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( As ever, Monica’s voice over the network is clipped and businesslike. )

There’re a lot of ways to come by “powers,” aren’t there? In my world, the possibilities are endless—accident, experimentation, design. But something I’ve found is that in nearly every case, there’s some kind of drawback, some way of the universe slapping you back down just after you’ve learned to fly.

And then we come here, and the machine has the power to give you almost any trick in the book. That kind of power—even disregarding the warping time and space part—there has to be a catch. Even if it’s just augmenting abilities you already had, or taking some away or adding new ones… have you noticed any drawbacks to your abilities, here? Or were there any back home?

Or, if you’re optimistically minded—that machine can do just about anything. If you could control it, what would you allow yourself to do? What would be enough? Or would you just be happy with what you had?

( A brief pause, and then a huff of breath. )

And since I know someone’s going to ask, the Porter’s never given me anything I didn’t already have. Everything else is just idle curiosity.
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Never have anything delivered, if you can get away with it. Giving out your address is like selling your soul, except the devil doesn't send you six pounds of junk mail a day.

( There's a pause, and discerning listeners will be able to hear a metal door slam shut. Is that a dryer? Some other appliance? )

And even after all that, the damn thing doesn't work right. Looks like just about everything in this dimension, from the public to the products, is crap.

( You can practically hear her roll her eyes as the door swings open, shuts again. Was that the turn of a combination lock? )

So. Since you're all so fond of conversation, tell me what's worse: having expectations that are too high, or no expectations at all?
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( The voice is clipped, sharp, and to the point-- no scuffling with controls or stopping to take things in, here. Also? Whoever this woman is, she sounds pissed off. )

So, City—great name, by the way, though I think someone beat you to it—stop me if I’ve got any of this wrong.

Alternate dimension, time travel, and duplicates of people we might already know. Superpowers, overly ambitious AI, and absolutely no discretion about who it pulls in, despite claiming to want “heroes.”

And apparently no reliable way back, since you’re all sitting on your hands, here. Perfect.

Just one question—is the universe as I know it going to implode because of all this crap?


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