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For me, autumn has been an endless stream of people leaving. First it was the Power kids. Then, Franklin. And now... I'm fairly certain Reed is gone, too. Meanwhile the amount of stuff I've inherited from people who've ported out is intense. A penthouse apartment. A fully equipped robotics lab, a couple of bank accounts, Johnny's collection of women's pants. With the exception of that last one, these are all things that could be passed on again, and in all likelihood will, when the Porter decides my time is up too.

What's the strangest or most important thing that's been left to you via a port out? And... how do you decide who to leave your belongings to? What sort of criteria do you use to determine who gets your stuff when you port out or die?
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[Susan is in a laboratory, pen in hand as she fiddles with her communicator. In the background a small television is tuned to a cable news channel, and some blowhard commentator is on an anti-imPort tirade. After about fifteen seconds, she switches off the television, scowling as she turns back to the camera.]

For all the negative press about imPorts, we've contributed a great deal of good to this world. It's shameful that the benefits of our presence here are so grossly overshadowed by these stupid cable news guys. It's like every little thing that goes wrong is somehow the fault of an imPort. Like we make the sky overcast out of spite or control the price of a gallon of milk.

What about the advancement in technology and medicine brought to this world by imPorts? The leaps forward in scientific knowledge, the enormous cultural impact, the thousands of lives saved because we just so happened to be here to save them?

[She sighs, dropping her pen on the table.]

But fear sells, and in the end it's all about the bottom line, no matter what the cost. So no more cable news for me today. I want to hear something uplifting, something positive that imPorts are directly responsible for.
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[It's TV host/comedian Stuart Johnson sitting at his desk, blathering on to his loyal audience, as usual. Let us watch with great interest!]

Stuart Johnson: My guest tonight: Dr. Susan Storm, the Invisible Woman, has a new paper out on the benefits of using Skrull DNA in medical procedures! With her business partner, Dr. Victor von Doom, she hopes to revolutionize the treatment of burn victims and those who have suffered severe disfigurement. Which seems legit since she's working with Dr. Doom. I'm not saying it looks like burnt hamburger under that mask, I just... Don't see why you would wear a proverbial bag over your face if it wasn't really that bad. On an entirely unrelated note, I'd like to make it clear that I mean no disrespect to the great nation of Latveria and in fact have enormous respect for its accomplishments in the sciences, despite its questionable... Shall we say, fictional status. Steven Flaubert's the one with the Captain America shield, not me. Anyway, please welcome to the program, Dr. Susan Storm!

Interview under cut! )
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I can't find Johnny anywhere. He won't answer my calls, he's not answering his door. We were supposed to meet-- he wouldn't do this to me.

[There's a pause. Sue's voice gets very soft.]

... I think he may have been ported out.

[Abruptly, she adds:]

But maybe not. Maybe he's just being an irresponsible younger brother, right? Right. Okay. If you've seen him, tell him he needs to call Sue right away, that it is very urgent. Thanks.
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[Hey look it's one of those sad, 3am news shows. The anchor is looking very tired and seems to be very unimpressed by this story.]

And lastly tonight; it's being hailed as the next leap forward in the field of prosthetics, and it comes from a rather unlikely source.

[The news report begins in earnest, with a perkier looking reporter in a lab beside what appears to be a very lifelike mannequin.]
Some are calling it a miracle of modern biotech. Others are calling this new synthetic skin an immoral abomination. But either way, this new technology has set the medical world and the blogosphere abuzz. )
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[Sue is in the living room of her penthouse. She's sitting in the dark, the window that overlooks the water can be clearly seen in the background. Wrapped up in her bathrobe, she looks tired. Exhausted really.]

I hear the ticking of the clock, I'm lying here, the room's pitch dark.

[She pauses, a puzzled look on her face. It's as if that wasn't what she meant to say.]

I wonder where you are tonight, no answer on the telephone.

[Another pause. This really isn't going her way at all.]

And the night goes by so very slow. Oh, I hope that it won't end though, alone.

[Suddenly, as if by some invisible cue, background music suddenly begins blaring. And Sue suddenly finds herself singing!]

'Til now I always got by on my own,
I never really cared until I met you.
And now it chills me to the bone.
How do I get you alone?
How do I get you alone?

[Suddenly filled with confidence, she continues to sing.]

You don't know how long I have wanted to touch your lips and hold you tight.
You don't know how long I have waited, and I was gonna tell you tonight.
But the secret is still my own,
And my love for you is still unknown, alone.

[This is the part where she gently rocks out and dances around her living room in her stocking feet, bathrobe fluttering around her like a cape.]

'Til now I always got by on my own,
I never really cared until I met you.
And now it chills me to the bone.
How do I get you alone?
How do I get you alone?

[An invisible guitar plays mournfully, and Sue looks appropriately stricken as she dances.]

Alone! Aloooooooone!

[And then, as suddenly as the music began, it ends. And Sue is left looking, well, mortified. She suddenly vanishes from view, and the feed cuts off abruptly.]

((ooc: Yes, Sue just rocked out to Heart. This is for the musical plot, btw.))
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Namor, Victor. I'm so sorry to bother you. It's an odd hour, I realize. I'm having some... problems.

[Instantly regretting this idea. What is her life.]

I didn't know who to turn to here. I have no one else.

[God, what is she even doing? Sue's voice is shaky, it's obvious she's been crying.]

If either of you are--

[No, that's no good. She takes a deep breath and tries again.]

I could really use a fri-- I could use a distraction right about now.

((ooc: Sue is pretty much having the worst couple weeks of her life right now. Hacker types can feel free to get into this, but she won't be too happy about it!))
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[The feed turns on, showing the harbor front paths of Battery Park. Sue is holding the camera, which is slowly zooming in on what appears to be an ordinary flower bed.]

Has anyone else noticed anything unusual happening with our local flora today? I could have sworn I saw those flowers moving on their own.

[Someone shrieks in the background. Sue turns around quickly, aiming the camera at the disturbance. Across the path is another flower bed, and it appears that a small flowering plant is devouring a live pigeon. There's an explosion of blood and feathers followed by more horrified screaming from bystanders.]

Oh my god!

[Suddenly, more of the plants seem to spring to life, "mouths" a-chomping as they make way for the group of people that had gathered to watch the pigeon-snacking. There's terrified screaming, someone's dog is possibly now being eaten by a swarm of hungry hyacinths. In the commotion, her communicator is tossed on a lawn. She sprints over to the crowd, forcing her way through them to the front line as she contains the plants in a forcefield, dragging them up by their roots. In her rush, she does the first thing that comes to mind: she dumps the squirming plants into the harbor, where they hiss angrily before floating away.

She sprints back over to her communicator, snatching it up before someone else thinks to steal it. She still looks mildly horrified by all of this. Seriously, they just ate some lady's dog!]

I really hope this was an isolated event. [She exhales, before adding sheepishly:] I'm sorry about littering, Namor. It was either drown them or let them eat another poodle.
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[The post begins with texts. Each text is sent individually, with about fifteen seconds between each. Yes, she is trying to use the communicator as a search engine.]

What is my current location?

Directions to Baxter Building

Directions to Baxter Building by foot

What is today's date?

Am I in an alternate reality?

How do I get home?

Kidnapped to alternate reality, how to fix?

[The texts then stop, and ten minutes later a video feed begins.]

Obviously I'm not doing this right. Sorry about that. Computers were never really my strong suit.

[She looks tired, frustrated, and pretty roughed up. Despite that, there's no mistaking the determined look in her eyes.]

Anyway, I really don't have the time or energy to deal with this right now. I was kind of in the middle of defending the world from my evil ex-boss and I'm pretty sure the guys will need my back up on this. So if you could please point me in the direction of the machine that sends people back, I'd be really, really grateful.


Dec. 13th, 2009 02:14 pm
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In a city full of heroes with power, I think it's only logical that we take advantage of this and examine each and every person here. Think of all the things we can learn. That being said, any volunteers to run a few tests? I think it's more imperative to run tests on people who received powers just from being in the city rather than people who had powers in their own world. Not that I would ever say no to examining you guys, if you wanted.

It's nothing more than some preliminary questions about physical and mental health and then a run through the bioscaner to look at your anatomy, which is perfectly painless.

[There's a pause and then--]

Oh! I almost forgot to introduce myself. I'm Dr. Susan Storm, also known as Invisible Woman. Currently, since the Baxter Building doesn't exist in this world, I'm working out of one of Tony Stark's multitude of impressive labs. If you have any questions about... well, anything having to do with your powers, I'd be happy to help. At any time.

[ooc: Sue wants to touch youuuuu and look inside youuuuu~ >D]


Dec. 9th, 2009 10:54 pm
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[A scratched up and confused looking Sue is staring at the camera. She seems a bit shaken.]

Hello? Anyone out there?

... anyone at all?



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