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[God, Harley hates this thing. She's too scared she accidentally turns it on while she's in the shower.

She is not her bright, usual self today. It's a month till Christmas and yet - she is too sad. Her favourite patient is dead and now she's stuck with teenagers. And City Hall. Her life is a depressing one, City.

But, anyway. She has a request. ]

Alright, now that Halloween's outta the way an' I don't haveta look at costumes, I gotta be real honest and say it's been real quiet. I mean - dinosaur wild west aside. I got no idea what was up with that, I'm real glad it wasn't me.

[Man - what was she wanting to say again? She pauses, tapping her chin. Trying to re.. -]

Right! Your pal Harley needs a favor. Anyone got a fat Santa Christmas tree topper? Also I need real snuggly Christmas PJ's. The most obnoxious one's in the City. Gimme your recommendations.
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[what's kickin' city. Harley looks excited. She always looks excited, but today she is especially excited!!

she also has an important offer. ]

Evenin', your favourite clown princess has got an excitin' offer for ya all. I happen to have my medical license back, which means it's Doctor Quinzel from now on.

[she takes a deep breath. ]

At my own expense, I'm offerin' free sessions for a week. I've been outta the psychiatry game for a while, you know? Personal issues or whatever, but it's good to be back. If you're interested, sessions are at my apartment.

[she pauses. ] Oh yeah, and they're completely confidential. I'm a professional.
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[First: a disgruntled video message. Black and red fills up most of the screen as Harley stares down you, her viewers. Muffled, there is a sort of growling sound. That is most definitely her stomach.

The video cuts out and a few minutes later, text takes it's place. ]

who's bright idea was that! enough to put a girl to sleep, let me tell you. anyone know where a girl can get a cup of joe and sixteen pancakes all stacked up with maple syrup and chocolate??? and show me around too, i guess.


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