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[ wow, look, another post from a bar! someone check this dragon into rehab, seriously. But this time she's just sort of staring expressionlessly into a drink, and not looking particular drunk at all. ]

I can't reach Dick Grayson. I don't suppose anyone's been kidnapped lately? [ A flick of a glance at the screen, not very hopeful. ] If the Porter's idea of a gift is to bring people in from the distant past and uninteresting future of my world, at the expense of people I like, I'd rather she keep it to herself.

You people, the ones he actually liked— have any of you seen him?

[ A pause, while she sips at the drink and eyes the bar. ]

And the rest of you... what have you done to be remembered?
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[ guess who is the proud owner of a seat in a noisy bar and a very large half-finished drink! YEP IT'S THIS DRAGONLADY RIGHT HERE. she's looking a little tipsy. ]

How do you people do it? That... game. Of attention, and such. [ She pauses to scowl at her drink. ] I've tried various ways, but none of them are having the desired result.

Tell me how you get someone's attention when you want it. You humans are either impossibly thick, or more... difficult to maneuver around than I first thought. I really hate most of you for it, whatever it is.

[ She looks about done, but pauses to aim a dark look into the camera. ]

And if I see any small dogs tonight, I will eat them. This is your only warning.
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[ OH WHAT A STERN FROWN. But she's still holed up in the City, so he'll just have to imagine the black scales and big teeth for full effect. ]

Where are you, and what are you doing?

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Feb. 9th, 2012 12:31 pm
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[ fuck, that is one noisy bird immediately squalling in the background when the video (pointed, again, pretty uselessly up at a solidly green canopy of trees) clicks on. but that sexy-lady-voice of Onyx's doesn't seem too bothered when she starts speaking. ]

If I'm seeing things correctly, it doesn't look as though there's much use in keeping secrets around here anymore. It was nice of the machine to attach names directly to our communications. [ and, indeed! if anyone cares to look, the name "Khisanth" comes with this broadcast, not "Onyx". ]

Well, I suppose that's for the best. [ her voice is sort of blurring out, getting deeper. ] Voice-altering spells aren't difficult, but they're annoying to maintain.

Tell me-- [ and now the voice is definitely not human, way too deep and rumbly for it. and if anyone has met Khisanth before, there's definitely a striking aural resemblance to that big fatass of a black dragon. ] --Has anyone else been keeping up appearances? I know there are at least a few of you out there with names you'd rather not have other people knowing.
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I had some help with my communicator recently.

[ wow sounding so very smug about that. being able to encrypt things again is cool, okay.

just about purred:
] I'm in the City. Are you busy?
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[ Oh look, it's a lovely day, filled with overarching greenery, buzzing insects, and a blue sky! ...Somewhere. This is definitely not a view from the City, unless a swamp has sprung up in Central Park. The view is pointed skywards, and there's no one in sight.

From somewhere off-camera comes Onyx's voice. It sounds real enough, but if anyone has experience seeing/hearing through illusions, they'll hear something waaaayy deeper and inhuman instead.

Say you've made a mistake. A long, involved mistake. What's your first reaction? Is it one you would consider a good idea, even after time to think it over? Do you seek to rectify it at all, or just live with the damage?

[ A long pause, and a dragonfly lands at the edge of the lens, a long wing partially obscuring the view. ]

If anyone needs me, I've left the City. [ a beat. ] Booga, thank you for the hospitality.

[ AND TODAY THERE WILL BE A PIGEON ACCOSTING VIC SAGE OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL OF THUNDER DOJO. And by "accosting" I mean it'll flutter down some time before this post hits the Network, say in Onyx's voice, "Consider the death threats null. You're not entirely unwelcome to visit," and flap off again. Whole new meaning to messenger pigeon, amirite. ]

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Dec. 4th, 2011 03:16 pm
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[ White! Lots of white! All around! And Ms Pouty here is dressed in totally unfashionable matching white, which anyone familiar with the superjail may recognize as standard attire. She clears her throat, at a nice, normal volume. And then when she talks it's... really loud. Magic-amplification, better-turn-down-your-comm-or-your-ears-will-bleed loud. ]

bigfont goes here! cut to save your eyes/resolutions. )

[ yeah, this is going to go on for a while. if anyone is still listening, she'll keep complaining for about 10 more minutes before finally getting bored of it. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. Any time she thinks of something to complain about throughout the day, there'll be a new Network post dedicated to it. which I will spare you OOCly because wow who wants to read that. BETTER FINGER-HOVER OVER MUTE AND SCROLL. ]

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Nov. 16th, 2011 03:20 pm
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I don't suppose anyone has any spells for summoning electricity that they'd be willing to share. My electronics still aren't working on their own, I can't find Illidan, and I have popcorn that needs microwaving.

[ thoughtful pause! ]

He's not still dead, is he? It wouldn't surprise me. The Porter certainly takes her sweet time with resurrections.

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Oct. 19th, 2011 06:18 pm
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[ Oh look, Onyx is staring all displeased and frowny into the camera, what else is new. ]

If the Porter absolutely had to interrupt my business twice in a row, the least it could have done would be to make my trip the same amount of time in both places. It's disconcerting to live at home for-- I don't know, a month? Then return and find it's only been a day. And yet it's still been enough time for the dinner I had in mind to go and spoil.

[ the most long-suffering of sighs!! ]

Someone's going to have to buy me dinner now. I don't suppose there are any volunteers?

[Private to Dick Grayson] )

ix | voice

Oct. 4th, 2011 09:42 pm
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I suppose I can forgive the costumes. Mm, some of them, at least. But if heroes are supposed to be good, why do they hide their faces? It doesn't exactly inspire trust.

[ a pause, and a flicking noise, presumably a light switch! only it happens again. and again. and again. you can just hear the scowl when she speaks again. ]

And why aren't the lights working? They worked yesterday. Something must have broken. This is a terrible apartment.
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[ When the feed cuts in, Onyx is frowning down into it AS USUAL. Today she's looking a little bloody, but the only actual apparent damage is a decent-ish cut in one cheek. ]

I want a healer. [ RUSTLE OF MOVEMENT and the view pans over to Booga, in a heap on the floor, who is looking... way worse off. Bloody and gashed up and pretty generally broken. ] There has to be someone whose abilities can fix this.

And... [ Back up to Onyx, who's looking a little bemused. ] "Voodoo Child by Hendrix". I want that, too. If anyone has that. [ nevermind that she has no idea what the crap that is ]
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[ there's a long silence at first. has Onyx finally learn how to switch from the video setting? has she finally had her fill of plastering her face all over the Network?? what is the world coming to. ]

I know you're out there, old one. [ she sounds less haughty than usual-- almost kind of subdued! imagine that. ] I want to talk to you.

[ aaannnddd that's apparently all she had to say to the world, because after a few seconds more of silence she disconnects. ]

vi | video

Jul. 2nd, 2011 03:56 pm
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I've been wondering. Are the beings here that call themselves "gods" really genuine? It seems to me that gods ought to be strong enough to resist the Porter. So then maybe anything here is only a pale imitation, dealing in cheap tricks.

Mm. That being said... Can you kill a god, do you suppose?


[Filtered to Booga] )

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Jun. 9th, 2011 09:02 pm
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[ Where ever Onyx is, she's lookin' pretty comfy. All flopped back and sprawled out, dripping laziness. And looking ever so pleased. ]

Just out of curiosity, how many of you have an interest in stopping that troll? "Stopping", in this case, meaning taking into custody, maiming, or killing. [ a quick pause, and then OH RIGHT CLARIFICATION WOULD BE COOL.] The one that looks like a jester, I mean. I'm only wondering because he seems to have more than his share of enemies. Maybe all of you could get together and do something useful. Found an organization, maybe? This plane seems fond of that sort of thing.

Oh, and are there any of you that wish you had protection from him? That would probably be an interesting list too.

[ and then later, after the video cuts out, there's loads and loads of horrible painstaking fiddling with the comm as she figures out how to make a text addendum! go her! ]

jade. if you see this, it would be in your best interests to contact me.
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[ Today the usual scowl has been done away with in favor of a really miserable pout! But only because she hasn't figured out how to switch it to voice yet. ]

I need something to stop the itch of poison ivy, and to find an elf that ought to be in hiding if he knows what's good for him.

[ She doesn't even have the heart to sound as MENACING AND HAUGHTY as she should. LIFE SUCKS TOO MUCH RIGHT NOW TO BE PISSY. ]
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[ TREES!! Loads of spinning trees in Central Park, how exciting! But then-- oh, it's just Onyx, still not quite with her communicator figured out yet. She eventually tilts it in the right direction, and... looks pretty naked. She takes some care to keep all the bits covered with the hand not currently holding her comm, but it's not a very dedicated effort. ]

I require clothing.

[ yes. yes, she does. a little petulantly: ] If someone were to bring some to me, I'd be-- grateful. [ it sounds like that took some effort to say. ] I'm in the small forest in the middle of the City.

ii | video

May. 5th, 2011 06:41 pm
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[ There's a GIANT FROWNY FACE RIGHT IN THE FEED, and jeez you'd think she's been scowling just nonstop since her first post. Maybe she has. Either way, when she's sure that it's working properly, she spins the camera to take in this horrible sight. ]

What is this. Who decided it was in their best interests to belittle dragons like this? This is ridiculous. It's a disgrace! Any dragon would promptly destroy such a travesty on sight, and then track down its creators and destroy them as well.

[ Cue some happy screaming kid to run up to it and start climbing, and Onyx makes what you can really only call a noise of outrage from offscreen as she starts toward it. ]

Off of the dragon, child. You've no right to contribute to the defilement!

[ IGNORE'D. The kid keeps right on playing, and with a huff Onyx throws the comm down to storm forward and take care of offenders. >C ]

[[any replies will be like 10 minutes later!]]
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[ The comm flicks on to the sound of clumsy scratching. Where ever it is, it's poorly lit, and whoever's using it seems to be having some issues with the tiny buttons. There's a heavy whoosh of air, as of a sigh from really large lungs. ]

Human contraptions. Always ridiculously small…

[ There's a quick gleam of light glinting off of something hard and shiny in the darkness, and for a second or two it looks like a mouth full of teeth alarming enough to haunt any dentist's dreams. But then whatever it was is gone, and a young woman's face comes into the light cast by the screen. AND NEVER HAS A MIGHTIER SCOWL BEEN SEEN. ]

Better. But still ridiculously small.

[ She purses her lips, and a second later the comm is crashing into the ground. It looks up through a newly cracked lens at a pair of bare legs— all that's visible in that darkness. ]

Useless. I'll melt whatever cleric decided that was a good idea.


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