Aug. 23rd, 2013 07:21 pm
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So, hypothetically.

[No music, no video and none of Leo's usual 'grandeur'. This time he goes straight to the facts.]

Let's say I had a friend. An hypothetical friend, who we'll call 'Jason' for practicality's sake. Jason Grace. Blond, pretty blue eyes, the kind of face that makes one wonder why aren't they in Hollywood already. And then one day, said friend isn't on his room. Or training. Or in his job- he's nowhere to be found, and it's impossible to contact him. You get the deal.

So one is safe to assume he's gone. And, of course, my job would be to tell everyone just in case. And I would take any jobs, promises and things he owed people as my own. And I would do that because that's the kind of friend I am. An awesome one.

[A pause. Now that he's said it, the second part of the message feels a little harder to say.]

And, if said hypothetical friend left I would be the last from my world in this place. Hypothetically, I would be alone in that sense.

And my question is: How many of you don't have anyone from back home in this place? How many of you are also alone, and how do you deal with it?

... Hypothetically.


Jun. 1st, 2013 11:16 pm
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[Hello there city, did you miss this greasy face all over your network? Yes, Leo has been working on his suite slash workplace before making the post on the network. Again.]

Okaaay so, two questions while we're not being... ported somewhere else and not being eaten by wild animals. [He sure sounds good-humored while he says that.]

First one: who knows any foreign languages in here and would be willing to teach me? The more foreign the better. Like... something alien, or magical or past- I don't know, we have a lot of people from weird places in here so maybe someone knows some weird obscure one? I'd also settle for things like... I don't know, French but those I could learn at a school or something.

Also if anyone does really offer to teach keep in mind I'm no supergenius or anything like that all, I'm just a curious guy. So you'd have to be patient.

And the second question! Does anyone here know anything about cars? Not... how to drive them or anything like that, more like the insides and how they work and all. Some books about it might be nice too. 

I might have overestimated myself when it came to trying to build one so I would need some pointers on the motor. 


Mar. 14th, 2013 10:06 pm
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[Leo is so exited about this you might catch a little smoke fading away as the feed turns on. He seems to be in one of the MACs buildings- one full of hammers, tongs, wire brushes, files, rasps... apparently the only thing Leo is lacking is an anvil but rest assured he will soon.


There's also a certain Rolling Stones song in a loop on the background.

So you were probably all wondering what the great Leo was off to- yeah yeah no need to answer that, I know you were. Well wonder no more!

Because I haaaave this to show you! [He lifts his (very) greasy hand to show the camera a little circular piece of technology. It isn't big, it fits easily between his thumb and his index finger.]

Impressive, yeah? Well you will find it even more impressive when I tell you what it does. Because right here I have a text reader.

That's right.

See I was having trouble reading some of... the... texts posts around here [Actually all of them, he barely paid attention to more than a line in any of them- it's hard being dyslexic and nobody understands.] so I thought I'd make it easier. This little thing here will simply read the text to you once you scan it. Maybe someone already did that before? But [a little shrug] I like doing stuff like that so whatever, there it is.

Cool, right? I'm working on using different voices on it and stuff like that, but I just wanted to get the prototype out and running. If you want one of these just tell me and I will make one! I could use some pay for the materials but if you can't do that we'll arrange something. Seriously just tell me, it's no problem.

[It's actually awesome to have something to keep his mind out of things.]

I haven't able to make something to do the opposite- like, write whatever you say out loud but that will take a little longer and more money. Would anyone be interested in that?


Feb. 5th, 2013 12:03 am
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Well, okay. I'm used to really weird stuff happening by now but this goes up to a 7 in Leo's scale of weird.

I mean this is all fine and dandy [He waggles the pamphlets in front of the cameras, not-really refraining from rolling his eyes because really? Pamphlets? So 40ies.] but I was kind of in the middle of something back at home. Something... important.

And dog-tags aren't really my thing anyway. [He waggles them as well, making the metal 'clink'.] And apparently this here is going to be my room? F Y I I don't plan on staying in here long enough to need one so this is kinda creepy. Is the mist playing around with me head? Again? Because seriously I am pretty sure that's gonna cause some permanent damage and I don't mean to imply I'd sue but [Have a dramatic finger pointing out right at the screen] I'd totes sue.

Soooo Jason? Piper? Percy? Annabeth? Hazel? ...Uh, Frank? [Yes he's indeed calling for Frank this is serious stuff going on here.]

If you're around just tell me what's going on so we can get the hell out, okay?


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