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[The feed opens on the image of a cupcake.
A green hand reaches from off camera and places a single candle in the frosting of the cupcake.
The hand disappears, and a second later a match is struck out of the frame. The hand returns, lights the candle and then...nothing.]

I don't really feel all that much like singing. Not to mention it's probably bad manners to sing your own birthday song. SO...I'll just get to the wishing.

[A deep breath, and then a sharp exhale later and the candle goes out.]

Happy Birthday to any other April Babies out there.

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Mar. 15th, 2012 09:08 pm
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Okay, so...I'm not sure if I'm supposed to like, ask this or just muddle through and hope I don't screw it up or anything cause that would suck, but...

It's just, Babs isn't here and Helena isn't here and...none of the adults I know back home are here and I'd usually ask them probably but I can't and I'm not sure who here to ask so I figure I'd just ask everybody cause somebody has to know, right?

[There's a little pause where she remembers to breath and collects her thoughts.]

Okay. So. At the end of the month is my birthday, right? Only it's not just like any birthday cause, cause I'm turning eighteen which is like WOAH Milestone kind of a big deal thing and I've never done it before, I mean, obviously, sort of a once in a lifetime moment and I don't wanna like, mess it up or do the wrong thing or miss something or...

I mean I haven't even gotten a driver's license yet!

[Another breath. Someone's a tad nervous. Hence the rambling.]

Uhm. Right. Anyway, uhm. What I mean is, is there anything I have to do? When I turn eighteen?

You know. Important stuff. Earth shattering stuff. When you turn eighteen THIS IS WHAT THE WORLD EXPECTS OF YOU sort of stuff.

'cause I dunno what that stuff would be...
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[The feed springs to life on what appears to be an empty, yet lived in, kitchen with a breakfast bar font and center. The frame jostles slightly as the yet unseen "director" adjusts the shot just so. A green face dips in upside down from the topmost margin of the screen. His bright blue eyes dart from the screen to the webcamera and then back again.]


[The skin around his eyes crinkles, and there's a rather sizable smile in his tone. Then, as abruptly as he appears, he's gone. Though, close observers will notice a quick green blur on the left disappear behind the breakfast bar. There's a quiet click before the dulcet tones of Weird Al Yankovic's immortal composition, "Eat It" plays in the background. The song's a bit tinny, and audiophiles will recognize that it comes from a tape deck, as opposed to a compact disk or .mp3.]

[On top of the breakfast bar appears a cardboard sign proclaiming this production to be an episode of
"Flat Broke Gourmet: The City on $0 a Day"]

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[The feed springs to life on an image that could possibly be entitled, "Still Life on a Bathroom Floor with Green Feet."]

Why are the buttons on this damn thing so damn small? I mean come on, talk about speciest! Okay, that did something. What did that do? Huh, okay. So it turns on a red light.


Oh crap. What's that red light mean? Why are there feet on the screen now? Those feet look like...

[The feet in the image wiggle.]


[The camera's focus shifts wildly, until the come to rest on a mirror. In the mirror is the face of a rather large, anthropomorphic, green turtle. And if you focus on his bright blue eyes....you'll totally be too busy to notice that he is, in fact, recording from inside a bathroom.]

There's nothing to see here! Move along!


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