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( A few seconds of silence go by before MJ is opening her mouth and speaking. She's all cried out, as it happens. Her voice is low and a little bit ragged when she starts up. )


So, Gwen is gone. ( Another moment passes and she grins just a little bit, albeit forced. ) I guess we couldn't really have everything here, huh? Maybe I was too excited—liked this place too much—superstition is kind of over the top, but...

It's too good to be true, and all that. ( But the network isn't really a place for a personal pity party, and MJ knows that; she steels herself visibly and lets out a long breath. Then, straightened up, she meets the camera. )

Now I know what it's really like to be here.

( Click. She feels guilty as hell for dropping all that vagueness into one post, but her fingers are shaking and it's probably best to, you know, stop for now. )
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[ Tap tap. Tap tap tap. There's a bit of fuzz, then a voice! ] Hey, hello? Whoa, is this thing on? Did I -- uh, did I figure this out?

Yeah! Okay. [ While she's glad she's got that all settled, her voice is a bit distraught when she finally catches her bearings. ] I'm sure people ask where they are all the time, here... but look, I really, I mean really, want to know where I am.

I'm not going to say I have a lot going on or anything but... things have really been kind of heavy, okay? I don't know that I'm the best person you want to be a superhero -- [ At the word, she stops, spending a few moments just catching her breath. Wow, that hurts to say. When she speaks again, her voice is faint; her pain is obvious. ] I'm no Spider-Man.

[ A few more seconds, then she's trying again, but her voice cracks. ] Gwen? Aunt May? Is anyone else here in this crazy place? It looks like New York but it sure isn't.... Though I'm pretty sure someone screamed at me for not crossing the street fast enough. [ Her voice brightens after a few more seconds. ] Well, okay, that's pretty much like New York, but that's the homiest thing that's happened since I got this communicator thing. Never change, homeless guys.

But, uh, seriously. Is there anyone listening? ...Anyone? [ A small sigh, then a final click. ]


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