequencies. Someone respond. [long pause number two, as he waits for an answer that he's starting to realize won't be coming] It is possible a similar discrepancy occurred in Man-Thing's Teleportation... but more likely that Reed Richards has finally developed a transdimensional banishment device for his Illuminati to rid his dimension of political opposition.

It was only a matter of time.

[despite the prospect of inter-dimensional shanghaiing, Ghost sounds pleased as he examines the comm like a kid with a new toy]

Hehh. Very advanced looking technology. I think I'll keep this.

...Hello. This is Ghost. Who am I speaking to?

[ooc; now with ten times less browserfail holy crap so sorry everyone]
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Here's another one of those network-wide questions that get posted incessantly, but I'm actually curious:

Do you use the Internet?

What sites do you frequent?

Consider it for research purposes

[SUPERENCRYPTED TO: Edward Nygma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

How are things
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[This packet of interference on the network is meant for and directed toward Oracle, though any nosey tech-geeks noticing it and poking around will get THIS BLAST OF ANNOYING CREEPY NOISE, and the same thing will happen should anyone try to trace it.

Meanwhile, Oracle herself will receive a command popup on her communicator:]

dd if=/dev/urandom of=/home/24159951/aes-drv bs=16065b count=100
modprobe crypto
modprobe aes
losetup -e aes /dev/loop1 ./aes-drv
password: nfhnt /dev/loop1
mkdir /aes
mount -o loop,encryption=aes,acl ./aes-drv /aes

[... And then shit breaks.

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You know that feeling you get when you've been awake for three straight days (or so) and you're past feeling exhausted or tired at all

Rather, you feel some strange drive to do your work, almost invigorated

Seems counteractive to the brain's need to sleep

Just saying

[ENCRYPTED and UNHACKABLE to Norman Osborn]

[Attached is a video recording of this. Via a secret security camera on the tower.]

Your thoughts?


Aug. 1st, 2010 02:51 pm
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What to do with a faulty machine? More importantly: one that pulls people and things indiscriminately from alternate universes

Quantum mechanics aren't a field I'm comfortable in, but it brings to mind the idea that when something is observed it does one thing, and when unobserved it does something else (must check alt.sci.* for proper term)

I guess it's like the supermassive black hole in the center of the galaxy (may or may not exist in this universe) - big threat, but ignored most of the time, is able to be ignored, is more potential than direct issue (maybe)

Too many analogies


Is anyone I lent one of my laptops to still alive and present

[OOC: So Ghost knows he was gone for awhile. He's only pretending to handle it well because he stalked the hell out of the network for a day or so.

Oh, and permissions post again, just in case.]
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Conspiracy theories, right

People always try to dismiss them either out of self-importance or because they're working for the government

I think it's only obvious that certain moon landings were faked

That certain "natural" items were actually man-made

That certain reptilians from space secretly control world organization

(Just kidding about the reptilians)

Crazy earthquake, huh
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I need volunteers

People who know how to navigate using MS-DOS and people who have no idea what I just typed

Basically, you're going to test out my operating system

You'll get paid for it (a variable amount)

Details inside this post
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"I looked and looked and looked but I didn't see God." — Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin

I think that's every kid's aspiration, no matter where they come from, no matter if the goal is achievable or not (I mean going into space)

Maybe if we all got to be astronauts some of the world's problems would be fixed

Or we'd just burn through a million times the fossil fuels we're already using in excess and cause a premature extinction of life (not in the way that you're thinking)

Either way, the heat death of the universe won't wait

By the way, I wonder why word of superpowers being essentially handed out here hasn't spread, and we aren't getting immigrants looking for their own

Or are we

(Then again, the imported are more immigrants than anyone from another country here is)



What are you up to
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Glad that's over

Consumerism Day, I mean

Didn't ask for anything, didn't get anything

Just as planned

Not long until it'll be a mere two years before 2012

If anyone believes something significant will happen then, anyway

Either there will be the most glorious revolution of our time, or it'll be Y2K redux (except that was far less enigmatic)



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