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[ well this sure isn't a comm number that's been seen on the network in the while. and the boy in the video definitely hasn't, either! you'd probably remember someone with as distinctive an appearance as that, hair spiking up in purple and pink. hey, isn't this kid like youtube famous for that battle to the death tournament last winter? probably, because really, who would honestly want to imitate a hairstyle like that? nobody, that's who.

he's got a weird single lens over his left eye, green with a white frame, but it doesn't completely mask faded scars blooming out beneath and onto his cheek. considering the scars are mirrored around his right eye, it's pretty easy to guess what it looks like. they're only really visible if you're looking for them, though. the kid's sitting out on a bench somewhere — feet on the seat and himself sitting up on the backrest, like a proper asshole — and his knee bounces in and out of frame for nervous jitters.

he waves one hand at the camera.

Yo. Uh.

[ the hand pretty promptly drops, his elbows resting on his knees. ]

So... I dunno really what to say. I guess...

[ bravado, limited as it was, sinks out of his shoulders. ]

I'm sorry. I've... I've done a lotta terrible things, and I haven't done anything to make up for 'em. I've been stuck in this place for a lot longer than I ever wanted, and all I've done is cause trouble. People have gotten hurt, and killed, 'cos of me. ...

[ his mouth twitches to the side, and his gaze drops to his hands. his fingers run together idly for gesture. (wait, who the hell is holding this camera?) ]

I've hurt people, and... [ a swallow, and muttered words too quiet to be picked up by the recording. probably "killed people," but. he looks up, earnest. ] But that's not the kinda person I—!

[ and another sink. ] ... It's not the kinda person I want to be.

[ his hands ball into fists, and he sits up straighter, giving the camera his best BURNING INTENSITY stare. ]

So from now on, I'm gonna be somebody totally different than all that! No matter what happens, I want to help people. So, if you ever need help with anything, any time, I'm your guy!

[ and then the feed disconnects yuma you didn't even say who you were or who you were apologizing to
this is the worst excuse for an apology ever
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[for the first time, it's an audio-only post from Yuma. his voice is deeper, roughened and uneven from crying, and even his breathing is audible. all in all, he sounds like death warmed over.]

He's gone.

[quieter:] No matter what I do, he's always the one who...


[the audio quite suddenly SPIKES in volume with a SLAM, the fist wrapped around the communicator banging against a wall. SLAM, SLAM, two more times, and with another utterance of dammit, the audio cuts off.]
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[hey there city, it's your favorite teenager with stupid hair! you know, pink spikes in the front, purple spikes in the back, defying gravity without being hair-sprayed to hell and back. visor-thingy over his eye, the usual.

anyway, he's leaning against the front of a refrigerator, looking pretty calm for once. enjoy it while it lasts, City.]

Hey everyone. Thanks for givin' Astral all those food suggestions earlier. It made last few days easier for him, which was really great! Delicious food's the only thing he liked about being human. But he's back to normal now, so he can't eat any of that stuff anymore.

[there's the rubber bounce against linoleum of Yuma tapping the toe of his foot against the floor; one of his hands comes into frame, back and palm wrapped in a bandage, to nervously comb into his hair. the calm is breaking.]

He thought he was gonna be stuck like this for another month, so he kinda went crazy with buying food, and... and...

[with a whine of frustration, Yuma yanks open the door of the fridge, revealing its contents.
it looks like an ordinary fridge, to be honest: condiment bottles in the door, milk and juice, some stacks of tubberware, drawers full of produce, more produce on the remaining shelves. the angle of the camera drops down as Yuma pulls open the bottom drawer, and
good lord it is full of tomatoes.
roma tomatoes cherry tomatoes heirloom tomatoes hothouse tomatoes grape tomatoes green tomatoes red tomatoes
Yuma pulls the drawer straight out of the fridge itself, hefting it up closer to the 'camera'. he even shakes it for good measure, its contents bouncing around a little and thudding with weight.

What the heck am I supposed to do with all of these?!
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I'm only gonna say this one more time.

[Hi City! Look, it's Yuma, arms akimbo and frustration pulling at his face. He's got his silly green visor thing over one eye, and his hair is just as... his hair... as ever. He appears to be standing on his living room's coffee table; behind him, Tweema the cockatoo is in hot pursuit of the ghost of a man much older than Yuma. He's in the default Adventurer Style of clothing, down to the Indiana Jones-style hat -- though that he's holding against his chest as he runs, so he doesn't lose it. The ghost and the bird disappear from the frame on the right side, but return on the left in only a short break. It appears they are circling Yuma on the table.

While this dizzying chase goes on the the background, interspersed with the man calling out criticisms (You've lost sight of your goals!) and Tweema screeching to interrupt him, Yuma tugs at his pink bangs, and then flailingly points at the ghost as it runs behind him.

And yeah, there's some pretty obvious familiar resemblance between that man and Yuma -- down to the pink pointy bangs and the much darker, spiky hair in the back.]

Y'see? It's totally, totally natural! I don't have to do anything to it to make it look like this, okay?! It is not fake! Or weird! At all!!

Now you all can just shut up about it, alright?!

[and with that Yuma hangs up in a huff.]
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[Oh, who's this asshole teenager with the stupid hair? It's just Yuma, with a stupid green lens-thing over his left eye. He looks annoyed!!]

How do you get a jerk to stop snooping through your PRIVATE stuff?!
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[Hello yet again, City! Here we have Yuma, with that stupid visor on his face, green lens over his eye. It only serves as a minor distraction from the two trails of stitches across his cheeks, crawling up between his eyes, and curving across his forehead, almost in a heart shape. But hey, for getting thrown out a fucking window, he doesn't look too bad. Of course, you can't really see the casts at this angle. He looks kinda meh -- more sullen and annoyed than outright depressed, but hey. There's some shame and embarrassment involved here too. Like a goddamn gift basket of feelings.]

So... I... kinda... need a favor.

... Again.

[This would be the part where he should make an embarrassed, dismissive sort of laugh, but he's too far in the dumps. He just shrugs one shoulder.]

I'm at this place, and the nurse says I'm not allowed to leave until my parents pick me up. [the FLATTEST LOOK OF ALL TIME. ] They're... not here. It's been me 'n Astral, and he's... [THE ONE WHO THREW ME OUT THE GODDAMN WINDOW. There's a flinch around his eyes, pulling a little at the stitches.]

So I dunno what else to do. I'd stroll right out if I could, but I can't bring it to anyone like this. Uh...

Can someone come over here and pretend to be my mom so I can go?
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[The video opens with Astral, who looks... different. He's pitch-black now, opposed to his typical white and light blue. His markings are almost the same outside the vaguely heart-shaped red ones on his face. Did he get into a fight with that one Ferngully villain and lose? Yes, yes he did. The camera is at an odd angle above him, somehow it's suspended in the air.]

[Astral starts rather cheerfully:]
Heeello, Network!

[His face twists into something that should be concern, but is nothing like it.] Isn't all this destruction just terrible? Does anyone know who caused it? [Dramatic pause! Tilts his head up towards the communicator, waiting for an answer that will never come.]

... I do! [The more he speaks, the more erratic his voice sounds. He's trying to mask it with his usual monotone, but he's failing pretty hard.]

I even went ahead and caught the perpetrator! No need to thank me. [Trying not to laugh at how corny he sounds. He can't-] I'm just doing my job as an upstanding Cityzen to- [Ok, no. This is just too hilarious. He doubles over in laughter. Give him a moment, he needs to get this out of his system.]

Ah, protect the City.

[The camera shifts away from Astral. Hey, it's Yuma! Hey Yu-oh. Smoky, black tentacles are everywhere. Well, that certainly explains how the communicator is in the air.]

["Let me go! Astral, can you hear me?! ASTRAL!"]

It's not like I'm not even here! C'mooon, Yuma.

["You bastard...!"]

Rude..! I'm sorry everyone, he's not being very cooperative. [He grits his teeth.] He's not even playing along.

We would've been so great together, Yuma. You and I... A truly splendid partnership! The whole world set ablaze. This Earth or that Earth, as long as it's an Earth, who really cares? But noo. [Yanks hard at Yuma's arms and legs while strangling him. Yuma kicking and flailing only makes Astral pull harder!]

You're too defective to be affected by my power. Almost half the entire population of this City falls before me, with more and more and more by each passing moment! [His other tentacles relent, the only one left is the one wrapped around Yuma's throat.]

But not youuu. Oh nooo, not you. [Considers his awfully sharp nails, not paying much attention to the communicator or Yuma.] Do you have any idea know how infuriating that is? [Suddenly he rushes forward, nearly nose to nose with Yuma. Yuma tries recoiling back, but it's not exactly feasible with a tentacle around his throat.] A city full of people, yet I can't even fully control a stupid human boy like you. [He backs away, only to cup Yuma's face in his hands. Those sharp fingernails cut into the skin right between his eyes. The kid screams as lines are carved around his eyes and across his forehead. Man, sucks to be Yuma.]

This could've been so easy, Yuma. So, so easy. But you always have to make everything so difficult for everyone. [Astral grins, wide-eyed and showing brilliant white teeth. The screaming is just so atmospheric.]

But that's okay. [It's eerie how fast his demeanor changes; the smile presses down to a tight line across his face, calm, almost neutral as he examines the blood on Yuma's face.] It's what you do. The only thing you're even remotely good at...

Y'know, I really don't have any use for you. I waaas going to let that stupid human law-enforcement thing take you or whatever, so you'd live juuust a little bit longer. Just long enough to see what'll happen.

Even though your body is still under my control, I can't touch your mind. There's no fooling me this time, Yuma. [Astral tweaks his nose.] I could simply force you to stop breathing and watch you slooowly asphyxiate. I doubt that'd be any fun though.

I've decided! I want to destroy you! I want to see your body break and have all that red stuff inside you stain the sidewalk..! [The tentacle wrapped around Yuma's throat tightens, pulling him through the air towards the camera - before suddenly changing direction, flinging Yuma towards the window. The sound of his body hitting and crashing through glass is simply music to Astral's ears, along with that wonderful little "ASTRAAAAL" at the end.]

[Now that creepy evil obsessive monologue and tossing Yuma out the window over with! Turns his attention back to the communicator with his arms akimbo.] Anyway. Hello, Network. Isn't all this destruction just terrific?

I can't stay for long! I've got someone to check on, on the first floor.
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[Hey City, how are you? Good? Enjoying your Sunday? That's great we're really happy for you really. Yuma, on the other hand, does not look happy at all! WHAT A SURPRISE, RIGHT? He appears to be sitting on an outdoor staircase, trying to catch his breath. There's a strange monocle-visor-earpiece-microphone device hooked around his left ear, with a green lens covering that eye. It's silly-looking, especially compared to his expression.]

Hey... anyone good at catching birds?

[He scrubs a hand through his hair, looking extremely frustrated and VERY UPSET. Breathe, Yuma.]

I've been chasing this one for hours, I just can't get close enough to grab it... and I gotta get 'em back, okay? It's really really really really really important.


Really important. And...

... And nine more after this...


Auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh [And now it's both hands tearing at his hair, face grimmacing.] I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm going to die for this, it's hopeless!

[Still pulling at his hair, one of his hands bumping the side of that headpiece contraption; the feed cuts suddenly.
as part of this event; the 「Numbers」 have been scattered through town and are making a mess of things. Grilling him on it just might reveal some answers about this whole mess. If you can get hold of a Yuma-English translator.
alignment switch will kick off at 3am Eastern.
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[HELLO, CITY. It's Yuma, that kid with the stupidest hair in all existence. He's still getting the hang of the Network, but at least the video is mostly steady this time. And right-side up. Progress! Our feed is the kitchen of your standard MAC apartment, and judging by the angle, the communicator is propped against the wall on one of the counters. Yuma leans back, grinning at the camera, and picks up a knife. ... No, not like that. He's in the kitchen, silly, he's got vegetables to chop, carrots and celery and some onions. There's an open cookbook on the counter as well. He goes back to chopping carrots. Just making dinner. This is so incredibly fascinating, you guys. ]

You know... [chopchopchopchop] I don't get why we're brought here. I thought a whole other world would be exciting. Full of adventure and romance and dramatic stuff like that, but it's really boring compared to Heartland. It makes no sense! [While he's talking, he absently flips a bowl from the counter and catches it in his empty hand, sliding the carrots off the cutting board and into the dish, which he then frisbee flips back to the counter. He's not showing off he's just bored. Anyway. Chopping resumes with celery.] It's all gray and heartless. I can't bring it to 'em when there's nothing to bring it to, you know? So what's the point?

Even the stores here are boring. Your mall doesn't even have a roller coaster! [SIGH. HIS LIFE IS SO HARD, YOU GUYS. Starting to flip through the book. Through the cook book he wrote in. Yes. Shut up.] And the grocery stores never have what I want, or it's waaay in the baa-aa-aack and then I got thrown out. Tch. Shouldn't have put a display right at corner like that...

Huh? [suddenly, distracted by book.] I didn't use these pages yet...

[Yuma resumes chopping the celery and leeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaans in to squint at the book, slowly mouthing words. He recoils, scowls, and examines some more. Spoken without pauses, but with an increasingly confused expression:]

"In a galaxy faraway in a grand room made of brill-ain't colored crystal on a dark and stormy night which happened to be the anniversary of Dead Maxx's defeat new evil was afoot."

[This is some really engaging literature in his cookbook, you guys.]

What the heck is thi----ow ow ow ow-!

[Yes that was definitely some knife against knuckles, because Yuma is the smoothest operator. Knife goes down, knuckles into his mouth for a moment, out, and shaken as if he can fling pain out.] Dammit...


back to the comm. freeze.

cracks into a smile.]

Uhhhhhhaha, I... I'm fine! See! [Holds up his hand. Hey at least he didn't cut of his fingers!] I'll! Just! Talk to you later okay bye--

[and scene.]
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[Hello, City! Welcome to your latest video feed! It's upside-down. It will remain upside-down for the rest of the broadcast. If you would take a moment to turn your communicator 180°, the image will make much more sense. Today you have a young teenage boy with red eyes and incredibly stupid-looking hair. It spikes out in the back, and the front bangs look like rabbit ears or crab legs or something else ridiculous. He looks perplexed! Twisting the camera left and right; there's fronts of buildings stretching behind him.]

So then... is this working? [Tap tap!] Hello? Uh... Kotori? Tetsuo?

[The camera shakes rapidly as the boy treats the comm like a Magic 8-Ball.] ... Shark? [SIGH. Looking away from the camera now, still perplexed.] Where the heck is this place? The sun's the right color, but everything else--

[With another ridiculous shake of the communicator, the feed disconnects.]


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