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Good afternoon.

[ Coolly professional, sitting at a desk inside what seems to be an office of some kind. ]

There are some things the police can't help with. Some things humans aren't equipped to deal with.

Among the Import population, such situations seem to be the norm rather than the exception. As such, Mr. Richter and I have opened up an investigation agency with backing from City Hall. X-Factor investigates the unusual. The can't-be-real. As a private investigation agency, we can also look into the things that have not progressed far enough to justify calling the police in yet. Given our abilities, we are well equipped to handle any and all situations involving criminal Imports.

We are also currently open to job applications from those with a background in investigative work or abilities that could prove useful. With only two of our team available here, we have a few open slots.

Contact either Julio Richter or myself over the network if you're interested. Or if, at any point in time, you think we could help you.

[ she reaches forward and turns it off. ]

[ ooc: see here! the City now has a baby X-Factor. ]

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Apr. 30th, 2012 11:27 am
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[ She's found her MAC apartment already, and she doesn't look all that thrilled with it. Actually she looks kind of pissed. ]

I'd say I was pleased to be given an apartment to go with the interdimensional kidnapping, but this hardly counts as living quarters. And the pittance they give us is hardly worth the trouble of accepting.

I've noticed some familiar faces on this network. I see my opinion of your intelligence will have to take yet another nose dive, given that you have yet to find a way home. One would think it would be simple, considering how often you've dealt with them before.

Good day, City.

[ Click. ]


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