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[The video is very clearly not meant to be on, as it's fallen on the ground and not with its owner. The angle is sort of odd, like the communicator was tossed to the side with little consideration for its state. In the corner of the video you can see Poison Ivy, sitting next to a heat lamp with an opaque jar in front of her. She reaches into the jar and, when she pulls it out, it's covered in flies. Living, flightless fruit flies.

This is how she spends her free time.

She starts talking to something off-camera in what could only be called babytalk, leaning over (enjoy that) and pulling a flower pot into the light. It's filled with... well, you could call them venus flytraps, if venus flytraps had leaves the size of pomegranates and moved around more actively than stationary plants should. They're only babies-- but, since they're examples of one of her monstrously-sized hybrid plants, even a baby is much larger than the average. They start eating the flies off her fingers while she looks on affectionately.]

No biting, babies. Everyone will get their turn.

[The camera? Not noticing it at all.]
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In case anyone was wondering, death isn't nearly as exciting as it's made out to be. I wouldn't recommend it.

[For probably the first time in the history of ever, Ivy is not using the video function. This is because, of course, she has lost her powers on top of dying. This means she's no longer the lean green babe machine you all know and love, but is completely, utterly, and entirely human.

She's not happy. This is an understatement. She is really not happy.]

I hope no one's killed the little demon that forced us all into that-- yet. I'd be heartbroken if it happened without me.

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Oct. 8th, 2012 02:53 am
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[This is a rare sight: Ivy is actually wearing non-leaf clothes for once! Nothing too fancy, just a little leather jacket with fur cuffs, because of the chill in the air. How'd she get it? Who knows. Probably not legally. Who cares. There are more important things to discuss.]

Well, that was certainly an experience. But, I've managed to further solidify my beliefs about two topics near and dear to my heart: magic, and men.

Magic? Is nothing but an inconvenience for everyone, even-- if not especially-- magic users. On the rare occasions that it actually starts off working the way it should, it invariably backfires. It's more of an applied morality tale than any real practical art.

Men? No matter what their age, they're only concerned with themselves, thinking nothing of the consequences of their actions or the feelings of others. They never grow out of being children, and most aren't even cute to make up for it. They're the only things in the world more useless than magic.

No need to chime in with your agreement. I already know I'm right.
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"They won't expect us in September."

[Pam is sitting, of all places, on the roof of some apartment building. With all the noise in her head, the singing and laughter and talking, being able to hear her babies on top of all that had started to take its toll. Even the best mothers need to take breaks.]

"Not when their own city starts to reject them. Then it is time, then we take them for our own."

I'm sure this is of some significance to someone who cares, but, unfortunately, I'm not one of them. I just want to know who is speaking, so I can make them stop.

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Aug. 7th, 2012 08:31 pm
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[It looks like somebody set a fertilizer bomb off in the garden section of a Home Depot. No, it's that bad: flowers everywhere, you can't even see the floor for all the underbrush, some particularly bold vines actually pushed their way through a window-- and there, in the middle of it all, is Poison Ivy, idling through some pamphlets as if she hasn't a care in the world. But, Pam always has been very quick to adapt to new environments.]

I hope they won't mind that I've made myself at home. This doesn't look like it will be a temporary inconvenience, so I might as well settle in.

[She crumples up the papers and tosses them over her shoulder-- where a strange plant shoots out to catch it before disappearing back into the overgrowth.]

I'm sure some kind soul out there would be willing to extrapolate on this situation beyond what these wastes of trees have told me. [oh wow what was that look in her eyes when she said that, that didn't look stable at all] Hm?


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