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[See, this could have been a simple phone call. No one else would know about this. No one who isn't involved.

But here's someone who's pissed off enough to not give a shit's ass about filters and phone calls and just turns on the thing in the easiest setup.

Plus. There's a lot of phones already ringing in the background. Yeah.

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[It's a clatter.

First the communicator, turning it on. From the floor, it films a very weird scenery in a very awkward angle: a ruin, that is almost brought to the ground if not for the tall main column of the infrastructure. Then the sword, red and silver, landing next to the comm, the blade sticking to the concrete impossibly nicely. Nero's foot gets into view, dusty boot all covered in soot and what seems like some kind of grayish flour. There's a subtle blue glow filling the surroundings for a while, and during that, a slash of white, fast Xs slide across the air towards that tower.

[Metallic, Nero's voice doesn't seem that much like his own.] Ashes to ashes.. Dust to dust..

[The tower shatters with a loud crack on impact, covering everything in a cloud of dust.

Then Nero's clawed hand lands in front of the foot. And Nero only laughs, hesitant at first, then a little louder,
a little manic, to stop so slowly, with a pant.]

FuCk this noise...

[ooc: Let's... just... say this: Nero has a lot of anger issues normally, but those only became a little aggravated when being in the city. That with them feelings in the air? Only made them unleash them a tiiiny little. So he vents his frustrations at the nearest empty building he could find. Oh, that voice? Allow me to introduce you to his Devil Trigger.]
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[Here's Nero looming over a coffee table with a series of contraptions and metallic instruments on it. He blows on a particularly large sniper rifle bullet shell case and takes a look at it with an analytical eye before sighing and setting it down and turning to the video.]

Right. I need some pocket money. Or something.

Any place that needs a part-timer or something?

[Seriously? He just wants something to take his mind off the date that's nearing. Yeah.]
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Well, fuck you I'll air guitar wherever I want.

[and another text, after a while]

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[This switches on at a low angle, and you can still hear a somewhat distant "WHY I NEVER". He's walking into the living room as if having crossed [or answered] said front door and he does not look pleased. The living room table, which is visible for a few seconds before he turns the camera to himself, by the way, is covered with sniper rifle-sized bullet shells and some tools to manufacture them Thank you for the idea, Veronica.]

You know, Tis the Season and all that crock, but if anyone else tries to shove religion in my face again will be punched so hard you'll be retroactively aborted.


[And he switches off.]
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Okay, now that everyone has stuffed their face with Turkey or whatever, really.

Where the hell are you guys from, anyway?

Pattern searching, people. Or boredom. Or something. What's the difference?
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[Surprise, surprise, this guy actually sounds a bit chipper!]

... okay, now that that whole ordeal was over.

The gas price here is ridiculous.
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[See your random MAC building kitchen. See Nero padding across it lazily - barefoot! - with something aluminum in his hand, steaming.

See Nero dropping it like a dead weight into the garbage bin.

Even the freaking lasagnas are nasty.

I officially hate this city.
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Yeah, the electricity shenanigans? Makes moving into my new apartment easy peasy man, let me tell you.

Anyway, whoever needs to find their keys or whatever give me a ring or whatever you "heroes" are supposed to be calling at this crock. I kinda have this... permanent flashlight, I guess.

[ooc: btw I have no idea why I can't put the proper tag in this post? Lj stop being silly.]
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[Here's a guy reaching his early twenties. He probably wouldn't stand out as much in the middle of a city if it weren't for his somewhat hazardous state - he has been trying to destroy the portal, after all, so it gave him the look of someone who shoved a fork inside the toaster - and his bright white hair.]

Okay, enough with this cryptic bullshit. I get it.

[The lilt in his voice was casual, until then, in which starts to bubble a growl]

Whose face do I need to break to get the hell out of here.


Jun. 6th, 2010 09:28 pm
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How the hell is it that we have the BEST damn security in the world, tons of guards, high tech cells and more bells and whistles than I even KNOW about, and yet the bad guys STILL manage to stage breakouts from the prison?!

[a loud noise, like something breaking]

We need to start taking their damn communicators. Why do we let them keep those anyway! Argh!! I'm PISSED OFF!!

[a little bit of heavy breathing, but then he seems to calm down a smidge]

Stupid Nazis. Anyway. Red, are you ok? Did they hurt you?

Tch... I'm not going to LA, by the way. I've got work to do here. And what if those guys decide to come over here while all of our resources are spread out? It's a good idea!

[a bit of a pause and the sound of Nero tapping his claws on the desk he's sitting at] ... on a totally different note, has anyone heard from that bastard Dante lately? He hasn't been showing off to the network, so.... whatever that means.

... I guess that's all for now.
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Welp, it's official. There isn't anything spookier than a pitch black, silent prison full of psychopaths. Good thing the generator kicked in after about 5 minutes. Weirdest crap though, my iPod went off when everything else did and I am pretty sure I charged it that morning. I hear it was an EMP? Huh.

[sound of clawed fingers being tapped on some hard surface... what else was there... oh yeah!]

Oh, we never found out what was causing all that weirdness with the lights and music before, but it seems to be done with for now.

[A pause, then;]

[Private; METABEE]

Hey, hey. Metabee. Is that leftover pizza still in the fridge in the breakroom? I just had a really awesome idea.
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Sorry for posting again so soon, but uh... publicly broadcasted murder... that happen a lot here?

I'm not too keen on falling back under the wing of authority so soon after being betrayed by the Order, but... I want to do something to help.

So cops. Tell me what I can do.

[[ooc: So yes, Nero is looking to join the cops. It might be best to put him on prisonguard duty at the Superjail since he's a violent son of a bitch, BUT HE WANTS TO HELP SOMEHOW OK ;__;]]
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[The video cuts on, though the camera's lens is completely obscured by a strangely bright blue glow. The communicator is placed down on a table and the blue glow recedes and resolves itself into a claws, monstrous hand. The claw is attached to a teenager with bright blue eyes and snow white hair who can't be older than 17. He looks less than happy and he crosses his arms over his chest. Interestingly, his other hand is totally human in appearance. There is an open box of pepperoni pizza on the table next to him. About half of it is eaten.]

So yeah. I got the memo. This is the City, there's no way out, you're a hero no, blah blah blah... But I have to tell you, I'm a special case! [he plays with the dogtags around his neck idly] Even though there's free housing and handouts and stuff... I have someone important to get home to, you know? And a whole island of people who are probably really confused. [he takes a slice of the pizza and eats on it, chewing thoughtfully]

Pfft. I'm sure Dante would love this place. This hero-y crap would make him laugh so hard... [another bite, more thoughtful chewing] I mean, there aren't even any demons here to fight! What am I supposed to do?! Pain in the ass.

[he rolls his head around on his neck a bit, popping it. He then pulls up some large headphones that had previously been hanging around his neck up to his ears. He then kicks a leg up on the table and kicks the communicator over, with the intent of turning it off and looking so cool; that doesn't happen. Instead it gives a wonderful view of Nero's ceiling. There is the sound of a scooting chair and Nero grumbling and cursing. He reaches to turn it off, grumbling the whole way.]

you frickin' piece of crap, you were supposed to turn off when I kicked y-- [click]


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