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there are penguins running around randomly in central park, i hope nobody's still missing or animal transformed

also i think i'm running out of terrible old movies to watch does anyone have terrible tv shows to recommend? the more trainwrecky the better

oh yeah sorry does anyone know how to switch your mailing address to a post office box? the postal service is totally different here than it was at home and i don't want to wait on hold forever to get help if i don't need to
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[ Does Max ever post not at night? Very rarely. It sounds like she's outside somewhere, walking down a street but far enough away from others that there's only a very vague background chatter. ]

Through a random series of things - Halloween candy and haircuts, basically - I just realized I've been here almost a year. Four days or so more to go. Which I guess is always a weird feeling when you realize that. When I first got here you guys were cleaning up after some... I don't even know what it was. Post Halloween sales were on. Practically free chocolate, always awesome. I stocked up on a lot of it.

[ It's kind of weirding her out, yeah. She likes it here, mostly, it's just that the realization of an entire year having gone by is kind of Big. ]

Anyone else hit some kind of anniversary recently? This many months, a year, several years. What's the magical this isn't surprising any more cut off point?

[ A beat, and then she kind of laughs. A little self conscious, a little unsure. ]

I also wanted to say sorry to anyone I was a jerk to while virus-ed up. I will do that more personally if you want a better apology, but I thought I'd apologize to everyone. So yeah. [ Absent minded and not particularly meant to be heard as she turns off the connection. ] Almost two months already, huh.
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[ it's the kind of diction and control in a voice that makes it clear that it's forced to people listening for that. she looks pretty calm and collected, hair still wet from the shower she just took to scrub off blood, slouched in her chair a little more than usual. other than her voice the apartment is very, very quiet. ]

I guess I'm supposed to give an official notice of return.

I'm back, I'll be in to work tomorrow, I see I missed someone shooting lasers at the City I bet that was just great.

[ a long pause, like she has no idea what she should say here. ]

Yeah. I'm back. [ click. ]

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backdated to: 12:22 p.m.

Harvey Dent is in City Hall with three hostages, including the Deputy Mayor, in one of the empty rooms in the back right near the extra supply cabinets.

I've called the police, but I've been told there's been an explosion in the subways and response time will be slow. If there's superheroes out there who can make it here faster and handle a hostage situation, that might be good.

For anyone else in City Hall, don't go near. He's armed.

private to mitchell hundred )

[ ooc: references are this and this. Rescue of the hostages is reserved for Batwoman I and Daredevil. Max is currently keeping an eye on the door leading to the hallway he's down, so City Hall people feel free to action it or alternatively go hit up the log to interact with each other! ]

ten; video

Jul. 25th, 2012 12:05 pm
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[ Max is just outside of the Porter building, already walking in the general direction of her apartment, looking a little apologetic and a lot more rested than she was just before she ported out. ]

Not much over a week -- not as bad as it could have been, I guess. Thanks for the five whole minutes at home and the lost week, Lachesis. [ There's an edge of irritation, but she drops it and moves briskly on. ]

Three quick questions. First, have I still got a job?

Second, did anything happen that I should know about?

And third-- [ a tiny hesitation. ] Has anyone heard from Terry McGinnis lately?

[ oh just a second here ] One last thing. Does anyone have anything tech-y they need fixed? I probably shouldn't just keep hauling stuff home from the junkyard.

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[ guess who can't sleep at three in the morning. this post is probably completely inadvisable. ]

last counts of the civilian death toll are up past a hundred with well over a hundred still missing

of course it will be hard to determine the exact count until the thousands of people who had to evacuate finish returning and settling back into their lives

the damage is up in the hundreds of thousands at least and will take weeks if not months to finish repairing fully

the papers and online social networking sites are buzzing with talk about it, and not just in the City but nationally and on not a few international ones (can't read all of those i think google translate would kill the charm)

and yet the majority of us seem to consider it almost everyday

we have mastered the art of complacence in the face of horror. congratulations city. here's a round of textual applause.
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 [ chilling at a cafe table, chin in hand and idly stirring a coffee. City Hall can be seen in the background. ]

It's been a weird couple of weeks. Lots of new arrivals and weird stuff everywhere. Personal drama on the network. Anti-Import sentiment is getting worse out there too. It gets tiring sometimes, checking the network and everything just being about depressing philosophy or murder or people freaking out about porting in.  [ beat ] The penguin thing was a fun change. 

[ Max do you have a point with any of this. ]

There's so much drama and so much mess in our community that sitting down to try and make people like us feels like climbing a mountain. Mt. Everest, maybe. With a toothpick as equipment. I know there's good points. I know there's ways to sell us to the world. They just seem a little hard to dig out right now.

First day at a new job probably always feels a little overwhelming though, huh. 

[ another pause. thoughtful. ]

Also a raccoon stole my lunch, but apparently that's just a hazard of working here.

I guess what I'm asking is, what are the good things going on in your lives? Or do you guys not like talking about those? [ a slightly rueful grin as she reaches forward to turn it off. ]

encrypted to Midii )

[ ooc: City Hall folk, feel free to action up running into her coming off lunch break or throughout the day. ]
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Ghost was ported out three days ago

i thought people should know

encrypted to Batman )
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[the comm turns on facing the sky, a beautiful day, and then Ghost's fingers reach down to brush it, pick it up and peer into it briefly before turning back to an apartment door and knocking. His fingers swing back into the shot again and twitch a little, then gather into a loose fist. He's excited.]


[ A muffled, unintelligible answer from inside, and after a long moment Max opens the door and smiles, smothering a yawn. ] Morning, Ghost. ... Afternoon? [ she peers out to look at the sky. nope, still morning. ]

What time is it? [ Someone's been sleeping in. ]

I don't know.

[the comm jogs a little, as Ghost suddenly moves forward--the new position suggests he's shifted around to the side of her and is draping an arm across her shoulders.]

But I would like to spend the remainder of the day with you.

[ uh. there's a blank silence from Max for a bit, and then, sounding a little concerned. ]

Well, sure.

Are you okay?
[ uncertain pause again. ] It's too late for an infection now, right, your arm's been healed...

All my limbs are functioning. [he even sounds... happy, about that.] I believe I can spare 12 hours from fighting Vulcanus to indulge with someone--who--[and he's suddenly changing the subject] ...what sort of recreational activities would you like to do?

[ she's not actually convinced at all, but now she sounds more amused. ] If you say so.

... I have no idea. I've been pretty busy for a while, I can't think of anything in particular -- [ oh ]

Is your comm on?

Ah. Yes. I wanted them to know. [and to be jealous, apparently. Ghost is hanging with Max all day guys. And he turns it off before she has a chance to respond on the Network.]

† 039.

Mar. 20th, 2012 06:30 pm
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[it’s at night, the camera angle a little jumpy and the lighting a flashlight held by the same person who has the camera. max is crouched on the ground setting something up, hoodie up. she looks up after a moment and grins.]

Did you just improvise all of this?

Because this bit right here – [she points to something in the shadowy lump she’s been working over] – I love it.

[someone’s yellow-nailpolished hand comes into the frame, adjusting what max had just been pointing to. rikku then leans down a little further, trying to get a closer look; she’s wearing a red beanie hat, and nods with a grin.]

Yeah. It’s kinda what I do with my free time, y’know? It takes a little to get all the bits and pieces and chemicals, but it’s worth it.

It is definitely worth it. I haven't done much work with chemicals, but I'd love to know more. [max stands up, grinning.] Okay, I think we're good to go.

[the video cuts out, and resumes about seven minutes later. it’s still dark outside. rikku has something in her hand—some kind of remote-looking device. she offers it to max after fiddling with it for a moment.]

Wanna do the honors?

It would be my pleasure. [she takes it and presses the button. nothing happens. she gently presses the button again, and then turns to rikku, an eyebrow raised.] It was definitely set up right.

[rikku had been waiting too, but disappointment is evident on her face when nothing happens. she takes the remote, turning it over in her hands for a second. then she gives it a shake, and kind of pounds it with a fist.]

Come on, I knew I did this right! Fung, tysh ed!

[max looks disappointed too.] One of us is going to have to go back in, huh - [KA-BOOM. the abandoned building in frame turns into dust in a storm of bright explosions. rikku is thrown back a few steps, automatically raising her arms to shield her face. once the building is completely collapsed, she kind of looks to max, and then breaks into a grin, pumping a fist into the air and jumping up and down.]

Woo-hoo! That was totally awesome!

[max's grin is threatening to split her face open, and she lets out a whoop of victory before turning and holding her hand up for a high five.] That was amazing!

[rikku immediately grants her that high five, and nods.]

Yeah! We used to do things like that ‘round Home when people wanted to build new things. But it never gets old. We’ll totally have to do this again sometime.

You can always count me in for sure. [so much grinning.] I can't imagine this ever getting old.

Chyeah. Now let me tell you about those bombs—

[and the feed cuts. orange is rikku, purple is max. this is forward-dated to tonight, around 1 a.m.]
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[ early morning in Max's apartment, camera facing the kitchen window. Max is nowhere in view, but after a moment a kitten ducks in front of the lens for a moment, curiously investigating. it vanishes again and bats the communicator to the floor, which spins to a stop facing Max.

she's sitting cross-legged on the floor in sweats, hands resting palms-up on her knees, apparently meditating. judging by her frown and tense shoulders, she's getting nowhere fast.

the kitten meows insistently off-camera, and Max sighs and opens her eyes, then realizes the communicator's on and reaches for it.

It's six thirty in the morning, let them sleep.

[ a mouthed sorry and she shuts it off. ]

encrypted to Vic Sage )

encrypted text to Batman )

encrypted text to Spider-Man )
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for all of our deep knowledge of skrulls
is anyone aware of how they prefer to be buried?
they seemed to be religious. do they have any rituals they would want carried out?

has someone taken charge of the bodies?

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got sick and am in hospital temporarily, should be back within a few days. they say they can release me once all my levels balance out, whatever that means. not long though. till then i can be reached through my comm.

i would do the whole ask a question on ethics or something to spice this post up for you guys but tbh i can’t see the point right now.

; this was supposed to be encrypted to Midnighter and Ghost but that failed and it was public for about an hour before she realized and managed to fix it]

[ her voice is raspy and weak. ] I can’t really remember if I said thank you for the pickup, so. Thank you. [ pause. ] I owe you both.
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[ She's up on the roof. There's a brief glimpse of her sitting with her knees tucked up to her chest, and then she settles the comm facing the skyline. The sun's setting and everything looks kind of beautiful. It's one of those really great sunsets that you almost think can't be real. ]

I would like you all to look at that sunset and take at least five seconds for deep breathing. I mean it. [ A pause, as if she's mentally slowly counting to five, and then she just leaves the comm facing the sunset, though she can be heard shifting. ]

Paranoia and impending doom and stuff aside, things look kind of great up here. I think we could all use a couple seconds to relax and look at something beautiful. [ She lets the video run for about fifteen more seconds before shutting it off. ]

encrypted to Batman )

two; video

Dec. 25th, 2011 12:47 pm
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[Max is sitting at her desk, chin propped in hands. She looks sort of... bored. Her room is a mess behind her. There's a sewing machine on the floor, clothes scattered everywhere, and more random wires and bits and pieces of technology and tools than you could shake a fist at. There's a strand of Christmas lights twined around her bed's headboard.]

I know there' s a lot of us here without family or friends from home. What do you guys do for Christmas? Anything in particular?

I'm thinking of setting off some fireworks. Brighten stuff up a bit.

You know, while I'm talking to you guys. This place seems to be kind of dangerous. Does someone out there teach self-defense classes? I've taken basic ones, but I'd like to keep up with it, maybe learn some new stuff.

So. Yeah. Merry Christmas, city. Have a good one. [She leans forward and shuts it off.]

001; video

Nov. 4th, 2011 07:39 pm
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[Video clicks on. Max is sitting at the table in her new room, looking as professional as she can. This is perhaps not as much as she’d hope, given her bright pink hair and the fact that the shirt she was Ported in wearing has “SLAG IT” in giant black letters across her chest.]

Hey everyone! I was told that this is how I communicate with people. With the information I was given, it seems I’m stuck here for a while.

So this is me, offering my services as a computer tech for hire. I can repair and upgrade most tech, including futuristic, program websites, program games, program – well, pretty much anything. [She grins, no shame.] I’m really good.

Before I sign off – if there's a Terry McGinnis or Bruce Wayne around here, I'd like to hear from them.

Thanks everyone! Hope to see your tech soon. [She grins, waves, and clicks the video off.]


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