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[She posts it directly and only to the network for several reasons. She doesn't want to be alone. People are more likely to know each other -- Carrie could probably keep better track of whoever moves in to Terry's (ported out twice) apartment, if she wanted to. And Nina needs someone who won't frown upon the fact that she's learning how to deal with her abilities like the natives have lately.]

Bedroom and private bath.
All utilities, cable TV included for $300 per month.
10-minute walk to the nearest subway station.
No smoking and no pets, please.
Contact Nina at 1 385 232.

[NOTE: This ad was deleted after Terry's return.]
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[Hello again, network, Nina's been stuck in her comfortable room for over a month now. Maybe there has been some progress in figuring out just whatever is triggering those awful things in her head, maybe she's just letting someone believe that because she does what she's told. Nina is learning that's what she has to do to get out of here. Pay enough attention and you might guess the cautious little smile she's wearing as she speaks.]

I used to be a dancer. [What a delicate and sad little voice she has. She sounds tired, has been tired for a long time, refusing to eat or take her medication, refusing to cooperate with all the things that are obviously only for her good.

But she's learning.]

I haven't danced in... almost a year. I think I'd like to try it again when I leave. [A beat. Her voice fails her on those last three words so she tries again.] When I'm allowed to leave.


I'd like to get a second chance.
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[She woke up early the morning before in an unfamiliar place, surrounded by unfamiliar faces. All was explained to her: what she did, what she was accused of, the fate that was decided for her. Questions about her arrival, her history, what she's been through in the City, how her powers worked. She's been left in silence and solitude for enough hours and finally given a communicator.

It's night time when the recording clicks on.]

I don't know what happened... I can't remember. They told me but I can't remember.

[Pause. There is still some shivering in her voice. She breathes in.]

I'm sorry. I don't know what to do.

I'd like to leave. Please.
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[It's been a while, network. Since she's seen a communicator, since she's been outside, since she's been alive to the world. She has been locked up in the apartment she once shared with Terrance Ward, isolated with blurred and fading memories from twenty days ago. She can't trust herself to know if they're real or bad dreams anymore and that comforts her, in part, but it's also the only option she has. Asking about it is more terrifying than anything else.

She doesn't remember how she found her communicator in her room again, after she was so sure her doppelganger had successfully lost it, but she takes it as a sign that she isn't supposed to be alone anymore. She doesn't sound necessarily tired, just drowsy, sad, maybe even embarrassed. She's clearly not very comfortable with herself.]

I don't. [Her voice grows quiet, then completely silent. Nina then speaks again, sounding almost pitiful. Little.] I don't want to be here.
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[Guess who got her hands on Nina's communicator? The... evil Nina. The view shows some random street, maybe recognizable to those who regularly pass by it. You may wonder where the actual one is, because this one certainly doesn't.

Her hair is down. Her clothes still follow Nina's style, somewhat, in tones of black and gray, tight and exposing her arms. She has red make up on her lips and a cigarette between her fingers. She takes a quick drag, frowning at something outside the camera view, following it with her eyes in a pretty darn judgmental manner. She looks like she's been building up some energy she wants to release.

Nina exhales, eyes now on the communicator. She tilts her head.]


What the [A DOG BARKS IN THE DISTANCE] does a girl have to do to have some fun around here?

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[BACKDATED TO A COUPLE OF NIGHTS AGO. There's a tiny dog barking in the background. Nina hushes a quick little ssh at it before speaking, as meek as ever.]

Has anyone seen Terry? [a beat.] Terry Ward.
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[PRIVATE TO #20564621 (the Narrator) and backdated to monday because I'm always late.]

What do you want?
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[The video turns on to find a face that will be instantly recognized by some and completely new to the rest. It's a young girl in her mid-teens, long brown hair draping her shoulders and delicate features staring right at the camera. She's frowning just a little bit, taking a deep breath before she finally brings herself to speak, sounding just a little bit more daring than her older counterpart.]

Good evening. I know there are a lot of us who are lost, but I was wondering if anyone knows my mother. Her name is Erica Sayers.

[Nina pauses, remembering something else to add.]

Or, uhm. Miss Christina Simmons. She's my ballet teacher.

[There's a pause. She opens her mouth, presses her lips sheepishly with an exhale and shifts her hands a little before deciding to end the broadcast.]

Thank you.

[Her hand covers the camera before it shuts off.]

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Mar. 9th, 2011 04:29 am
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[filtered from [livejournal.com profile] chipsfalling because she still gets creepy vibes from him!]

I'm looking for a place to live. Away from the M.A.C.
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[She has been in the hospital for almost four days, now, and this night is her last before the discharge.

There's mostly silence, interrupted by the faint sound of Nina breathing - she's holding the communicator very close to her mouth. She only speaks a single word, clearly hesitant and tentative.]

... Hello?

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