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Ok who the fuck dud this i know its shkt all the time here but this is just

fuckng freezing whether and now this are you kidding me? Dont tell me its like this all the time in winter thats BULL SHIT no way is this normal. One f you fucked something up and now the god damn horse heads are coming back i just know it. Donttry and put that kinda thing past me! Anyway anyone want some cranbery sauce im not eating all of this shit even if the world does end.

O ya anyone seen pickle around? Or is his dum ass off drunk somwhere in a god damn ditch. Probably froze to death.
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[Once again, this is a video clearly set in Michiko's MAC room, and, once again, the TV is on! This time, however, the totally legit programming is clearly audible, even as her hand covers the screen for a moment. She's picking it up!]

Shit--! It all lines up.

[She glares down at the communicator, somewhat wild-eyed.]

Oi, this is serious business. You know how much time we got before they show up? A week. Some superheroes you are. All this shit about Vulcanus [she's actually pronouncing it correctly!!] and what's right and wrong and which way to wipe your ass, and nobody mentions the damn aliens? The Mayans knew what they were talking about. You can't just ignore that intuition.

What you do with it's your business -- you wanna wait for the apocalypse and the greys and the goddamn bigfoots to come, I don't give a shit. Just don't count on me sticking around.
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[MAN, THAT SURE IS AN OBNOXIOUS RUCKUS BEING TRANSMITTED BY THIS COMMUNICATOR RIGHT NOW. the actual video component of this post is largely taken up by a super interesting view of the ceiling, which presumably is the result of it turning itself on after hitting something. the way shadows, and occasionally even actual objects, pass across the feed leaves little doubt as to the reason why it might have hit something -- whoever's causing all the crashing sounds and flying junk must have done the same with their communicator.

whoever that might be, she is also talking! the accent might be vaguely familiar, but it's very high-pitched, and quite possibly more articulate than usual.]

--and I know you're there! 's not funny anymore. So just come out now, okay? Come on, I promise I won't even kick you. Atsuko!

[there's a pause in the little girl's speech, and the sound of more shit getting knocked off tables and thrown places. a ridiculous turquoise bra arcs up over the camera, then falls over it, blacking the feed out; judging from the background noise, however, she continues to rummage through the contents of the room. as she continues to speak, her voice gets louder and louder, presumably because she's getting closer to the communicator.]

... it's all so ugly! Who wears this? An' what's the point of all the leather, huh? Why would you -- what's that? Hey!


Oi -- you! I know what security cameras are, stupid. Don't play dumb and think that kinda thing gets past me!

[there's a little girl glaring, upside down, at the camera, and if anything about her is really recognizable, it's the scowl she's wearing -- Michiko's future coarse bravado is written large on her face. since she appears to be around 9, this mostly makes her look kind of ridiculous.]

I don't know where I am. Don't know who you are either, but that don't matter, cause I know what's going on here. You think I was born yesterday? I know that old hag sold me to you to keep me quiet! 's not gonna work, though, so you can just forget all about it. An' you better let me go and send me back to Vermelha, or I'll -- I'll put you on the express train to hell! [suddenly her eyes light up with inspiration, and she rushes offscreen, her voice getting smaller with the distance.] And I'll start with this shitty place!

[after the sounds of more rummaging and hurried footsteps, a small hand thrusts an ornate lighter at the camera.]

You see that? You bastards don't let me out of here, this whole thing goes up in flames! It's a promise.
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[the camera is focused on one half of a television, where the popular new spinoff of the long-running telenovela A Single Potato, One Yam to Give, is playing. For the record, it is set 100 years after the original, features the descendents of the original characters, and is on Mars. A heated confrontation appears to be taking place on the TV screen, but the volume's been lowered so that it's a dull roar behind Michiko's own voice. The lighting is dim--maybe she's drawn her curtains--and judging by what a fan is currently doing very little to disperse from the air, she's been smoking. this, of course, is basically like saying that water is wet.]

Yeah, so. [there's a pause, and then a leisurely exhale.] Someone explain this to me. I ain't been here as long as some of you, but 's been--I don't know, a while since you got here. And when shit happens, it happens here, yeah? In this shitty place. [SHE MEANS THE CITY...] But we're not banned here. Not even stuck here. So what happened to make the rest of the world so damn scared of us? Must have been pretty bad, if it took them this long to do it. [her voice sounds a little less brassy, a little more thoughtful.] And which one's next? None of them got any reason to care more than the others, right? So--


--oi, Esteban what the hell?! That's not Raul or Zargox, the fuck do you think you're doing?

[But there's the sound of her fumbling with something plastic, and the volume steadily increases.



the studio audience gasps; Michiko gives a loud "tch" and grabs the communicator. it goes dark for a moment, then shows her face from a low and tilted angle.]

How the hell are you breathing anyway? ... Aa, forget it. This show doesn't make any damn sense.
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[the following is a rapidfire combination of text and voice feed!]


--the fuck do you hit ta--

hEKPASSAKJOEjdj kKSAK2umqwerttttttt

[and suddenly it's a video, and one glaring brown eye is staring at the camera! it narrows suddenly, as though in recognition, and the woman who it presumably belongs to makes a disdainful sound--tch.]

So that's how it works? Damn piece of shit machine...

[the communicator pulls back to reveal a woman in perhaps her late twenties, clearly upset and even more clearly upside-down. a pair of sunglasses are pushed up against her forehead, and beneath a jacket and scarf she appears to be wearing an orange T-shirt.]

Listen up. I don't have time for this... aa, whatever-it's-called, spandex party, so just answer my questions and we'll be good. What's the fastest way to Goinia? How much? And-- [she pauses, and there's the sound of hands rummaging through cloth.] I'm looking for a girl and a man, traveling together. She looks [and she shoves the half of this picture that shows the person who's not her at the camera, since clearly that will explain everything] like this. The guy's the same. If they're here, they'll be together--it's for certain. You seen them, you let me know.

[she pauses once more, tucking the photo back away wherever it came from and apparently considering something. there's the sound of a revving engine, not to mention some dude screaming "HEY, LADY, SHUT UP AND GO ALREADY" and some beeping car horns. yep, she's broadcasting while driving.]

OI, GRAMPS, DO I LOOK LIKE THE ONE WHO NEEDS TO SHUT THE HELL UP? [indoor voice again:] And someone tell me what a Jay-Wow is. Thanks.



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