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[ at first, there's just a close up on a poster of mitchell hundrend, emblazoned with "Being on Team Jacob is being on the wrong side of history!" there's a healthy amount of snickering, before johnny flips the comm around to raise his eyebrows at it. ]

I didn't know our Mayor was Team Edward. Hey, to each his own, man.
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[ there's an awkward silence to start, full of feet shuffling and throatclearing. johnny's sitting on the roof of the mac, hunched into his jacket. it's obvious he's uncomfortable, guilty even, and his gaze skitters away from the lens, looking everywhere but there. ]

So um. My dad's been around. I escaped, I think, but he keeps finding me. At home I could just fly away when he was hassling me but...

[ he hesitates, and then distantly comes a shout of johnny! accompanied by a full body flinch from johnny himself. ]


[ and the feed cuts out. ]
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[ look everyone’s it’s johnny and larsa! or rather, it’s johnny pointing his comm at larsa, while larsa examines tuxedos. ]

So me and Larsa are suiting up for the prom. You guys, tell him bow ties are stylish so he’ll wear one.

[larsa, on the other hand wrinkles his nose slightly at the notion of bowties, but he doesn’t argue. johnny’s hand appears onscreen, rummaging through the ties. ]

Anyway, I’m pretty sure this stuff’s supposed to match your date’s dress. What color’s your date’s dress?

[Larsa blushes before going to look at a silk blue suit (unironically), ducking to hide.]

I am simply going to participate. I doubt I know anyone well enough to accompany me.

[ he does look at johnny for a moment before asking him: ]

You are going with your beloved, yes?

[ WHOOPS... ]

Yeah. Yeah, of course I am. [ there’s a pause and then he flips the camera around so he can look into it. ]

So Jess, you’re coming to prom with me, right?

[ Larsa just groans from the background. ]

No, for such a grand event you have to be more...

More what?

More... romantic, mayhaps? She is no afterthought to be asked in such a manner whilst you shop for something to wear. She is the woman you love: write her letters, go on one knee and ask her permission, get her flowers at least.

[ johnny has obviously forgotten he’s filming. larsa just sighs, emerging from behind the rack with a small smile on his face. ]

You are hopeless, bro.

I’m so not hopeless. Forget the tie, let’s go buy flowers. Or something.

If you insist. I must say flowers are quite my forte.

Awesome. Let’s go, bro.

[ and the feed cuts. PREPARE YOURSELF, JESS. ]

ooc; larsa!
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[ when the comm clicks on, it's clearly sitting on the couch that johnny's jumping on. two bounces later, it goes flying and lands on the floor with a clatter. and that almost distracts from johnny singing at the top of his lungs and playing air guitar while he sings don't stop me now at the top of his lungs.

and then, when he finishes the last triumphant air guitar solo, there's an awkward moment of johnny just standing on the couch looking totally confused, then shrugging and sitting back down and sprawling out and going back to watching maury. the feed runs just long enough to capture you are not the father before it ends. ]
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[ well good evening everyone, it’s your friendly neighborhood spider-woman, accompanied by the human torch, both in costume, johnny wearing his fantastic four suit, and jess in her mask. game faces are on. this is a serious post, you guys. ]

Hey, so I guess you all noticed that Reed Richards just showed up. But he’s not the Reed you guys know, you should know that.

[ there’s a pause and johnny darts a glance at jess before he continues. ]

He’s not a good guy. He went really, really crazy and faked his own death and then blew up a lot buildings. And--

[ there’s little tendrils of flame licking up johnny’s body because he’s getting angry. this time when he looks over at jess, it’s for help. because shouting over the network isn’t going to convince anyone. be the level-headed one, jess.

she speaks up after a moment, her voice slow and careful, trying to be as calm as possible]

Reed Richards is a terrorist and a murderer. He’s a criminal. He’s currently wanted by SHIELD and the government, for destroying various buildings of importance, such as the Baxter building, Triskelion, Roxxon buildings, and various homes of innocent families, including his own. He has killed thousands of people because of this. He is a psychopath with no regard for human life, going so far to even destroy Asgard and creating an entire civilization dedicated to conquering human life and mind-controlling children for his own agenda.

He will manipulate you and lie to you to get what he wants. He’s pretending like he’s innocent -- like we’re the crazy ones, but I was there when he destroyed Roxxon. We were there when he attempted to ruin the Earth in the Negative Zone.

Reed Richards is a danger to everyone and should not be trusted.

[ there’s a pause. johnny’s still half on fire, expression considering before he shrugs. ]

Yeah, what she said.

[ and then he turns off the camera. ]

ooc | the red text is jessica drew! and reed will most likely hack this at some point because supergenius, but they tried!
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[ when the video clicks on, it's just a confused mess of beaks, johnny shouting and enraged chittering. this is what the blair witch project would have looked like if there were a hoarde of penguins in it. ]

There's--these penguins are trying to kill me! Someone call animal control or something!

[ #johnnystormproblems ]

ooc | action icly delayed until johnny escapes the cluster of penguins and flies away.
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[ oh, look, it’s the carpeting of gwen’s apartment and her black knee-high socks. she’s laughing quietly as she tip-toes down the hallway to a door that’s slightly ajar. then, the camera angle pans up to...

a wild johnny storm! he’s trying to button up a pair of pants that are just a size too small. johnny’s sucking in his stomach and jumping around, trying to get the button closed. whatever he’s saying isn’t really obvious, but it’s probably just cursing.

and then there’s the sound of someone coming up from behind whomever’s holding the camera followed by a very familiar Queens accent: ]

-- Hey, what’s going o --

[ and then the awkward crickets start chirping as the camera swings around to look at jess. who does this. ]


Dude, why the hell are you trying to wear Jess’ pants?

[ she is trying so hard not to laugh. johnny whips around to look at her and then immediately looks horrified. ]

Why are you filming this!?

Who’s filming? [ CLICK! ]

[ ooc| red is jess, orange is johnny, black is gwen!! ]
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I just wanted to tell everyone that I'm in love with Jessica Drew. Seriously, she's the best thing that ever happened to me. Before she came along I'd never even dated a girl for more than like, a week tops but Jess is different. I actually like being with her. Seriously, I'd marry her if we were older and know, here. In this place.

[ there's an awkward pause because oh man why did he say that. ]

So yeah. Just so everyone knows, that's the deal.
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[ oh it's that johnny storm fellow again, and he looks pissed. which is probably why he's on fire. and shouting. ]

When I find out which one of you hurt my sister, I'm going to light your ass on fire.

Do you hear me? Start running, because I'm going to figure out who you are if it's the last thing I do.

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[ johnny's back! is this his "hi city what'd i miss" post? no, apparently not, considering how pissed he looks when he finally appears onscreen. in the background, sue is face-palming. ]

Will someone on here tell Sue what a dick Namor is?

[ sue makes a grab for the comm. johnny holds it away from her. they are the most mature siblings. ]

Johnny, knock it off--

[ and then johnny's finger slips, accidentally ending the feed. ]

( ooc | bolded font is sue storm! )
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[ it's johnny! and he's sitting on the floor of what is obviously gwen's apartment in his boxers and a sweater, with clothes scattered all over the floor around him. he looks disgruntled. ]

Gwen, did you take my black jeans again?

[ johnny storm: shameless in every incarnation. ]
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[ the video just opens on johnny laughing. in the background christina aguilera’s genie in a bottle is blaring, so loudly that what johnny says is almost indecipherable. he’s laughing so hard he’s actually wheezing into the comm. ]

Oh god, do the spin again, come on, the people need to see tha--

[ he was probably going to say something else but then gwen tackles him. the feed is just a jumbled blur of blond and fabric and gwen shouting “TURN IT OFF, TURN IT OFF!” before the feed cuts. ]

ooc | responses icly delayed until gwen is finished beating up johnny.
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[ oh look, it's johnny, covered in soot and dirt. and he's crying, gross, gut-wrenching sobs like he's been ripped apart from the inside out. his palm is half over the lens, and he says, "shit, shit," before making that gasping, sniffling sound people always make when they try to force themself to stop crying. the comm makes an ominous grinding sound as johnny leans on it. there's a pause. johnny takes his hand away and scrubs the back of his arm across his face, utterly graceless, before turning his attention to the comm. ]

This was--oh, great...

[ he peers down into the lens, frowning, and then the video cuts out. johnny takes a slow, shuddery breath. there's a few minutes of quiet, punctuated by a sniffle or two, before he speaks, words coming out shaky and hoarse, full of that awful fake cheer. ]

I guess I'm back. What'd I miss?
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[ sent straight to your communicators from the Jessica Drew comm, it’s clicked onto video and there’s a Johnny Storm lying upside on the couch, with a de-racooned eyes Gwen sitting by him, painting her nails. Jess is holding the communicator and therefore, off camera, and it’s obvious the three of them are in Gwen’s apartment.

aaaanyways, Jess is in the middle of talking (surprise, surprise) when it clicks on.

-- So, anyways, they have this team called the Avengers here. And, uh -- Nertz -- [ when she realizes that it’s recording her talking like a buttface. ]

…. Heh. Avengers, anyone?

[ gwen, totally not realizing that jess is recording this: ] Avengers is a way better name than the Ultimates. How full of yourself do you have to be to name your team the Ultimates? It kind of makes sense, though. They’re all a bunch of douchebags.

[ johnny snickers and twists around to look at jess. ]

Are they huge douchebags in every universe though? Like, just say they’re upstanding, helpful citizens or something in another universe.

[ Jess clears her throat and the camera moves upwards, filming............... the ceiling. someone take it out of her hands. ]

I don’t think they’re that bad here? I mean, I didn’t think the Ultimates were that bad.... Captain America seemed like a jerk though...

The least douche-y of them is Iron Man, and that’s saying something. I mean, the guy had a leaked sex tape. And he totally landed on our lawn once, looking for -- [ there’s a pause as she looks up and sees jess recording ] … For directions.

Man that was lame. Doesn’t that suit of his have a GPS or something?

[ the camera starts zooming in on the ceiling because, sure, why not. ]

I know, right? It’s like he’s just floating above the lawn, giving Aunt May a heart attack like... Thank you, good citizens! And I’m just standing there thinking, you’re in a giant, million-dollar suit and you can’t fucking MapQuest where you need to go? You have to come to Queens? He’s the dumbest smart guy ever.

[ aaaand then the camera’s swiveling back to Gwen in the middle of her rant, angry hand gestures caught on camera and all. after a long pause.... Jess clears her throat again and gently... whispers into the mic of the communicator ]

Iron Man, if you heard this, please don’t bust into our apartment and kill us with your repulsor beams. Thanks...

[ and she... slowly cuts the feed ]
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classes are so boring guys

someone talk to me. i'm dying here.
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[ johnny's in boston! the riot is over, and johnny's standing in the street, which is still pretty trashed, holding a charred foam finger and wearing a red sox baseball cap. and drinking a 7UP. he's got some pretty awesome bruises blossoming on his face, but apart from that, he's all in one piece. best superhero ever. ]

Hey, the riots are over. Anyone want a t-shirt or something from Boston before I come back?
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[ so the video clicks on to just a lot of blonde hair. a lot of blonde hair. that's jessica wakefield. in the bottom of the lens, luffy's straw hat can be seen, and jessica drew's forehead. she picks up the camera, and the network is treated to a glimpse of luffy, wearing this, and jess sitting in the bathtub. ]

Look, I wanna see it before you turn on the camera.

Too late!

[ jessica drew's voice pipes up quietly, "luffy stop touching the shampoo," which is followed by a crash and a loud squawk. johnny is running his fingers critically through his hair, oblivious to whatever trainwreck is happening in his bathtub, and jessica wakefield is smirking proudly. ]

It's almost like my natural color. This is pretty boss, Jessica.

He looks great, right Network? Tell him how great he looks.

[ right before the feed cuts off, jessica drew can be heard saying, "don't eat the conditioner, luffy!" ]

ooc | bolded font is [ profile] svhcheerleader and italicized font is [ profile] arakhnes
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[ The video opens on the sky, where Johnny has lovingly written "JESS WILL YOU GO TO PROM WITH ME?" in giant letters. Good thing he has a lot of sky to work with. The comm shakes and fumbles around until Johnny's face is in view, letters behind him. He is grinning like a boss. ]

What do you say, Jess? Yes?
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[ Johnny has literally just tumbled out of his robot. He is so souped on life right now that he doesn't even care that he didn't win. His hair's an absolute mess and he's beaming at the camera. Honestly beaming. ]

Did you guys see how totally fucking awesome that was? I almost had Trowa right there, almost.

Next time, man, next time.

Seriously, I just got to pilot a robot around. This place is way cooler than everyone made it out to be when I got here.
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[ The entire time Johnny's speaking, he's punching buttons on his comm. So this whole monologue is punctuated with beeps and clicks. ]

So you guys needed a hero? Well, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Johnny Storm, Human Torch, at your service. Now, point me at whatever is it you need set on fire, melted, or drop-kicked into the next galaxy, and we’ll be in business. What’s your problem, City, aliens, Doom-bots, you name it, and I’ll handle it. Probably in record time and in style.

And then you’ll send me home. Right? Right?

[ Pauuuuuse while he waits for an answer. He punches three buttons while he waits, and the machine cuts to video, and there's a nice close up of the stylized four on Johnny's chest because he's not aware it's filming. ]

Because I mean, come on, you can’t keep me here. I’ve got so much going for me back home. I mean, I’ve got the whole being normal thing, civilian life, not to mention all the ladies that will be absolutely heartbroken if I vanish from their lives without a trace.

Do you want that on your conscience, mysterious machine lady? Do you?


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