Nov. 20th, 2012 03:07 pm
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[He's being quite avoidy today. Even the TARDIS looks a bit gloomier in the back. If anyone has stopped by the Doctor's house you'll notice it's quite empty and likely to stay that way for awhile]

Yes. Well. I suppose it's important to note that Jack Harkness has gone home. Right before that holiday too.

[Small smile]

Always has to make a dramatic exit him.

Anyway, he's gone and I'm here. If someone would be so kind to water the plants on our porch I'd appreciate it.
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Look at this! Okay, listen to this. I'm small and fleshy and nothing fits except this excellent bandanna I found...

I'm not worried seeing as you'll fix this, right? The house thing was fun, but this is just ridiculous. The TARDIS is ignoring me and I may have broken Jack.

Zatanna I'm very serious. Ignore the voice and here the serious tone. How can I possibly be expected to gain any respect with a body like this!?


Aug. 22nd, 2012 08:40 pm
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[This glowing blue form is only slightly familiar. Gone is the ever familiar bowtie and snappy braces. This form is far less clothes and with slightly less contrast than usual. In fact some who know him may fear this could be the end]

It took me a whole day to get home. The sounds of this city. I never realized it before.

[For a long moment he's silent as he listens to things beyond the communicator's microphone. The longer he listens the less solid he becomes until he is more of a bright spot than actual figure. Without something or someone solid to hold it, the communicator falls to the ground, a quick glimpse of that bright thing's body is shown before the viewer goes dark. There's a bit of fumbling and snorting as the machine is picked back up. The figure is solid once more.]

I do hope this is less than permanent. Maybe less than hope. Everything is a tumble inside and out.


Jul. 5th, 2012 05:21 pm
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Private to Jim

Hope you're free this Friday evening. I have a surprise for you! No need to dress up as this is more come as you are.


Jun. 4th, 2012 11:21 pm
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[This room isn't his own, but the blue box that stands in it is. His face is sad, and maybe there's a bit of wet stuff in his eyes, but only for those who recognize these sort of looks from him. Really he wished this face was better at hiding how he felt.]

I believe Luna is gone. Her room is here, but her presence is missing.

[He sits on her bed gently, because it's entirely possible she might come back and no one wants a wrinkly bed to sleep in]

I waited too long and now...well, that's that I suppose.

[A forced smile and he's jumping back up and heading into that blue box]

I guess I'll be home for dinner, Jack.


May. 14th, 2012 05:46 pm
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[The picture is a bit shaky as the Doctor flops into an oversized chair. In the background there seems to be some residual smoke coming from the doorway of his kitchen. Perhaps people can see a few splashes of what may have at one time been food on the walls. He's more than a little filthy and tired, but that bright smile of his can't be wiped off his face.]

I have a very big, very important item which I need to discuss with the inhabitants of this fair city. Now, sit down because this could get very heated and we don't need people falling down and such.

[He clears his throat and gives the camera a very serious look]

Pie. It is vitally important that I know what sort of pie is most loved and, even more importantly, why the stove does not have a "Cook Pie Now" setting.
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[Snap, you know it's serious when he gets your name right!]

Yuma, wherever you are you need to contact me immediately. There is something wrong with Astral. A being in his body claims he is a Number.

If you do not contact me within a day I will assume this Number fellow has done something to you and will confront him myself.


Apr. 14th, 2012 06:56 pm
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[Have a familiar looking long face staring at you. The Doctor scratches his head and frowns]

I was certain this was the door to Amy's bathroom.

[A huff and then he's suddenly all smiles]

Well, HELLO CITY! Guess I'm back. Hope Jack hasn't burnt down the house although I'm sure Ianto is keeping him in line.

[He rubs his hand over his shirt and straightens his bow tie]

Now tell me, what have I missed?


Feb. 26th, 2012 03:38 pm
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[There are certain things that just become familiar with a person. The scent of their perfume, or that one red coat they always have on. For the Doctor it's his fantastic bow ties, but even that is limited to this regeneration. No, if you really want something familiar then you need to have an open ear.

That sound, that beautiful sound is all you can hear over the sounds of grunting and wires popping. Luckily there's visual too as a coatless Doctor hangs tight to a rather poorly constructed console. He's all smiles and laughter. Hope no one watching gets motion sick]



Feb. 20th, 2012 08:41 pm
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[Now here's a familiar face even if the area around him is less so. He's surrounded by all types of electronics and knick-nacks none of which have a thing to do with each other. The camera is focused more on him than the mess behind him, so good luck trying to figure out what he's building]

Well, if we're all done slicing bits and pieces off each other I'd like to propose looking at this from a rational and far less paranoid state.

These Skrulls are supposedly impersonating us, yes? However only one has been discovered...would it not be possible that in it's death it claimed what is not? The paranoia of humans can be far more destructive than an actual invasion.

[He moves away and you get a brief glimpse of a large tube surrounded by a hexagonal console. It might be vaguely familiar to those in the know, however it's very worse for wear and really a bit more impossible than even his usual mode of transportation.

Back he pops into frame, this time wearing goggles]

Dear Doctor Zoidberg, I'm surprised that a man of your intelligence would allow hysteria to get the best of you. Men like us need to keep a level head.

I say call off the witch, or rather alien hunt before you find yourselves right where these beings want you.
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[The camera tries to focus, but whoever is holding the thing keeps flailing about. It’s far too late, or maybe far too early for this sort of disturbance unless of course you’re the Doctor.

What do you know. Here he is as the camera finally settles and focuses in on him sparkly hat and all]

HELLO CITY! WELCOME TO 2012! What a smashing year this is gonna be.

[The camera starts to fall again]

Whoa, oopsy daisy. No falling down on the job, Navigator!

[ Some giggling can be heard as another hand travels into frame to steady the camera. ]

Careful, Doctor! You don’t want to break anything.

[ Not that Luna’s one to talk, since the camera soon starts wobbling again, revealing that the two of them have large mugs of... something. Eggnog, perhaps? ]

W- What he said! Happy new year, City! It’s going to be wonderful... oh, dear, I’m almost out.

[The Doctor has a glass that is empty of it's own mystery drink. He just stares at it sadly]

Clearly we need to find a new source of all things A-mazing...

[Look out city the cool kids are out!]


Dec. 28th, 2011 01:56 pm
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[Oh it's this man again and he's wearing a silly hat. What's new?

At least most of the Christmas decorations have been changed into party decorations. Is this a hint of shenanigans?]

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and got lots of gifts and hopped around in your pajamas all day. Really I think that's the best part of Christmas, but now it's over and in a few days it will be the new year. I rather liked this year, so I'm making sure to celebrate with lots of fizzy drinks and hats!

[He moves out of frame and zooms in on...yes...THE CONFETTI CANON IS BACK!]

I'm fixing it up to give one heck of a bang come midnight and YOU'RE ALL INVITED! That's right, just pop over to the blue house with all the lights and have a good time. There will be hats! And bubblies! Music! Did I mention the hats?

Come to the Doctor's New Years Party. See how it's all capitalized and everything? Well, you can't see it, but trust me in my mind it was all capitalized. Feel free to bring a friend or two; the house is bigger than it looks.

See you all there! Or here rather!


Nov. 30th, 2011 03:57 pm
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[Oh, it's the Doctor channel. Today the show is set in a simple downtown jail cell full of all sorts of nefarious types and the Doctor. Yep. He's currently yelling at an officer.]

Oi! I was trying to save the city! How was I to know he kept his wallet in his coat, an EVIL coat might I add! You can't lock a man up for saving someone from an evil coat it just isn't done!

Hey! Are you even listening to me?

[Finally he turns to the communicator]

It's a wonder anyone can do any heroing in this city. Can you believe I saved that fellow and he presses charges against me for stealing his wallet? Who leaves their wallet in an evil jacket?

Jack, if you have a chance to drop by and get me out that would be splendid, but don't feel rushed I've made quite a few friends in here!


Nov. 13th, 2011 08:41 pm
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[Standing in the middle of the holiday aisle with a rather jolly hat despite the time of year is the Doctor. Behind him is a basket FULL of lights and he holds onto another basket. Neighbors beware!]

Right! Last year the locals confiscated my brilliant display and turned off the power. This year I'm a step ahead and I've built my own generator.

[This can only mean bad things of course]

I've come up with a theme: PENGUINS ON PARADE! Because penguins are winter creatures and I saw this delightful light piece and thought it really fit the season.

OH! And music! On the Youtube was a man who made his lights dance to holiday music and really if a human can do that then so can I only it will be bigger and louder!

[In his excitement he nearly knocks out a worker who was pulling down a tacky snowglobe for the yard that claimed to have dancing penguins on the box]

I even found Christmas paper with penguins! Oh this really will be fantastic!


Aug. 2nd, 2011 09:19 am
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[This long face hasn't been seen for awhile. In the background you can see his basement, or at least a tiny bit as it's a little dark beyond the area he's standing in. The camera shakes a bit and then nearly tumbles to the ground but is caught just before it hits the floor.

Hold your stomach as the Doctor sets the thing back up where it can see him. Mr. Multi-tasker, films and works at the same time, and only occasionally blows things up.]

This Porter has rubbish timing. She also managed to breach the walls of my TARDIS.

[His eyebrow raises in a silent comment on how unhappy that makes him.]

However my time away and my return has given me ideas! Boundary breaking, dimension hopping ideas!

[Reaching down he pulls up a mish-mash laser gun which is fairly large in relation to the skinny Doctor]

She's not done yet, but hopefully I'll be able to send out a signal through the dimensional barrier and right to the TARDIS.


That or it will create a blackhole. Possibly make toast. Bit of a gamble when dealing with human machinery!


Jul. 2nd, 2011 04:15 pm
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[The video feed turns on to a shaky image of horrible July Fourth decor spread around the Casa de TARDIS. Up pops the familiar face of the Doctor and his equally hideous bowtie.]

Everyone is invited to a party! Oh I love a good party and what better time than now? You Statesmen and your fireworks and hotdogs; oh! and bouncy houses with water slides!

[He gathers a bit of composure]

Right, so I'm having a big party and everyone can come...unless you're evil.


Oh what the hey, you evil people can come too, because everyone likes fireworks and barbecues! I've got hats too! Lots of hats all red, white, and blue! I expect all my friends to be there, and their friends too. Don't worry it's all bigger on the inside.

[He leans in closer to the camera. You know, in case you can't see so well.]

Zatanna, do you have a hand pump? I bought a pool but I forgot the handpump.

Oh, and bring your John fellow, yes? Good.

[He leans back again with a big wave and a bigger grin]

Hope you all stop by!


May. 21st, 2011 03:18 pm
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[This here is the SADDEST Doctor face you will ever see. EVER!

He's sitting on Rory's bed and wearing a Rory flannel.]

Rory Williams is gone. POOF. Possibly the worst sort of technology ever invented, this Porter. Without Rory, Amy won't know how to find us.

What sort of Mad Man am I without my box or companions?


May. 8th, 2011 07:38 pm
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[Oh, you know you've all missed this face and that bow tie! Luckily he's here to save EVERYONE! Look, he even has a Stetson 'cause everyone knows heroes wear Stetsons!]

Right, I need information and a child in no particular order. Oh! and possibly the direct line of someone in charge.

[Just in case that sounds weird to some people he gives a friendly smile]

I'm the Doctor and it just so happens that this sort of thing happens to me all the time.


Well, most the time. Except for the whole turning into children bit. That's a new one for sure.

Also, Rory, did you redecorate? I was fairly certain this was the living room.

[He is, in fact, in the bathroom sitting on the sink BECAUSE WHERE ELSE WOULD ONE SIT IN A TIME LIKE THIS?]


Apr. 5th, 2011 09:59 pm
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[Jack is just grinning at the camera, trying not to giggle too obviously. The camera in question is slightly wobbly, but when it finally focuses, it does so on the Doctor, a fish in a fishbowl, and the wall of a holding cell somewhere in Ohio.]

Hellllooooo, network! Did you know it’s against the law to, uh, get a fish drunk? Did you also know that humans are totally great, even though some of their laws are ridiculous? Like the fish one. Why shouldn’t a fish be able to get drunk? It can make up its own mind, it’s a grown fish!

[In the background the Doctor is tapping on the fishbowl]




[Looks up rather seriously]

I think Rory is died. [TAP] He’d dead too.

[Jack turns and blinks at the Doctor and Rory the fish, frowning.]

What? Noooo, he was going to be our mascot! Maybe Rory didn’t like Guinness. Poor Rory!

[He flops back against the wall and turns his attention back to the camera.]

We need to have a wake for Rory. Maybe the cute police officer can join us! Think I should ask him?

[Shakes his head sadly]

No, Rory was a respectable fish and deserves a respectable funeral -- no police officers.


Especially ones who take my sonic!

[Jumps up and goes off screen]


RELAX, they’re not gonna steal your five billion floaty pens! And stop yelling, it’s making my head ring!

[Back to the camera, with a grin.]

Haven’t been this drunk since the ‘40s. ANYWAY, um. What was I -- OH yes, right. Don’t get fish drunk in Ohio, alright, guys? ….Or hit on cute blond police officers.
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[The video opens to a rare image of the Doctor wearing a beanie and a horribly clashing sweater. He’s managing to walk and talk and even record at the same time. Yes, this man is multi-talented. Also, he seems to have a sitter friend along for whatever this is.

The background seems rather poorly lit in reds and blues and the voices all seem to echo around.]

Hello, Rory!

[Jack will take this opportunity to quite rudely barge into the viewscreen, waving.]

Who’re you talking to? Rory? Hey, if you’ve ever wanted to meet the evil twin of Bob Marley, they’ve got him here. Also the Fun King of Spelunking, apparently! Though I haven’t seen him yet, huh. Anyway. I don’t suppose anyone you know would like about a billion floaty pens? For no reason whatsoever, of course.

[And back to the one people actually want to talk to.]

They’re for souvenirs!

I bought everyone a floaty pen! Well, not everyone because that would just defeat the point of people coming up here and they should! There’s even a mummy.

[Lowers his voice and moves closer to the comm]

It’s not a real mummy sorry to say, but you can throw coins at it!

[Pff, sorry, no, they want to talk to the handsome charming guy who doesn’t buy a billion floaty pens. So here he is, stealing the comm back.]

The mummy is pretty brilliant, I’ll give you that. So are the caves! --Cheesy, yeah, but that’s kind of the point. If you ever wanted to see pictures of me with a mummy, though, let me just say you definitely will. The biggest slideshow ever when we get back.

[Aaaannndddd back to the interesting one]

Lots of pictures! This one loves himself more than he loves everything else.

We’re probably heading to Pennsylvania next; I haven’t seen the Mercer Museum since it opened. Oh a goblin made of rock. Fantastic!

You humans really are a creative bunch!
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[The screen is shaky and there's a bit of bumping around before the Doctor's face appears covered in smoke. Oh dear, what has he done now?]

Ted. Ted. TED!

I need...uh, well, there's a bit of a situation. Can't tell Amy and Rory though; they're so fussy about this sort of thing.

Luckily I have you! And [He's pulling random things from his pockets. Yo-yo, slime in a jar, socks...oh! A sonic!] this!

But we need to hurry before those two wake up!

[More shaking of the camera and...what the hell is that noise? Hopefully nothing blows up in the mean time!]
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[There's a friendly face everyone knows and loves complete with a bright red bow tie.]

It has recently come to my attention that Valentine's Day is approaching. Normally I don't celebrate human holidays, especially one about love, but I do happen to know a couple in desperate need of some romance in their lives. Thanks to one you kind souls I have procured the necessary music, but now I need something to make the evening 'POP!'

I'm thinking confetti cannon.


Jan. 15th, 2011 11:50 am
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[It's rather bright, maybe too bright for a person to really handle, and the a buzzing sound indicated that the lights may have been amped up. That familiar face with the floppy hair and bow tie (black today) is far more serious than those on the network may be used to seeing. There is age in those eyes, proof that this being has seen things that no one should ever see]

Improbable, but not impossible. You continue to surprise me Porter, and this surprise is a dangerous one.

A deadly one.

What you're playing with goes beyond the bounds of time. That's my realm and I don't like people tampering with it.

If it's shadows you'd like to play with - memories - do well to know that one does not touch the mind of a Time Lord without getting burned.

If this is you playing with universes and time again know that this man, this being once sought to destroy reality itself. Even your presence will not stop his madness.

It's a dangerous game you play...if this is more than a game then I pray you are prepared to lose everything.


Jan. 7th, 2011 11:37 pm
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[The camera flashes to a rather puke green bow tie before it's pulled back and a face comes into focus. In the background are numerous stuffed creatures all wishing good health. Look who actually has a job. Of course this has nothing to do with overstuffed animals.]

Yes, uh, Rory.

Should the electricity be unable to turn on this evening don't worry. The nice electrical man has turned off our house power until you take down the lights.

Something about planes and small children. I forget.

Really Rory, you should be more thoughtful!
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[The screen pops on and there is a slight buzzing which you may recognize as a holiday favorite. A 'POP' of a cracker and then the appearance of a face familiar to some. He wearing a very festive bowtie.]


Oh, this is jolly! I can't remember the last time I had such a festive Christmas.


Well, I can, but that doesn't matter. Here I am with my friends

[Oh look who's filming Amy and bed...asleep...]

and YOU! So, make sure you all know what a great day this is and have a happy one!
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[There's a rather piercing noise over the comms. The screen flickers on, but any view of the operator is blocked by a bright green light. A slight click and the noise and light disappear. The object - a screwdriver- is pulled away revealing a long, youthful face of a man with floppy hair and a rather dashing bow tie.]

Tricky, tricky Mrs. Porter. You know, not much can penetrate my TARDIS.

[A slight pause and a suspicious look.]

Actually, nothing can penetrate my TARDIS.

[A grin, but for those who can read this mystery man, the grin doesn't quite reach his eyes.]

CONGRATULATIONS! Not much surprises me anymore.

[He twirls around taking in the room.]

Ohhh, very advanced for, what-

[A bounce in place and takes a deep breath]

2010? No, that's not right. Something is wrong. Someone is playing with technology that doesn't belong here.

[There's that grin again, the one that never really reaches his eyes.]

Well then good thing you called me; I can fix that! Sort of what I do, and if you don't mind me saying (and of course you don't) I'm rather good at the fixing part.

[He looks down at the communicator as if just realizing he's not talking to the Porter, but to a network of people. A slight wink and finally that grin reaches his eyes.]

Don't worry, I'm the Doctor!

℞ 000003

Sep. 28th, 2010 11:30 pm
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[audio feed initiated]


Is anybody out there? What's this, no video?

[sounds of fidgeting and a weird whirring/whistling noise, then the Doctor appears... or rather, his screwdriver, with a rather bright green light. Then it moves away and the Doctor inspects the device in his hand, eyeing it rather like a bird stares at a mirror.]

Haha, yes. That's very... good.

[Suddenly! Holds a finger up, as if he has a point to make.] Ah! Let's see. Looks like America--New York, maybe? Mid-21st century... [And now he sticks that finger in his mouth and holds it up, as if testing the breeze.] 2010, that's right. The City, then--ohoho, that's brilliant, that is. Gotta love a... city.

I'm the Doctor, by the way. Some of you may remember me. Some of you may not. Some of you may wonder why there is a man staring at you from the other side of your communicators calling himself a Doctor. [A pause, and a thoughtful look.] You're not the only one. In any case--

[At this point the camera shifts as he apparently stands and begins to walk away, communicator still in hand. Unfortunately he then stumbles and faceplants onto the street, dropping the device.] Only one heart working. No problem, I'll be right as rain in a moment. [He gropes for the communicator to turn it off.] Geronimo!

[OOC; SO since he died, the Doctor came back without only one heart beating, which basically makes him a useless babbling lump of Time Lord. He also came back with his TARDIS, but it has locked him out and probably vorped off to some remote region when he tried to get in. Somebody come pick up the tweed jacketed hobo?]

℞ 000001

May. 15th, 2010 11:05 pm
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[video switches on, displaying a thin man with close-cropped hair and big ears a broad smile.]

There you are! Hullo! [he waves] Shame it doesn't show the picture--same teeth, same voice, but-- As much as I love your custom interdimensional teleportation device, which has a wonderful personality, I may say, I'd really like to be reunited with my TARDIS, so if any of you've seen a big blue Police box, tell me. Alright? Fantastic!

That computer voice told me I'm a hero, and that's what I am. And where there are heroes, there's villains. So all you villains out there--hello!--can bugger off or you'll 'ave me to deal with. Okay? Okay!

Right, then! I'm the Doctor, by the way.


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