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[ This communicator is registered to Felicia. She rarely has reason to make her own consultations to the Network, but this one has been weighing on her. Even more so than normally. Her tone is musing, though terser than usual. ]

Mm. I have a question that I don't believe has been answered yet. Tell a girl: has anyone developed a way to get rid of powers? Permanently. I know about the cheats to the system this place has.

Who would, if there were money in it for them?

You can assume this is rhetorical.

[ "Window-shopping" would be a better term, though. ]
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[ The feed opens up to a bright room in what is clearly a police department. The video is angled incredibly low and for a brief moment, the viewer can catch a glimpse of an officer handing the device to its rightful owner.

Then it focuses on a girl, no older than eleven. Bright red hair and eyes, notably pale, notably surly. ]

If your guardians are here, you can speak to them through this and inform them they can come get you at [ PRECINCT STATION # HERE ]

[ The girl looks away from the comm to argue: ] But I don’t live here! And I didn’t do anything wrong!

[ From offscreen, another voice adds: ] Neither did I. Do we look like troublemakers to you? I think we're being scapegoated.

[ Kate frowns and impatiently looks at the comm. After a few seconds, her expression softens up a little and she speaks into it: ]

They said our parents or guardians have to come pick us up, but I don’t... [ A beat. ] Are Jake and Gabi Kane here? [ She sounds hopeful, even if she knows her parents are going to kill her if they are here.]

I know mine aren't here. Friends but never family. I can get home myself!

[ There's a buzzing sound, and then suddenly the sprinklers blip on. There's rustling as the adults move to protect their paperwork, and a young girl -- also about eleven, with large green eyes and white hair -- is visible on the screen leaning toward Kate. ]

Want to try to get out of here? You can call them from outside.

What? We’ll get in way more trouble!

No way. If we’re quick, they’ll never catch us!

Hey, wait!

[ The camera shakes as Kate moves after the other girl and there’s shouting in the background that gets abruptly cut when she closes the comm. ]

[ ooc; post came from Kate Kane's comm and all replies will be ICly delayed. replies from Felicia will come from her own comm. ]
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[ Felicia's sitting a table in a black sweat shirt, her long hair pulled back in a ponytail. She looks at the screen, sucking on the end of the pen in her hand contemplatively. ]

I've been thinking. Between sitting around the house and attending black tie political affairs, a girl hardly has much to occupy herself with these days. I just hate when I don't go out -- I'm sure plenty of you can sympathize. I need a change in routine. [ Because what she does at night is her private life, k. She swishes her hair. ]

So. Does anyone need a research assistant? Serious offers only.
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[ All that's seen on camera at first is a skyline, before Felicia leans across the screen in her full Black Cat ensemble. She lays on her back propped up by her elbows, glancing over the edge of the roof at the growing number of lights spreading across the City as the sky grows darker before she looks at the camera. ]

For such a city of opportunity, has anyone else ever notice how slim the pickings are? [ Idly she smiles, raising one of her eyebrows. ] I always thought of myself as a girl with skill, but advertising around here just isn't what it's supposed to be. You have a whole different market to appeal to.

Point is... what good is a network if not to network? I'm a person that's good at getting things, including those things that might seem impossible. Keep me in mind if you ever need something rare and in a hurry. [ She winks to the camera, and after a measured pause she adds: ] As long as it doesn't break any laws.

Moving on from business -- I'm curious. What do you prefer in a costume? Spook-factor or satire? I have a lot of decisions to make.
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[ She's sitting up in bed wearing a unbuttoned black cardigan with only a black bra underneath, the blankets pulled up. She has sunglasses on to hide her eyes and how tired they look. ]

When I was a little girl, I told myself I'd never live in a big house. I didn't want a family, but I didn't want to be alone somewhere that echoed.

[ The bedroom she's in does look large, from what little of it is shown. She tilts her head slightly, and her large eyes peek over the lenses of the sunglasses. ]

I hate to ask -- I really hate to ask -- but I'm curious. (No, it isn't going to kill me; I've heard it.) What's the appropriate length of time to stay angry at someone for something you aren't sure is their fault or not, but it affects you the same either way?

I'd rather not give examples.
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[ The video turns on and there's Felicia's face, domino mask on and bangs pulled back. She grins and winks at the monitor, setting it down on a table and pressing a finger to her lips. ]

Felicia! Have you seen my tie? -- The black and purple one, you know, the Italian silk?

[ The communicator is slowly turned to face a cake — a birthday cake, judging by the candles, numbers and a question mark, that proclaim an uncertain and facetious 350? There is a black stripe across the cake, highlighted with purple. Maybe it's icing? Maybe... ]



[Rather rushed and masculine footsteps are heard in the background. The angle of the camera catches the torso of a detective very fond of green.]

Is... Is that what I think it is?

[ Mostly off screen. ] If you think it's a cake, then yes.

Give me back my tie!

[A scuffle of noise ensues.]

And I am not three-hundred and fifty! What are you, twelve?

[A gloved hand grabs the zero and flings it out of sight.]

Talk about gratitude. [ Sarcasm. Smirk in her voice, though. ] I think you'd be in trouble if I was.

[Shattering noise.]

You soiled my tie with cake. [Beat.] And I'm thirty-five, dammit!

[Transmission feed cuts.]
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I'm starting to think I really am jinxed.

[ Pauses. ]

I don't like it. And not just because I'm a sore loser. Has nothing been invented to curb these things yet? Figured with all the scientists there'd be some kinds of new research available. A shot or something.

[ PRIVATE to Eddie ]

You're still around, right? Didn't disappear after I left the room?
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[ Felicia is sounding rather grim; perhaps annoyed, though if you listen hard (really hard) there is frustration and loss in her tone. ]

Seems like these things go more and more unnoticed sometimes. Not that I'm actually going to miss him, but the courtesy of a 'goodbye' is pretty much extinct by now, considering the way things seem to work around here.

Too bad.

[ Yeah, she's talking about Spider-man. ]
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Have to say, never thought I'd be looking forward to the days of forty degree weather. Snow storms will do that though, won't they~? Gotta say, I had to take way too much time off of work because of the cold.

And speaking of work, hours are a little low as of late, and I'm getting restless. Freelance is only so exciting. I make it my job to find things for people -- inquire within, I'm quite good at what I do.

[ Yes, being vague, but in her business that's how you don't get caught.


So, besides my housemate, who's ready for St. Patrick's Day? Have we started taking bets on what's going to happen this time?

(OOC: Just a note that I always forget to mention. This communicator is registered to the Black Cat, not Felicia. Just FYI, JSYK, etc. etc. acronyms!!)
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[ Talking while she's moving~ wind in the background. ]


Thanks for letting me crash -- I'm outta there, got my stuff and everything. But I left a thank-you note for your hospitality.

Found another place that looks like it'll do pretty well for now. Starting to think my old apartment building was jinxed anyway. Keep a light on for me, I'll be there soon and I don't like being left out in the cold.


[ Pause, reading through recent posts. ]

Seems like a lot of drama's been going on, hmm? Glad I missed out, lucky little me.

( All conversations within since encrypted. )
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My building's closed for a few days, I won't go into details why. Let's just say some people's bad luck got worse, and that affected everyone. Really starting to get on my nerves.

That offer for the X-house still stand?
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I'm really starting to have my doubts about my place. It's nice. Very classy. And so far this week the fire alarm's gone off (Monday), the sprinkler systems malfunctioned (Wednesday), and now my heat is out. A place this nice could stand to keep these things under control, wouldn't one think?

Bad luck or not, if things don't improve and fast I'm out of here. Anyone want to offer recommendations?
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[ The video turns on, and Felicia shows up in the background -- communicator is propped on a table and we see the inner of her apartment -- bustling around a bit, not addressing the camera, candy cane in her mouth. She's wearing a simple black dress, her mask still on.

She disappears off-screen, and then reappears with a card in hand, which she props up in order to face the camera -- though not before she looks into the camera and smirks at the audience. She doesn't say anything, however, and frames the card with a still wrapped candy cane. The feed will be live up until noon tomorrow morning.~

Christmas card. )
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[ Sounds of jostling and of crowds, and traffic in the background. The camera is jostled mightily and off-screen, Felicia yells: ]

Watch it!

[ She turns the screen to face her; she's unmasked, in a coat (white, black trim), in a crowed store. Her nose and cheeks are pink from the cold and she's got a shopping bag in her arm. c: ]

Well. I found out yet another reason I don't like shopping. My own fault, obviously, for picking this time of year to show my face in a store—but really, it's not quite the experience those old movies like to paint it out to be. I got up early and everything.

However, to look on the bright side, it's a fast way to improve your credit score. If, you know, you use credit cards. There has to be some kind of bright side.

Eyes on the prize, isn't that right, kids?

[ Lowers the communicator, and people in few of the camera trip over each other, miraculously falling out of Felicia's way. Not one to question the bad luck of others, Felicia just struts through the newly cleared path.

Shuts camera off.
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[ Her voice has a slightly different quality to it; she's got a mask over her mouth and nose, a small one usually worn only for tear gas or things of that nature. ]

Here I thought we were finally going to get a break. Hm. Well. If anyone's figuring out the cure to this thing, I can find the ingredients no problem. Let me know. I'm pretty good at getting a hold of stuff.

[ A beat. There is the sound of commotion in the background, she's on the move.

She takes a breath, and mutters
to herself, not the communicatoras she turns off the audio: ]

I think I have a proble— [ click. ]
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[Somewhat quietly.]

Night of the living dead over yet? It is morning now.
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[ she's lounging on a sofa in her new apartment, sipping what might be white wine bought with one of her trademark Felicity Harmon fake-IDs. she's not in costume, in a long black shirt and shorts, though the shorts aren't visible ]

Finally moved into my new place. Nice and spacious, I think I'll like it here. Hard to imagine why so many put up with living in the apartments they offer you; free is fine enough if you're willing to settle. I'd much rather live in style. [ she pauses, and adds: ] And in my own place.

[ she's twirling a necklace, now having a new one to keep her cat necklace company ]
Got a pet, too, but thankfully not the kind I'll need to worry about feeding, because I am a very busy girl. It's pretty nice to get back into a routine rather than letting yourself stagnate, especially if you're trying to stay out of all the drama.

[ turns off video ]

[private to #17153538 | voice | intentionally hackable]

Don't worry. I did pay for it.

Maybe we'll be seeing each other -- I'm sure I'll end up crossing your path again if you don't cross mine first.
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Mm, I've been enjoying the silence. There's been a certain lack of buzzing insects in my ear and I'll tell you, I think I could get used to it. Won't even bother commenting on all the other 'heroes' scrambling around to get their ducks in a row, that's not really my thing. I have better things to pay attention to.

Of course, the problem is, those are pretty tough acts to follow. If there's going to be a big hero pissing contest, someone do me a favor and give me a couple days notice? Otherwise it might just start affecting my work, and I can't say I've ever found any of these so-called "crime crackdowns" very much fun.

Guess we'll see how that goes.
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So I've been wondering for a while... what's it take to go back home anyway, hm? A girl's gotta wonder, when everyone else around gets to disappear for a while and see the familiar stomping grounds again. Go figure...


Oh, and Sp--... Peter. I'm thinking I'm going to move out. But thanks for the place while it lasted.
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[whispered into her communicator, so as not to perk the interest of anyone else in the vicinity -- though it's more just a precaution. her catsuit is still unzipped slightly down the front, she's not wearing her domino, though. after she starts talking she notices and zips it up again, fixing her hair.]

Psst. Riddler.

I didn't get much. Didn't have much of a chance to really rifle around, I don't know if he ever leaves.


Did you know he can heal?
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Hey, girl.

What do you know about StarkTech?
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Mm, Vegas is a pretty neat city, I've decided. Doesn't have quite the same atmosphere as the Big Apple, but it's not half bad for a vacation. Even if we didn't strike it rich, didn't do half bad. Can't say the same for my companion, but, hey, at least we got out of here for a while. Just in time too, seems like.

Thanks for the necklace, though. Really matches my eyes.

> 5

Jun. 21st, 2009 08:27 pm
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... Today blows.

Anyone feel like getting a drink? 
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[she sounds thoughtful, and a good deal less icy than she's been lately]

You know what, Peter? 

I think I will take you up on that offer after all. Might as well make sure I wind up with a landlord I'm used to handling.

(OOC: her anger/bite has been eaten. oh dear.) 
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Now that all the drama seems to have lessened for an hour or two...

How much do apartments go for in this city? And when I say apartment, I don't mean a closet masquerading as one like you find all over New York. The real deal, sweethearts. Something with a view.

(ooc: all replies text unless otherwise stated.) 
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All kidding aside -- since I'd really rather not become a stray in this big, beautiful city of yours, anyone have a floor I can curl up on for a night or two? Not that It wasn't real fun star-gazing last night, probably would have been more fun if you could actually see the stars.

So how bout it? I'd be pretty scarce, no worries there. Girl's gotta keep busy.

> 1

May. 17th, 2009 11:00 pm
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[at first, it's just voice]

Well, now.

[the video function plinks on, and have a brief look of surprise on her somewhat angry-looking face. She's looking rather furious at first, not in the best of spirits, but her expression mellows out after a moment and she flashes the screen a smirk, raising one eyebrow]

So tell me, this whole hero biz -- I'd like to know just what the benefits are before I sign on any dotted lines, you dig? Now I'm sure not saying it's a bad gig or anything, but I... [she twirls a lock of her hair, and looks a little angry again] let's just say I'm awfully tired of hero complexes. Too black and white, and coming from me that's really saying something.

But dangle a paycheck in front of me and I'm willing to make allowances. So what's the story? Is there some other appeal to it besides just satisfying your conscience?


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