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[ The video comes on with a loud crack; you've just been high-velocity butt-dialed, C&C. The whole screen is green and blurry, and hopefully none of you Cityzens have motion sickness because shortly after an undignified squeak, there's a booming roar and that's when the scrambling really begins. ]

Oh my god! Ohh my god, oh my god this was a bad idea! [ A giant green hand comes down out of the middle of nowhere, and Miles scurries away from it over one massive shoulder, and it's pretty clear by now to anyone that would recognize him that the new Spider-Man is wall-crawling uselessly all over The Hulk, trying to avoid being grabbed and Smashed. This (and more comical babbling) goes on for like two minutes before finally: ] Why do I, ah!, always do this?

And why am I talking to mysel-- urk!

[ The video abruptly stops bouncing around when Miles gets caught. Suddenly there's a giant puzzled Hulk face taking up the whole screen, sniffing a couple times and then letting out a big wuff of breath. ]

Uhhh. Hi?

[ Aand the feed cuts! Replies will ICly come in an hour or so after the events in Bruce's log here, so he has time to de-Hulk. ]
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[ The video is up-side down. It's hard to tell, because the guy in the video is also up-side down, sticking to the shiny, windowed side of an office building by his hand and feet. He looks distinctly spider-man themed, but the design is different and so is the voice. He sounds awful young. ]

Okay. Okay. I'm not freaking out but- [ A pause for some quick, audibly shallow breaths. ] -uh. I might be freaking out? Uh. There's- there's someone else living where my house is supposed to be which is really not cool, and I can't figure out what happened to the Triskelion. I'd like to help y'all out but.

If I had- uh, I don't know, directions maybe I could... knock on the door and get you some r-real- some better heroes. I kind of know Nick Fury? Sort of.

And it sounds like you need that. I-I mean, I can stop muggers and stuff, and I guess like The Ringer and Kangaroo (I'm so not making that up, there's a dude that calls himself "Kangaroo"), but this whole-- this whole alternate dimension thing is way over my head and-

[ Hitched breathing. ] And I'm still... working on it.


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