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-- swear I heard something.

[ The video comes on a bit too zoomed in, pointing at the shoulder of someone's bright pink hoodie before the feed finally gets adjusted, and you can see Abby's anxious face. She's talking to someone not visible to the camera yet, but behind her, you can see what looks to be a pretty rickety, dingy, cobwebby apartment that looks like it may or may not have been built in a previous century. ]

I'm not crazy, okay! I heard it. Honest.

I've checked like five times, Abby, come on.

[From off-screen, Tommy sounds just as anxious, even as he tries to be reassuring. The sound of cupboards opening and closing can be heard in between words.]

It's not like there was a real reason why no one wanted this place, besides it being -

[There's a deep groaning sound, like one would hear from old stairs. Tommy freezes behind Abby.]

... That wasn't me.

Oh my God. This is like, so-- so Excorcist-y.

[ Abby pulls at her face before turning to the camera. ]

Guys, I think we need a freaking priest over here.

We are so going to die if we sleep.

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[And conveniently backdated to after the Major's defeat/before Charles' disappearace whatever works.]

Uh, hey, you - you got a minute? Or if not that'scooltooIjustwantedto -

Uh. Shit.

Catch up and say hi even though you're Magneto and of course you're fine andthisisreallycrappytimingand -

[Deep breath, Tommy. Breathe.]

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[ good morning, network. except it is not very good because here is a very large threatening man with a very large ax swinging it at whoever is closest to him bellowing HAVE AT THEE! while destroying whatever furniture happens to be in his path. simultaneously there is a scary green man in a scary green leotard who is going to summon your worst fears, so enjoy that. he's also laughing evilly 'cause that's what super villains do.

the appropriate response, of course, is to scream. abby (still dressed in her hello kitty pjs) dodges that very large ax by diving behind the couch, so excuse the shakey and nausea inducing video feed.

Ohmygod, ohmygod. What. Is. Happening. Somebody help--


OOC cut: and then the god of war and the demon lord of nightmares ruined everyone's lives. )

Hey, Miss Headcase, now would be a great time to get your cloud on.

R-Roger that! [ NOT ENOUGH BULLETS FOR ALL THESE TENTACLES AND ZOMBIES FUUusfaklj she grabs alex by the arm as she runs by, slinging her rifle over her shoulder by the strap and pulling him with her to the window. she only lets go to jump out onto a waiting cloud. ] Come on! Hurry!

[ dude you don't got to tell tommy twice. he's totally grabbing and throwing terry over his shoulder before booking it out the window-

but manages to notice the comm in all this chaos, snag it, and give it a look ("Seriously?") before shutting it off.

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So, there I was a few days ago over in the Bay area when this asshole comes barreling down 3rd Avenue straight towards this grandma trying to cross the street. So I get her outta the way, take care of asshole, go back to check on her to make sure she didn't have a heart attack or something. And you know what she has the nerve to say?

[Insert his best old lady impersonation:] Young man, shouldn't you be in school?


EXCUSE me! I'm so sorry I have better things to do, like, I dunno, keeping up on crime, kissing babies, chilling with my homies on the west side, saving puppies and kittens and old ungrateful ladies. Like I have the time to sit around in a classroom with books and teachers and - [High pitched girly voice.] "oh my gawd Becky, that Terry guy is, like, sooo hawt!"

I didn't even get a thank you! What is WITH people these days?
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[Aaand the audio cuts in to Tommy cackling and gasping for breath - when the hell did he get his phone?]

Fffffffahahahahahaaa! Okay, okay, dude. Chill. I got this. I - FFFFF-!

[Just. More mad laughter -- interrupted by a fumbling noise which may or may not be an attempt by the crankiest emo roommate to either empty Tommy's hands or strangle him -- one can't ever be sure with those demon types.]

Dude. No.

I swear I'm gonna make it so you won't sleep for a friggin' month --

[It could be both and Tommy also could be shrieking in the next moment.]

Ohmygoddudenogetoffme RELAX. Trust me on this, I'm helping you out!

[If Tommy sounds a bit different it could be because he managed to break away and zip across the room! Damn speedsters. Terry's coming after you, bro!]

I'm not kidding, Tommy.

Oh fu-! Ifanyonegetsthismessage, please teach Terry the ways of love. Heneedsitheneedsitbad-!

[General discordant tomfoolery can be heard what's going on is too horrible to describe.]

I tried. I really tried! Avenge me Kate...!

[No words, just. Tentacles.]
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Ugh. Hate time travel. Freakin' hate it.

I think this counts as time travel.


Welp. Awesome people should let me know if they're around. I'm gonna see if any of my stuff's still here.


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