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The Autumn Equinox is today. September 22nd. And so it will be fall. It has its fair share of celebrations, Mabon for example.

It also marks the change from the mutable sign, Virgo (♍), into the cardinal sign, Libra (♎).

A pity she is not here for that.

So, City, your summer is over. Do you miss it already? Or do you look forward to the change in the seasons?
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[ Somewhat more bitterly than usual -- ] Celebrating Labor Day would be easier if I were allowed to continue my work, but no matter.

[ And then his tone returns to his quiet smoothness. ] It is the first Monday of September. Summer is quickly fading away. The labor unions wanted a day to celebrate workers, and this day was granted to them.

I wonder who here would consider themselves a worker. For some of you, you must live on what the machine grants you. For others, your jobs would fall outside of labor. And I imagine a few of you treat this world as a vacation from your work back home.

It is a day that everyone may celebrate, but who can claim it as their own?
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[ Well someone is bored in NOHoPE. Calendar Man is standing by the glass, looking out into the hall. ]

August. In September the slow change to Autumn will begin. I do hope you are enjoying your summer now, City. I am sure it must be hot outside.

I have been in this City for about nine months and a little over a week. October 31st to August 7th. I have seen the end of autumn, a warm winter, a plesant spring and now it in summer. I would enjoy it if I could.

Tell me, how long exactly has it been since you were imPorted?
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[ Calendar Man is dressed in a casual style suit with a bright red jacket and a very particular calendar patterned tie with exactly 1 to 17 visible. He is wearing a pleased little smile, speaking each word with care. ]

June 17th, 2012.

Seventeen of you are lucky today. Seventeen of you are getting a gift from Calendar Man. Seventeen of you are going to see your fathers.

[ The room he's in has the usual paper pasted along the walls, but the dim lights have started flickering, and a weird sound starts up that could only be described as just plain eerie. ]

Remember, the past can only haunt you if you let it.

Happy Father's Day.
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[ The following post is PRIVATE, but hackable, to Karkat Vantas. Y'all can go about your business. ]

and also cut for calendar man being a bit of a creepy stalker with a touch of gross )
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[ Julian turns on the video, with a small grin. He's holding a gift wrapped in black and white, split evenly down the middle, with a black and white bow on top. ]

May 22nd. A Gemini's birthday is today. [ And then, somewhat inadvertently, he starts bobbing his head. ] Happy birthday, Harvey Dent.

[ And then he starts singing and snapping his fingers. It is exactly as awkward as you'd imagine it to be. ]

You say it's your birthday
It's my birthday too, yeah
They say it's your birthday
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you.

Yes we're going to a party party
Yes we're going to a party party
Yes we're going to a party party

I would like you to dance
Take a cha-cha-cha-chance
I would like you to dance

I would like you to dance
Take a cha-cha-cha-chance
I would like you to dance

You say it's your birthday
Well it's my birthday too, yeah
You say it's your birthday
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you.

[ He abruptly stops, his shoulders squaring and his smile dropping off his face rapidly. And then he cuts the feed. ]
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It is the second Sunday of May.

I wonder how many of you can pay tribute to your mothers in this City? Many of you have probably been separated from your mothers. Even those whose mothers have gone cannot even visit their grave. How many mothers have been torn from their children?

Cards not given, flowers unreceived.

[ Pause. ]

Happy Mother's Day.
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[ It’s dark and the camera’s not quite pointed at Calendar Man – but snatches of his mask can be seen. He’s wide-eyed and almost a bit twitchy, and there seems to be a slip in his calm. ]

April Fool’s. April Fool’s. It wouldn’t work. Calendar Man was going to -- Of course nothing would work. April fool’s! No crime today! The day itself wouldn’t let me –

[ Long pause. When he speaks again it’s more measured, even. It’s almost a mix between frustrated and loving. ]

But the day pranked more than me. The City itself played a joke. The date comes alive in this place. It anticipated me. Pre-empted. [ He looks like he's about to say something else when he suddenly cuts the feed. ]

(( ooc: I love everybody in this bar. ♥ ))
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Thirty days hath September,
April, June and November –
All the rest have thirty-one,
Save February, with twenty eight days clear,
And twenty-nine each leap year.

[ A pause. ] There are a few versions of that poem, that is one. [ Another, longer pause. His voice is soft and calm, and almost affectionate. ]

February has been an exciting month, hasn’t it? The first, the fourteenth, the twenty-fourth. There is still time to make a mark, take a leap. Or perhaps recover, and wait to see what March will bring. Today is February 29th, Leap Day. It only comes every four years - take advantage of it.
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[ Wherever Calendar Man is, it isn’t NOHoPE. He’s been working hard on this since he escaped on the first. But where he is exactly is unclear, since he is up against a wall that is entirely covered in red and white paper hearts. There is also a multitude of hearts dangling from strings all around. It’s indoors, with no apparent windows, just lit by candles all along the floor. All in all, there’s a faint creepiness to it. There’s no noise except a weird fluttering sound, as if there were birds flying around. But those shadows look a bit bigger than birds. Whatever they are, they don’t come on camera.

All the hearts each have two names written on them in large, readable letters (red on white hearts and vice versa). Some of the names paired together are known to be in a relationship, from what Julian could glean from the Network and other sources, such as Pietro and Angelica. Others are only speculation, like Sherlock and Watson. And some are way off base, like Edward and Norman.
( See also, this post or feel free to assume your character’s name is on a heart if it is reasonably well known and/or speculated on, or isn’t if you don’t want it to be. Not that this is going anywhere, it’s just for his Valentine’s post. Still - up to you. )

Calendar is sitting calmly on the floor, barefoot, still in his NOHoPE clothes. He takes a moment for the effect to sink in.

Valentine’s Day started with a martyr. Few care to remember when they are purchasing cards, chocolate, flowers. [ he softly touches a dangling heart – the names on that one are “Murdock” and “Dent” ] It is a day that has its symbols, some serious, some more childish. Which Saint Valentine started the holiday, and what story is true may be unclear – but the lesson is the same. A life sacrificed for love.

For those that celebrate this day – are you willing to do the same?

[ He lets the question hang in the air. Something flutters above the camera’s view, and the dangling strings start moving where it passes, showing more names and hiding others. And then Julian leans forward and cuts off the feed.]
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[ The video opens on a room in the asylum. Calendar Man isn’t visible at first, he’s purposely showing off his cell.

They hadn’t let Julian get his hands on a calendar, but he had managed to persuade them to give him a sketchbook and a marker, at least. He had been very polite and well behaved. He returned the favor by writing down all the important dates in January and pasting them on the wall. The 13th, 16th, 23rd. The most obvious one was in the center and circled - the 6th. On it were the names “Nill”, “Sherlock Holmes” and “Roughshot” written in big letters.

There were also pages with the zodiac signs drawn on them, with tiny notes not quite readable through the comm’s camera. The sign for Capricorn was bigger than the others, with arrows drawn pointing to it and a scribbled note that could be seen and read as “Gamzee Makara”.

It is rather reminiscent of Arkham, isn’t it?

[ He turns the comm towards him. He looks rather calm, although he isn’t smiling. He’s still wearing cuts and bruises from New Year’s, including a fading black eye. There’s a couple of small bandages too. He’s healing up. ]

Almost a week into the new year, City. And a very memorable New Year it was. I did make sure of it. [ He pauses, playing with his lip. ]

Today is the sixth. Epiphany. As I am currently contained, I won’t be able to take part of any special offers or birthday celebrations. If my presence is wanted, you would have to come here. Don’t feel obliged.

How has your year been so far?

((ooc: it’s still being tagged and threads are still wrapping up, but I wanted to thank everybody for a great plot! Oh, and remember that you can't private or encrypt things while he's in here. ))
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[ Someone is holding Julian’s communicator up, and the camera is shaking.

And Calendar Man is there, in full costume. Red, with a white calendar cape. It’s a bit more flamboyant than what he usually wears, and much more tailored, almost suit-like than the costume he wore in Gotham. It’s been updated.

Behind him are the lights and chaos of Times Square. There’s smoke, lights and fighting going on, and the remnants of the crowds are in a state of panic.

It's 12:00.

Calendar turns his back to the camera and raises his arms, beckoning to something. And out of thin air, a huge form appears. The camera doesn’t catch it all, which isn’t helped by the increase in shaking.

But those baby legs, and diaper – and white Happy New Year banner – it could only be a giant baby new year. But the baby’s feet are clawed, and there’s a roughness to the entire thing. There’s only a glimpse of it before the communicator drops and the baby begins to cry in a loud, booming wail.

The comm is picked up and Calendar is smiling into it.

Happy New Year. [ The feed is cut. ]

((ooc: Calendar’s probably not going to respond! But feel free to react and talk amongst yourselves))
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[ There isn't much indication of where Calendar is. He's not at home, and the communicator is rather close. He's wearing a Santa Hat and a knitted light blue scarf with a snowflake pattern around his neck. He's smiling, but it isn't very friendly. ]

Merry Christmas, City. Happy Holidays and Happy Hanukkah.

Was Santa good to you this year?
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Thursday's child has far to go. [ Only Calendar Man could make such a statement sound like a threat. Far to go to forget the past three days. At least he hadn't broken theme, there was that. He moves on quickly, and takes on a softer tone. ]

Today marks the beginning of December. World Aids Day, if you are keeping track of the holidays. There are quite a few in December. Ashura. Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. Human Rights Day. The Winter Solstice. Saturnalia. Hanukkah. Christmas. Kwanzaa. New Year's Eve. More. I'm sure some of the visitors to this world have brought their own unique celebrations.

It is a time for gift giving, City. Do you plan on celebrating something this month?
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Birthdays are funny things, aren’t they?

Everyone has a birthday. The day they came into the world. They were birthed, or made, or came to be. The date of their birth gains a special significance for them, for those that know it.

There is always the zodiacs. Chinese. Western. Hindu. There’s more, of course. There are fortunes based on the day of the month, the day of the week, the hour. Layers and layers of meaning.

Some prefer not to think of their birthday. Another year passed, one year closer to the grave. The day they were given life only reminds them of their death. They might think of how many years they have seen, how much older they are.

Any given day is someone’s birthday. Today is someone’s birthday. Tomorrow is someone’s birthday as well.

Have a happy one.
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[There's a pause before he starts. Julian's exact location is isn’t immediately clear, but the graves might be an indication. He seems to be watching something off camera, and if you listen closely, you might hear an odd shuffling sound. Julian’s not carrying the camera, but from the odd movements it’s obviously held by someone.

He’s wearing exactly eleven medals. They’re all real except for one - which is fashioned out of an old silver coin and a bit of ribbon. When he starts speaking he looks directly at the camera.

It’s Veterans Day.

11/11/11, a curious number. [ He reaches forward and gently tilts the camera a bit upwards, showing more of the sky. ] A cold, clear day. I'd hate to be stuck inside on a day like this. To be confined indoors - today of all days - would be infuriating. Luckily we're all free to enjoy it. [ He puts the camera back to normal. ]

Today is a day of rest, for those who have fought. For those who are fighting. For those who have died, and those who survived. How many of you would call yourselves veterans?

[ The camera droops a little and Julian looks at whatever is holding it - ] Stand at attention. [ The camera rights itself. ]

My new troops need a bit more training, I think. Untrained soldiers would only result in capture. No battles today, only drills.

At ease. [ The camera droops even more this time, and there’s a glimpse of a ragged boot and the remnants of a uniform before the feed cuts.]
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[ The voice is quiet and not quite monotone. It's soft for a man his age, and his stresses on words are subtle. ]

Monday, October 31st, 2011.

I have missed days, months, years.

I've arrived just in time for Halloween. I would have liked to help you all celebrate it, but it seems that there is already something planned. [ Blink and you’ll miss how cold his voice became for that last bit. ]

At the very least, I'll be able to witness it. A party so big a city was emptied for it - quite the spectacle to behold.

Do survive the night, won’t you? There are still plenty of days left to celebrate in the year.


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