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[ From outside--there's some wind and street noises affecting the sound, but for those who know him, it's pretty obviously Logan ]

Don't know who had the bright idea I'd be interested in this jumping between universes bullshit, but I got a message for you: I ain't. You wanted help, you could've asked. You didn't. That right there tells me all I need to know.

You can make this easy or you can make it hard. Don't make no difference. When I find you, we're gonna have words, and it's not gonna be pretty. 

[ he disconnects ]

lj hates me baaad tonight. I apologize for being slow!

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Jan. 5th, 2011 10:30 pm
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[ ooc: Attached to this post is a photograph of a bar which looks something like this, minus the Pabst and the bikes. The sign out front says TOOL SHED. There's another hand-lettered sign in the lower right window which states that the bar is UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT. ]

Guy who owned this place packed up & moved to Florida. I had some money left from last time I was here so I bought it. Feeling sentimental I guess. Reminds me of the place I had in Madripoor.

Anyway the reason I'm writing this. Couple people decided they had a problem working for an import so I'm looking for some new staff. Bartenders for few shifts a week and weekends. If you want the job tell me who you are & why I ought to hire you. Pay won't be anything special but there's a spare room upstairs if you need a place. No meatheads & no kids.

Anyone who thinks they can come and cause trouble gets to deal with me. If you think this means you then it means you.
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[ Logan's sitting on his bed at the Institute. his gift from Tank is lying beside him. ]

Lotta new faces on this thing. Just so we're clear: this place don't get any less crazy. Welcome to the goddamn funhouse.

[ he pauses, scratches the back of his hand, clearly having trouble reaching the point of this communication. he doesn't look precisely at the camera. instead, his gaze sketches the space around it, mapping the contents of the room. ]

I know ain't exactly the kinda guy.. I don't say this sorta thing much. I guess that ain't right. But it's who I am. Not a lot I can do about that. Been a long time since I spent Christmas somewhere that ain't blowin' up, or about to be blowin' up, or runnin' from somethin'. Long time. Guess that can do a number on you.


I knew a kid in France, durin' the war. 1944 maybe. Holed up in some bombed-out farmhouse in the middle of fuckin' nowhere for two and a half months. Middle of winter. We were eatin' potatoes raw outta the ground 'cause we couldn't get anythin' else. Half outta our minds with boredom and the cold. So we wake up one mornin' and this kid's decorated the whole place. Turns out he'd found some old sheets in the house and decided we needed some Christmas spirit, so he tore it up and sat up a whole night makin' ribbons and tyin' them to anythin' wasn't movin' around. [ he grunts, smiling a little at the memory. ] Kid was pretty pleased with himself. Least until our commanding officer tore him a new one for usin' up valuable resources.

Anyway. I remember sittin' there in the mornin', hungry, freezin' my goddamn ass off, lookin' around at this kid's work and thinkin' about how somewhere in the world someone else in the world was wakin' up to brightness and warmth. Turkey and presents under the tree and all that crap. And that made it feel like it was okay, what we were doin'. So long as somewhere else there was ribbons that weren't bein' made outta some dead woman's tablecloth.

[ he pauses again, lost in thought, fingers of one hand running back and forth over the knuckles of the other. then he reaches behind himself and picks up a packet of pre-made beer mixture. holds it up for the camera to see. ]

I know the person who sent me this is watchin'. Just wanted to say thanks.

Yeah. Okay. Whatever. [ he stands up, reaching over to turn the camera off. ]
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-- interrupt this broadcast of Mitchell Hundred: Ninety-Nine to One to bring you this breaking story. We have just been handed exclusive footage of a fight -- or, should I say, a brawl -- which broke out between two members of the "meta human" community in a downtown Super-Duper Mart just hours ago. Luckily, nobody was hurt, but this is just one more example of the careless violence which is turning many ordinary citizens against these so-called "superheroes".

Okay, we're -- have we got it? Okay. Now, I should warn you that this footage contains cursing and graphic violent scenes and should not be viewed by children or those of a nervous disposition.

Okay. Here we go.

[ The video seems to have been shot on a high-end cellphone. It's good quality, but the girl behind the camera has a tendency to move around. She's speaking as the footage begins. ]

-- yeah, this is goin' on YouTube for sure! Oh man!

[ The opening shot is of Lust, standing with her back to the camera in the middle of a supermarket aisle. It's a mess. The floor is covered with potato chips and broken glass; the shelves around her are hanging at odd angles, in some places cut cleanly in two. Blood is running from from one of her hands and slowly pooling on the linoleum.

Facing her, at the other end of the aisle, is Logan. His eyes are two red and black punctuation marks in his face, streaming gore down his cheeks and chest. His claws gleam with reflected light from the fluorescents buzzing overhead. It's not immediately clear who's winning this fight.

Lust tilts her head and lifts her bleeding fingers.

Is that all you've got, Wolverine?

[ Logan bares his teeth and rushes her, coming in low. The image jumps and tilts to the left as the girl behind the camera skitters backward, yelling: "oh, shit, oh shit!". In the corner of the frame, Lust catches one of Logan's arms, accepting a bellyful of claws, and, screaming, swings him around and into a mountain of stacked cranberry sauce cans. The mountain collapses, burying them both. The image dips again, for a moment showing only a blurry shot of feet in bright purple Chucks running for safety, then swings back in time to catch Lust and Logan exploding out of the pile of cans and crashing into a wall of shelves. ]

Oh shit, this is too much! Oh shit!

[ The image careens around, then goes dark.

The anchor, when the program returns to her, looks grim.

There we have it. When we return after this short commercial break, we'll be speaking to the owner of that Super-Duper Mart and asking: are we paying too high a price for the protection of our streets?
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[ this message brought to you by [Huge Scary Metal Skeleton Guy], thanks Scarab. ]

[ wind and police sirens in the background. the Wolverine is prowling the streets tonight. ]

Hey, Joker, you still out there? I owe ya one, bub. Or maybe now I owe ya two. Whatever. I'm lookin' forward to sniffin' you out. You can count on that.

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Nov. 9th, 2010 11:43 pm
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[ it's Logan sitting in a bar, quelle suprise. he looks more-or-less the same as last time, albeit considerably less amused. ]

S'pose I oughta.. [ he clears his throat and picks up the Molsen bottle sitting next to him. ] Yeah. Looks like this place ain't lettin' me go so easily. Still, there ain't demons fallin' outta the sky over here. Guess that's somethin'.

I ain't gonna ask what's changed and what ain't, 'cause I already know. There's anyone here itchin' to bust my chops -- [ he waves the bottle in a sort of "come hither" gesture. ] -- knock yourself out.

[ ooc: all replies voice unless otherwise stated. ]

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May. 12th, 2010 04:24 pm
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[Private: Jean Grey]

Hey there Red. Heard you were back in town.
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[ there's a recording of Hank Williams' "Lovesick Blues" competing with a news broadcast in the background. Logan sounds both tired and pissed off. ]

We ain't all dyin' under a dust cloud so I guess one of ya turned that Nazi sonofoabitch into grape jelly. Good for you. Wish it coulda been me. Maybe next time.

Oh, and Emplate, if you're listenin' -- I sure as hell hope you ain't dead yet -- that's two I owe you now, you slimy fuck. I'm gonna stick that mouth-breather of yours so far up your ass you're gonna be chokin' on it.
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[ the feed opens on a shot of Logan sitting at a bar. from the angle, it looks like he's propped the comm up against a bottle or a glass. he's wearing his uniform, the cowl pushed back behind his head, and clearly in no hurry to explain himself. instead, he takes his time lighting the cigar clamped between his teeth. those who know him well might detect a hint of amusement in the curl of his lip, the way he raises his eyebrows as he looks into the camera, shaking the lit match out with a wave of his hand. ]

Guess this place ain't done with me yet. Hnn. Figures. [ he leans forward, taking the cigar out of his mouth and reaching for the communicator with his free hand. ] Any of you still lookin' at this thing, you got about three seconds to tell me what's goin' on.
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[ locked to: cyclops, she-hulk, hawkeye, iron man, black widow, cable, patriot ]

Figure I've had enough of seein Osborn's name all over my tv screen. They ain't the Avengers. They ain't even close. Where I come from, they're gettin more than dangerous. I say we ain't gonna give them the chance to get that far. Who's with me?
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Spidey got ported out. He was sittin' right next to me.

This ain't -- hnn. Forget it.
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Hey Summers, we got enough for a baseball game yet?

[ooc: Logan's back from Japan. He's also got a new comm ID number, for the people who might notice stuff like that.]
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[if you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of cows lowing in the background. yeah, guess where wolverine landed.]

Rnnngh.. someone tell me you stopped him.
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[hey city, guess who's back? observant viewers might notice that there's been a slight change of uniform, which now looks like this. otherwise, he's pretty much the same, right down to the patented wolverine scowl.]

Someone wanna tell me what the hell is goin' on?
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[he doesn't sound any different, just kind of.. calm]

Hey. [he clears his throat] Pretty sure I just ran into one of those Polymorph things. Thought it was Sabretooth, so I jumped it. Next thing I know, I'm wakin' up on the sidewalk.


Don't feel too bad, though. Huh.

[ooc: Logan's lost his angries.]

21 [voice]

Jun. 5th, 2009 01:44 pm
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Someone tried to shoot ya, Osborn?

[the smile in his voice is tangible]

Maybe you oughta stay inside for a while.
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[there's an echo behind his words, like he's in a large, empty room. those with good hearing might be able to pick up a faint metal-on-metal scraping sound.]

I wanna know what's goin' on, and I wanna know -- [ting! that's a bullet falling to the floor] hnn -- now.
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[locked to: X-Men and X-Force]

We need to talk. All of us.

Be at the house tonight. 2100. You ain't there, you'd better have a damn good reason.
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Someone out there's pickin' people off one by one. Number so far stands at six. Could be more. If you got friends, stay with 'em. If you ain't, find someone you can trust. Pair up. Stay alert.

X-Men, report in. If you ain't already at the house, I wanna see you there in an hour. That goes for all of you. This ain't a drill.

Seems like lately there's been too many people speakin' and not enough people talkin'. If you know somethin' about all this, now's the time to speak up. The tin can brought you all here to be heroes. Now you gotta act like 'em.
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Stop checkin this thing for a week and the whole goddamn place falls apart. Fuckin typical.

Anyone wants me, I'll be somewhere where they got beer.

[Private | Kitty, Jubilee, Laura & Kiden] )

[Private | Selina] )

[Private | X-Men & X-Force] )
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Anyone so much as looks like they're gonna start spoutin' that war and peace bullcrap at me is gonna get a handfulla claws where the sun don't shine. I ain't in the mood.

I've been lookin' over the wreckage of that ship. Damn thing looks like it was built outta scrap. Any of you worked out what the hell this chick thought she was doin', or are you too busy bitin' each other's heads off?
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[shouting, screaming, car horns etc. in background. the tower defenses have just exploderised the missiles.]

Anyone else see that?

[ooc: I'm totally supposed to be working right now so just throwing this out there as a reaction/organization post. Wolvie may or may not respond. Have at, heroes!]
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Joker's little video stirred up the damn hornet nest. Any of you with obvious powers, stay the hell off of the streets till this is blown over. Just passed a mob headin' down West and 47th lookin' for someone to blame.

X-Men, I wanna know where you are. This ain't a drill.


Feb. 22nd, 2009 02:59 pm
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[locked to: cannonball, domino, tabby, rictor, shatterstar, shadowcat, captain britain, cyclops, nightcrawler, jubilee, speed, wiccan]

[enclosed: a picture of an abandoned house on the outskirts of the city, followed by the address of said house]

Tomorrow. 0900. Expect to see you all there. Be ready to do some work.
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[he's yelling over the noise of the motorcycle engine]

Cap - what'd he leave ya?
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[private to: spider-man 1 & 2, all mutants, runaways & young avengers]

Cameron Hodge is bad news. Stay out of his way. As long as he's in the city, don't let him know you're a mutant or that you know someone who is. Don't give him the chance to hurt someone.
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[a lot of noise in the background: traffic, voices, the crackle of flames. captain britain is clearly audible telling people to move back.]

Bus is pretty much done for. Took a look inside. Bodies are too big to be kids. All I can smell is a loada C-4 and burnt metal. No trace of the Joker. Either he's damn good at coverin' his tracks or he had help.

Could do with a healer down here. Got a few civillians hurt. And make it fast.


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