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[It becomes pretty clear why Davesprite isn't using text this time around within moments of enacting the video. He's clearly somewhere up high, on a power pole or something similar, with what seems to be a bucket of water balloons perched next to him. Clearly, he's asking to be electricuted.

He drops a balloon down on an unsuspecting person below.]

So like.

[He lobs a balloon at a nearby window.]

Is time travel actually a thing for most of you? Not counting what goes down here. I mean like as an everyday staple doseage of good ol' fashion timeline jumping. Like you wake up one morning and you're like "Damn, sure is rainy out here, it was sunny yesterday, lets try that again".

[There goes another balloon.]

I mean, it wasn't a huge deal in my neck of the woods, but then some people are all "what do you mean I'm married with 5 kids" and stuff like that when they show up here.

You know? I'm just sayin'.

[ooc: Feel free to get hit by a balloon, also.]
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[The feed opens in the hallway of, what appears to be, kidhaus. The only thing on the feed is a shadow on the wall with glowing, soulless red eyes. A trained eye might be able to spot Davesprite's outline, wings right down to the tail.

The feed runs on dead air for a few seconds before the shadow appears to peel from the wall to grasp at the communicator in order to type the following.]

courier cut )

[The string of text continues into the communicator until a response is given. The shadow's expression grows increasingly desperate, its image occasionally glitching out on the wall into nothingness. When it reappears, he picks up the dropped communicator and continues.]

[ooc: witch thread is here for people who want to do the battle thing. :Db]
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Hey, hey, is this thing working? [Her experience with technology is increasing ever so slowly, but at least this time everyone is treated to her beauty spared from her horrendous font choices.] Oh, there it goes.

[Suddenly she's holding up a silver chain with a familiar object to some dangling from it.]

Hee, I was lucky to come across some stupid mutt with this in their mouth. It took me a few minutes to clean up all the slobber, but it looks really neat. I doubt there's a lost and found in this place, so I think I'll just keep it for myself for a while. [With a noblewoman's laugh, she moves the sleeve of her shirt to rub the metal free of the smudges left behind on her fingertips. Little did she know what will happen as a result despite her knowledge of magical artifacts.] Wait, what is--?

[The spirograph briefly glows white hot and out pops [personal profile] Davesprite looking incredibly bewildered, like he had just woken up or gotten out of the shower or something. He nearly stumbles (despite the tail and lack of legs), catching himself with his incredible wingspan.]

Yo, what the fuck. [He catches his sunglasses to keep them from falling off his face and looks around until he spots Rin with the spirograph, his entire expression deadpanning. Of all people--] Welp.

Whoa, did I just summon you? [ Without wasting another moment, the smug smirk spreads across her face in her delight. ] Does that mean you're... ufufu, yes, yes it does mean that.

[ Quickly exclaiming: ] You are my Servant to do my bidding!

[Meanwhile, Davesprite's expression remains the same.]

Slow down there, Aladdin, I'm 99.9% sure I can't grant you any wish on your Christmas list. You're also like, a month too late.

[That was probably one of many things someone shouldn't say to Rin because now that this little exchange was on display for all to see? Her smile widens as she leans down towards the phone in the other hand.]

Hey everyone, won't you help me test out my new Servant? Let's see how many tasks he can do in a single day. [That laugh of her's is too evil.] I'm taking requests for my feathery friend here for the next couple hours so don't keep us waiting for long! If you do...

[Turning the phone towards the lower end of Davesprite's body, she reveals the tiny orange kitten who's gazing towards him as though he just hit the jackpot with dinner. Idiot just might be trying to get a mouthful of feathers by time she cuts the call.]

[...c-cat.] Oh god.

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courier quirk cut )

[Davesprite, caught up in frustration, doesn't bother to specify who "you" is, or who the victim outside the import building is.

Outside of "sergeant bumpkus" of course.]

04 | video

Oct. 5th, 2012 09:09 pm
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[When the video turns on there are two individuals on the screen. They look considerably older than they usually do. Vriska doesn’t seem to be bothered by the aging at all, though, because her clothes somehow magically changed sizes. Davesprite is clearly wearing a shirt that is way too small for him.]

So, we need some opinions. Not that human opinions are going to make much of a difference, since your taste is generally sub par. Anyway! This idiot here [she jerks her thumb in Davesprite’s face, who promptly smacks it away] thinks a strip club is more fun than actual clubbing. It’s not, obviously, but he won’t believe me.

[Davesprite’s glasses are still affixed over his eyes, but even with them in the way, its easy to see him roll his eyes by the general twitches of his facial muscles. His answer is dry and sardonic, though when he’s through speaking, he lets a small smirk of satisfaction slip through his usual deadpan.]

You’re gonna have to bring me up to speed as to the last time you actually went clubbing.

Like you’ve gone clubbing? [If she had eyes that weren’t blank she would definitely be rolling them right now.]

All I’m saying is that in a contest of clothed bodies versus half-naked hot bodies, the choice is pretty clear. Unless you’re Vriska, I guess.

Ugh, no, that’s gross. Why would you want to go watch a bunch of people get hot and bothered enough to pail?? That’s so stupid. You’re stupid.

Serket’s a prude, got it. Though I ain’t really sure why you’d be watching everyone else instead of the poles you’re supposed to be watching, but that’s just me.

I’m not a prude, but you’re one hell of a pervert! Anyway, we’re taking votes on which is better. And I guess this is an invitation to anybody that wants to go to either.

Disclaimer time: Pay up, I don’t deal with freeloaders. And we’re headed my way first -- everyone but Serket, since she apparently can’t handle the heat.

[Davesprite smirks again and folds his arms smugly. Vriska casually puts her hand against his face and shoves him out of the view of her communicator, grinning.]

Shut up already! I’m going to both. Strip club first, the better clubbing second. Times and locations are attached if you’re interested!

[The feed cuts when Davesprite comes back on camera to wrestle Vriska out of view.]

[ooc| vriska is in blue, davesprite is in orange! here's the club log! it’s a log for both clubs and anyone is free to tag in uvu]
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[So today, we have Davesprite not looking especially bird-y today. He's sitting in a room with a wall covered in posters from obscure bands nobody has ever heard of -- they're all kind of stacked on top of each other messily, but the one on top of them all is a Con Air poster, now decorated with certain glowing faces drawn over the actor's actual heads. The room is covered in a bunch of jars with gross dead things stuffed in them too, a computer desk in the corner, and a string of photos hanging by the window, noticably open very wide to let a breeze in.

The room is also covered head to toe in pigeons. Dave is propped up in a computer chair, shades over his eyes, addressing the network.]

Hey bro.

I fixed your poster.

And I brought some dudes for a party, hope you don't mind.

[If anyone spots the turntables in the corner of the room, they are miraculously pigeon free.]
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[The communicator bounces once before it turns on, skidding up against something to give a nice view of a very orange creature that appears to be crumpled up on the ground for whatever reason--judging by the way he squints, the fact that his sunglasses are slightly askew, and the fact that his mouth is clinging to a snicker's bar for dear life...

Well, chances are he fell straight down the stairs at the convenience store lot.

He takes a moment to observe his hands and the specks of brilliant yellow blood now coating the stairs before he pulls the snicker's bar out of his mouth to speak, slightly winded. He hopes the chewing hides it, in case anyone around him actually witnessed that stunt...or if someone is just wow'd by the fact that there is a huge bird-ghost-boy creature with a missing wing half-bleeding out on the stairs.]

Well shit. Guess that answers that.


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