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[ Cold is polishing the Stanley Cup. The original Stanley Cup, the first one, not the one they currently award winners. People who keep track of Canadian or sports news might note it was stolen from the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Canada a couple of weeks ago. ]

See, followin’ the playoffs is a lot less fun when the Keystone Combines don’t even exist. Can’t follow yer home team when there isn’t one, can you? Even those of you whose cities are still here know it ain't quite the same. But at least they still got a team ta cheer for.

But just ‘cause yer home’s not here doesn’t mean it don’t run through your blood. Take Gotham. They think they’re better’n us ‘cause they’re more clever or what have you, and even in this place they take some pride in comin’ from that shithole. Me? I'm from Keystone, and what people from the twin cities got is we don’t give up. Nothin’ can slow us down. Nobody messes with our town, and nobody messes with my people.

You get what I’m sayin’? We might all be stuck in this hole, but we can’t forget where we’re from.

[ private (hackable) to Trickster ]

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[ Cold’s voice is gruff. He’s tired, and talking to a bunch of strangers isn’t exactly appealing. But he's decided to let the Network know he was here - get a better picture of who's here and test the waters. ]

Just one thing after the other, ain’t it?

Guessin’ this isn’t a mirror universe, seein’ as how I’m still right-handed. Still - if you’re here, McCulloch, this better not be your fault. Any Rogues here, I need to hear from ‘em.

[ Pause. ]

I gotta say – the pamphlet’s a nice touch. Makes it simple. Don’t have to waste time figurin’ out what’s going on when it’s all laid out for you. So I’m not gonna waste your time with stupid questions.

Forget whatever this thing says my name is - call me Captain Cold.


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