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[ There isn't much background noise, given that Jake is stuck sulking recovering in his apartment, but there's the occasional hiss of breath or grunt that betrays his restless (and pained) movement. ]

So, do Avengers like to brag?

[ because let's get it over with. ]
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[ The camera opens to a shaky image which takes a few moments to steady: there's a man dangling off the edge of a building, held by a gloved hand fisted into the collar on his shirt. There's a few curses from him, which go ignored, and the voice that follows is clearer. ]

There's a story I was told once about a snake that plagued a village. The snake was cruel, defensive, and a villager only had to place one foot inside those fields the snake called its home to find themselves bitten, the poison deadly in an instant. The townspeople could not catch the snake, but in time its own conscience did.

The snake felt consumed with guilt for all the lives it had taken, and in its moment of need, a rabbi appeared to answer its pleas. When asked for forgiveness, the rabbi offered it, in exchange for the vow that the snake would never bite again.

So, the snake was good on its word and no one was harmed, but the villagers remembered their pain too well and they chose to seek vengeance. They went on to taunt the snake, to attack it, and it was forced to hide itself to spare its life. The rabbi found the snake in this pitiful state, broken and vulnerable, and when the rabbi asked what had happened, the snake reacted in despair, for it had bitten no one as it had been told, doing right, and its life became miserable.

And anger flared in the rabbi's eyes.

[ His hand deliberately loosens, letting fabric slid free enough for the man to feel the fall down in his gut, before tightening again. Now, the curses are replaced by pleading. ]

"You fool!" the rabbi exclaimed. "I told you not to bite -- I did not tell you not to hiss!"

[ The man is lifted and thrown back onto the building, hard enough to knock the wind from his lungs. ]

For cowards, criminals are stubbornly bold. You can lock them up, beat them to a pulp, make an example of them, and the message still won't come through.

It's hard to make a murmur without murder, hissing instead of biting, [ a boot comes down on the man's throat, beginning to cut out his breath ] but here is this:

I want you all to tell me about Norman Osborn.

(ooc: For context, Moon Knight is feeling his old powers return for the first time!! He's made stupidly bold and cocky because it's the full moon and he is FULL OF VENGEANCE. Oh and he's not in his costume since it's currently pink... just fyi)


Apr. 11th, 2012 11:03 pm
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Ah, this workin'?

[ hopefully no one watching along is prone to get motion sick, as the camera is curiously turned around this way and that, before focusing on a worn face, marked with a prominent scar over the left eye ]

This is a bit embarrassin', but... [ he plucks a toothpick from the corner of his mouth -- don't ask where he got it ] Is there somewhere a fella can ask for directions?

[ the toothpick is pressed back in again, and he mutters around it ] Lost in my own city... ya moved it all 'round on me. [ he refers, of course, to New York, if the thick ol' accent don't give a clue, but it does fade a little when Jake is a little more composed -- which he sure ain't at the moment ]

Could call a cab on this thing, I suppose... [ then here's a grin flashed at the camera, albeit one that's self deprecating ] Ain't that a laugh?

[ which it won't be, since no one really knows who he is, just as no one had before. after all, the tags don't even have his name on him. they mark a dead man instead, and surely that will be what people call him. With that thought, the accent tones back a bit, and he's sounding more like the mercenary than the man of the street. ]

It'd be appreciated. [ asking for help isn't easy, and just a reminder of being alone again, so quickly after things had been repaired ]

[ he is half tempted to pick up all the signs and move them back where they belong. that may very well be his first action in this place... not vengeance, but vandalism. Petty, but it would make him feel better. Khonshu should be laughing at him for the idea alone, but the God has been suspiciously silent since Jake's arrival.

Strange how that isn't more comforting.


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