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I appear to have returned to the City after a brief 'porting out'. My, you have been busy without me. I also have a backlog of messages, it seems. I apologize for not responding to them immediately as I was, shall we say, indisposed.

If anything is truly important, I imagine you all know how to reach me.
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[The scene opens to a boy's face; round, bespectacled, with green eyes and black hair and a curious scar on his brow. He is all of eleven, and is looking at the communicator with interest.]

Is this how it works? Professor Snape said that my aunt and uncle wouldn't know I was here, so I thought using this would be okay.

[In the background, a man's voice speaks as the noise of some -- kitchen operation occurs. A kettle goes on the stove.]

Mr. Potter, are you -- for the love of -- [pure exasperation]

[Snape appears behind Harry, glowering down at the communicator.]

I don't know why I'm even surprised. Yes, you've accessed the Network, and let the world know you've arrived. Congratulations, Mr. Potter, you will resume your celebrity far earlier than intended.

[Snape could not look more displeased, honestly. He wanted to keep the kid safe and secret for more than five minutes. Oh well.]

Say good bye, Mr. Potter, and turn off that machine and put it away. Now.

Sorry, Professor.

[Harry fumbles with the communicator for a moment. The feed cuts.]
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[Filtered to: Sirius Black, James Potter, Andromeda Tonks, Nymphadora Tonks, Ron Weasley]

I would suggest any of you that do not already have anti-Apparation wards in place to begin working them into your homes. Mr. Riddle is seeking education in the art of Apparation, and if I do not oblige him, Bellatrix certainly will. I trust you all to take necessary precautions in the mean time, and remain as Alastor Moody was very fond of reminding everyone-- constantly vigilant.
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[Put this information over the Network? ARE YOU INSANE? Snape has penned several identical letters and sent them to the following: James Potter, Remus Lupin, Andromeda Tonks, Ron Weasley. He trusts they will get the information to the partners and their children and wards, and so forth, under their care. ]


The following has been discerned;

Tom Riddle is the Horcrux echo; he was bound to the diary that Ginevra Weasley found. I trust that the eldest Weasley will take his siblings to task in this matter, as we do not need any further baiting of an immortal fragment of a boy who attempted to become as a demigod.

I have at this time, attempted to plant seeds of distrust and fear, and hope that the fragment of Mr. Riddle will attempt to pit myself against Bellatrix Le Strange, to maintain his attention and keep Bellatrix off balance. She will in time discern his unnatural condition; I cannot predict at this time how she will react to her 'lord' being a fragment of the greater self.

At this time, he remains young and arrogant, and certainly wary. I have spun lies seeded with enough verifiable truth. At this point, we will need to meet and discuss what we are planning on doing from this point, considering what we can make of young Mr. Riddle and his threat level. At this point, he is not the most powerful dark wizard in the city, but I doubt that a change of location will stem his ambitions to become so. How we may use that is debatable.

I await responses. Do not use the Network, and use the included enchantments for any communications, unless the Mirrors are secure enough for this sort of delicate communications. Advise the children to be careful what they put over the Network as well. I have noted his interest in the young already, and will work to keep him from attempting to rebuild his powerbase for a time, encouraging learning and adjustment to his new environment. How successful this will be is unknown.


[To Gemma Doyle, he sends his patronous; she is one of only two people who could know it, but neither Gemma nor Remus would betray him and his secrets to Tom Riddle. It has a short, succinct message, and speaks not in his voice, but in Lily Potter's. It seeks her out in a moment of solitude, to deliver it's important message.]

Stay away from Tom Riddle. He is dangerous. See Severus Snape if you must know more. Do not use the network in this matter.

[And then the doe crumbles to nothingness.]
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[Filted to: Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, James Potter, Andromeda Tonks, Nymphadora Tonks, & Ron Weasley]

[Snape's voice is strained, but quickly finds a semblence of strength as he says the words he does not wish to say.]

He is here.

Be watchful. He feels-- weak. I do not know more, and I dare not test the magics here. But I felt it -- there is no mistaking it. He has come to the City.

Bellatrix is powerless. I do not know if she will feel the Mark rise. But there is always that risk. Watch her closely. I will attend to Draco.

[And then, silence.]
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[text, Filtered to: Remus Lupin, Andromeda Black, Draco Malfoy, Luna Lovegood, Callie Maggotbone, Sally Jupiter, and Gemma Doyle.]

I am no longer housed at the MAC. I am now within [Address Included.] It shall be some time before I am prepared, however for guests.

Mr. Lupin, you may expect to have your Wolfsbane from my lab at the appropriate time.

[And a rare public post; voice only -- sounding, perhaps, smug in his own right, but curious.]

Define your greatest success within the City, and for what reasons you define it as such. Was it struggle that made it great? That you did it alone? That you didn't do it alone? What made it a crowning achievement?
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[Set immediately after this post.]

FILTERED TO: Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Lily Potter, James Potter, Andromeda Tonks, Ron Weasley & Nymphadora Tonks

[Snape speaks quietly, expression impassive.]

Bellatrix LeStrange is dead. No evidence of heavy magical combat. Draco Malfoyfound the body; I have him with me now. He's going to need watching after, and I will see to that. Tonks, we're waiting on you. The sooner you get here, the sooner I can get him out of this charnal house.

I do offer this: considering the pattern I've observed in the killings of late -- that most of the individuals were ... somewhat unsavory, or had pasts that were --and the nature of Bellatrix's death, I do not think this is a particular wizarding threat. The majority of you seem like unlikely targets. We'll see how the rest of the week runs, however.

Andromeda -- [Awkward pause. He hates emoting in any way, but still. She's friend enough he can say simple things, even for an audience.] I'm sorry.

[And then he turns off the feed to attend to Draco.]

[Any responses will come much later after the fact.]
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[Video begins -- a little hazy, due to the location and lack of signal. Somewhere a network tower isn't working the way it should.]

[Snape is collected and composed; jaw set, dark eyes flinty, and speaks as resolutely and commandingly as he ever has to a group of first years or OWL students alike. The image of stern task master is somewhat disrupted by Nill peeking around him with wide eyes and wings aflutter-- obviously, she says nothing, while Snape says everything: speech is careful, clipped, and precise, for maxmimum information.]

With the riots going strong, there are those who may not be able to return to the MAC, or other safe havens such as Dr. Solus' clinic. In the event that there are wounded or weary that need respite, we using Miss Nill's church as a current stronghold. We have a mediwitch for the wounded. If any of you can spare the time to bolster our defenses as the night goes on, with the glut sure to be at the hospitals and clinics, we need your help in maintaining a haven for others who need safety from human storm.

If you can make it to the clinic, make that your first priority! We are not undefended. But if you cannot reach the clinic, to defend or take advantage of it, we have space for you at the church.

[He gives the address to Nill's church.]

Those who seek to take advantage of us or spread chaos to this church. will be met with unforgiving resistance.

You are warned.

[The message clicks off to the noise of sirens in the distance and human foot traffic running amok nearby, Snape's stern voice lifting, unintelligble, though it sounds like he might have said Andromeda....]

[There is a log open here for action/etc, but you can feel free to respond to this post as well.]
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[The room comes into focus. It seems to be low; perilously close to the floor. A man, clad in black, disheveled -- face spattered with blood and so very pale and sallow -- breathes out one rough word.]

B--bezoar. Got -- bezoar-- come--

[Fingers go nerveless. The communicator falls, clatters to the ground. It continues to record nothing but the floor and the sound of slowing, labored breathes.]


[Sometime later-- an undetermined time, there's some noise. Then the man's voice, as someone helps him turn that item off, then simply turn it to voice.]

I regret to say that this-- porter grabbed me at a very terrible time. I offer apology to anyone I may have disturbed with that display, but it did find me one who could keep my visit to this city from being very brief. Aid has been rendered.

[OOC: Gemma volunteered to find Snape and keep him from being poisoned and/or bleeding to death on the imPort building floor; any threads otherwise will be responded to otherwise over Network, but Gemma (And anyone who ends up finding them, will be off the action tag thread set up under this post. Thanks for understanding! I know a lot of people want a piece of the action, and I will do my best to accommodate everybody. :D Thanks for making this so awesome.]


Dec. 5th, 2010 11:38 pm
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[A rather disgruntled face pops into frame. The man said face belongs to has one hand holding the communicator at arm's length, the other almost unconsciously rubbing his throat.]

Oh, for the love of--

I have had a remarkably bad day, and this is nowhere in the vicinity of actually helping. Of course, that hardly surprises me. Even death refuses to actually take place according to anything resembling logic. Because if this is any sort of afterlife, I would think it's a rather twisted joke of one. Eternity, one would imagine, would not come with brochures.

At any rate, message received, although what to make of it is something else entirely.

[He mutters something that sounds rather like 'Completely ridiculous!' before the feed cuts off.]


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