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[For once, the feed that comes through Knock-Out's communicator is video and not text. She's outside sitting at the park, though both her arms are thrown over the back of the bench she's on; the communicator seems to be floating in front of her. She looks conflicted for a moment, but then she decides to speak.]

We're not actually bad guys, you know. I know what you guys all think, that we're some kind of group of boogeymen after your brains and blood. But that's not what this is about. These protests are getting out of hand--

[She rubs her temple. Behind her a car is speeding as someone is trying to cross the street; she raises her hand and the car stops abruptly, letting the person walk in front of it.]

We're here to help you. It doesn't have be like last time, shouldn't be, we have a completely different team working on the science of it all now. This isn't new, signing yourself up to fight for a cause you believe in. You all do understand that, right? I've made sacrifices too, this isn't supposed to be easy and it's not about good guys and bad guys like some idiotic movie… how can you guys live in New York and still think sides like this fit into neat little boxes?

My point is: you don't have to trust us. Or even like us. But burning the city down isn't the way to show your side is the right one.

[And lo, this broadcast does not end up with someone dying! Instead it just harmlessly disconnects.]

ooc | So, let's just pretend this post up went up yesterday...yep. Anyway, the NPC part of this plot is winding down. No more twists, this is the penultimate wrap-up post for this part of the plot.


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