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Oct. 22nd, 2013 02:22 pm
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[ His tone is subdued, much calmer than usual when he's speaking on the network. Not necessarily unusually calm for Harvey, but he rarely addresses the network in this sort of mood. Contemplative, almost relaxed. ]

I don't want to talk about Halloween or Vulcanus.

[ Straightforward. ]

Been thinking about other things. That's all.

Like time. People like their anniversaries from home even though the years or months don't match up. Birthday's ain't a year apart unless you get extremely lucky. Is it that people like the normalcy about it even when it isn't accurate? I wouldn't find it comforting. There's some things from home you shouldn't want to repeat themselves.

[ He pauses. ]

But sometimes they do anyway.

Is that bad luck, or fate?

What's actually there to celebrate?

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Jul. 23rd, 2013 04:22 pm
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I'm doing a poll. Make sure you answer honestly.

[ There's a couple minutes of pause, and a faint tapping sound like his drumming his fingers on something. ]

How many of you judge a crime by the crime itself, rather than by person doing it?

Second question, in case any of you need a follow-up.

What does "law" mean when just anyone can decide to break it? I think that there's a point where anarchy becomes less about finding justice, more about trying to rebuild a broken society with all new rules. Old laws don't apply.

But that's only theoretical.

[ He pauses again. ]

The reality is there isn't a single person listening to me now who's got clean hands. Not a single one. Yet everyone thinks that innocence is measured by comparison. "It's okay, his are still dirtier than mine. No one should care about what I do."

What the hell is wrong?

o13; video

Apr. 2nd, 2013 04:00 pm
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--In one piece. Or maybe two, huh?

[ The video cuts in mid-sentence, right before Two-Face barks his abrupt, weird laugh. He's holding the communicator, though his head isn't quite in the frame. To his left is a man in white, to his right a woman in black.

The camera tilts up and is passed to the woman; the two henches exchange weary looks before she holds the camera up to follow Two-Face still as he goes on walking. He's addressing the communicator but also not looking at it or paying attention to where it is relative to him. His hair is a little wet and he's holding a shovel.

It's easy to get restless sometimes. Goes without saying, of course. No matter what you're used to, you have to learn be prepared. Not just for what you think you might be up against... fate's not that kind, and chance is unpredictable.

[ After disappearing off-screen for a moment he returns, shovel-less, and takes the communicator back. ]

Be restless if you want. Be bored. Resigned. There's as much to do as there is nothing at all; the other side says be experimental. Take chances. Try everything. Doesn't really matter what you do. Everyone changes here.

All of you.

[ His expression isn't as smug as his tone is. ]

Have a lovely Tuesday.

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Oct. 2nd, 2012 02:22 pm
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[ The camera turns on and is set against the wall, showing a cell that has been divided, somewhat, down the middle: the left side is a complete mess, clothes and furniture and books thrown about, while the right side is immaculately made-up, everything neatly on shelves and in its place. Harvey sits on the bed, which looks like it was just remade. On the bad side, there are lines of notches drawn on the wall in clusters of twos, 72 in all with 40 crossed out. His left sleeve has also been torn off and he's idly rolling his coin around his knuckles. ]

I really hate this time of year.

You know. Monsters can hide and pretend to be men, and then men put on false faces and pretend to be monsters. No one would look at me twice if I went out on Halloween the way I always do, but can you guess what every other day is like?

[ He sneers. ]

It's sort of funny.

[ The coin pauses, before he rolls it in the opposite direction. ]

I wonder who'll get to it first.

Personally, I'll be staying in during the festivities.

o11; video

Jul. 24th, 2012 11:44 pm
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[ The lighting is completely terrible, and only occasionally is there a vague glimpse of his face, illuminated by some dim and inconsistent light source. A glimpse of teeth in his ever-present scowl; a staring eye; an unscarred cheek, marred only with what looks like small splatters of blood. It's quiet, and hard to determine where he is. ]

Two things.

I should have won that case. Would have. I was right. Doesn't matter anymore, not now, but you all should know. Not like anyone else will tell you.

[ He goes on, a bit wistfully, more thoughtful than accusatory or anything: ]

I wonder how many of you out there see me as the face for justice gone wrong without a trace of irony. And know that I say this without a trace of smugness. I'm not a lawyer anymore, but I know corruption when I see it. You can condemn a man like me and call fascists heroes as long as they're in a uniform, but you're living in the dark. One injustice doesn't cancel out another. Don't turn a blind eye to the facts just because you don't like the guy giving them. You should know what I mean. Who.

Only justice can even the scales. Maybe if they all had faces like mine, you'd understand.

[ He chuckles a little and there's an off-screen click; recognizable as the sound of him finishing loading a gun, if one would know the sound. ]

See you later.

► 035.

Jul. 13th, 2012 11:39 pm
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[the comm has clearly come on mid-conversation. rather, mid-argument. it's a voice transmission.]

--ave an answer for you, Dent.

I don't believe you. How can you not know when you're the one who was keeping her from me? If you don't know, who would?

[there are footsteps, heading towards the person holding the comm.]

I hope you aren't lying to me.

Who told you she was gone?

[there's suddenly the sound of someone moving quickly, away from the comm. scuffling.]


You damn--

[something slams into someone, and breaks. a loud thump as a body hits the floor. running footsteps]

Don't test your luck. It runs out for everyone sooner or later.

[and the transmission suddenly ends]

[ooc; this post comes from kate kane's communicator. this is backdated to about 6 pm, in reference to this log. red is kate kane, purple is harvey dent. responses will be delayed ic.]

o1o; video

Apr. 10th, 2012 04:22 pm
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[ Harvey Dent comes onto the video, equipped with a new face mask so that his scarred left half doesn't show. Instead, he is looking so dapper? Though he's still in a half-and-half suit. ]

Good afternoon. My name is Harvey Dent, I'm the City prosector that's been put in charge of the current CPD investigation. I can't speak in too much detail about the case, but most of you should be aware of some of the lesser details as it is -- it should go without saying that if you have any information you should bring it to my attention immediately. [ He pauses. ] And legally. No, I won't be answering questions now.

[ He smirks a little. ]

Before you ask, this is official. Documents are all in order and I have the clearance to prove it. So keep those two cents out of my face.

[ He rubs his chin. ]

And Matt. Talk to me when you get a couple of minutes.
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[ Harvey's sitting in an apartment which is split down the middle, color-wise; the left half is red, the right is black, and only half the floor is carpeted. There's a stack of law books next to him. ]

February can't come soon enough. Not for Valentine's Day; you all can keep your cards and chocolate. It isn't a month about love (or hate, before you jump to any conclusions). It's supposed to be a month for justice, and I think that's only fitting. [ He's just thinking about the Bar Exam at the end of the month. He sits up a little and narrows his eyes. ] Even if it's uneven this year.

[ He doesn't like that. He closes his book and pulls out his coin, just looking at it and drumming his fingers on the cover of the book nervously. He flips the coin and looks at it, then re-pockets it. He mutters: ]

But is it even worth it?
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[ The lighting is set up so that Harvey's scarred side is mostly obscured by shadow. His location isn't clear, completely hidden in darkness, though his coin gleams occasionally in the faint light. What of the walls that can be seen have been marked with countless tallies and illegible writing. ]

People always called me crazy for believing in fate. Destiny. The power of choice. It seems so easy to believe in free will when you're able to take that kind of thing for granted... you all do. Every day, without even thinking about it. Here we are, though. Waiting. Counting out the minutes, hours, days, who even knows, until everything goes back to the way we always know it and there'll be nothing we can do. Out of our hands, completely. Even mine. When I woke up I thought I understood everything, but this is all just another hoax. A quick fix that came out of the air.

[ He rubs his fingers along the left side of his face. ]

Don't you all know that I wish I could choose? It isn't fair. We're at peace right now. Or... we could be... but... no matter how I flip the coin it won't--

[ He hyperventilates a little and claws at his bad side. There's blood visible on his hand. He begins breathing harder and harder and shaking a little. ]

It won't change.

Can't live like this.

(OOC: Feel free to specify in replies whether you want him to reply before or after the switch wears off.)

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Nov. 22nd, 2011 10:22 pm
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[ The communicator's propped against the wall of an all white cell, two walls and the floor in shot. Hung on the wall in perfectly even, symmetrical rows are pages from a day-by-day page calendar, which read the dates of 2 12, 20, 22, and 24, although there are a few 11s and other miscellaneous numbers that correspond with the month & day in their own column.

Harvey Dent is seated on his bed, meticulously tearing page after page of the remaining calendar into tiny pieces, and as such the floor is covered in calendar confetti. He glaces up at the communicator screen and holds up one page, visible as Tuesday, November 22nd. His hand is marred with papercuts. ]

Just two more days, hm? Can't say I care much for Thanksgiving, myself. Not a lot to be thankful for around here. I always thought there was something unsavory about celebrating colonial injustice by stuffing our faces full of food. [ He folds the calendar page carefully and puts the folded paper into his mouth to chew on. ] But it isn't like I have plans anyway. Though I'm sure someone else does.

[ He sneers to himself and goes back to tearing. Rip rip rip rip rip. ]

Good luck surviving the holidays.

oo6; video

Nov. 1st, 2011 08:11 pm
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[ The camera turns on to reveal a wide-view poorly lit room and then a gloved hand, setting the communicator on a tripod-like stand. Two-Face steps back so that he's in the shot, wearing a black shirt underneath a white vest that is utterly drenched with blood. His opposite hand, gloved in white, is also bloody. ]

LJ-cut for kind of gross!! )
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[ The video turns on, propped on a slight ledge: it reveals a rather classy looking bar where Harvey sits, between a lady in black and a fellow in white each holding contrasting colored drinks. He gestures with his hand, and one of the drinks is passed to him. ]

The world's a mess. Don't be so surprised about it; just because one day is safe and calm means nothing for the day after. [ He drinks. ] Sometimes it's better that way. You need the tragedy if you ever want to feel the joy.

[ Sliding the drink back over, he pulls out his coin and sets it on the table. The man and woman on either side of him lower their eyes, looking anxious. ]

Between two destinations which one has more worth? The one that will be forgotten and have no impact once it's gone, or the one with a story that people will always remember?

oo4; video

Feb. 22nd, 2011 10:22 pm
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[ The communicator has been sat somewhere so that the screen only shows Harvey's good hand. He's rubbing his coin with his thumb. ]

Tuesday [ emphasis on the first syllable ] February the 22nd; fate was really on my side today. It could have gone either way -- luck is precarious. You're lucky--

[ He flips his coin, and then the smack as he hits it against his hand. ]

... Or you aren't.

Tell me something good. How was everybody's Tuesday?

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Jan. 30th, 2011 02:22 am
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[ He speaks calmly, and slowly. Smugly. ]

1/30/11. It's an awful number, isn't it? Looking at it that way, it's disgustingly odd. But if you break it down, you get one and three equals four, one and one equals two. 4/2 is much better to work with. Four halved, two doubled.

Two days between today and the 2nd of February.

It almost makes a guy want to celebrate.

But I think a celebration is much more satisfying when you can't see it coming... isn't that right, Mr. Murdock?

You like surprises, don't you?

oo2; video

Dec. 28th, 2010 08:22 pm
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[ Harvey's sitting in a chair, the communicator on a table to his right, so that his profile is visible; a relatively handsome face and a calm blue eye.

His eyebrow is furrowed as he flips the page in what appears to be a Mad Libs book, pencil in hand. He turns to the camera just then, bringing his whole face into view. ]

Let's play another game. You guys like puzzles, don't you? Word games. Those are fun. Do you know what they call these things? Not Mad Libs -- stories. Or letters. Petitions. Collaborations, works of many. [ Pause. A slight smirk. ] Round-robins.

I think it's funny.

[ His voice is less gravelly then it was last time he addressed the network. Harvey's is more pleasant. ]

Adjective. Noun (object). Location.

Noun. Female name. Male name. Location.

I want to hear your answers.


Nov. 10th, 2010 09:00 pm
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[ Video. The picture is unclear at first; blurry and dark, the inside of a pocket. There is off-screen noise and the faint sound of something metal that the communicator bumps every now and then.

This goes on for about two minutes, and then the screen goes fuzzy again, the inside of a palm. Shortly after a face frowns into the screen. Although the whole thing isn't in frame, it's clear something is wrong the left side of his face; and even if it wasn't, his voice will be familiar to some. ]

How the hell'd this thing turn on?

Useless cheap excuse for a pho-- [ He turns it off. ]

(OOC: Replies will all be ICly delayed by two hours.)
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Rachel?! Where's Rachel, Rachel can you hear me? Rachel! I-[And now he pauses to look around.]


[Thump, as he threw his communicator to the ground. After a while, he picks it up.]

Rachel, please tell me that you're here, please tell me that you're okay, I can't do anything and it...


Is this why none of you know her? Because she might be dying back home, because she might be dead already? Just another number in Joker's body count? Well? Answer me!

[Another pause. Harvey is slightly on the verge of hysterics.]

They're supposed to save her.
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[there's a long pause. When Harvey speaks, his voice is really tense. This has been his week of hell and it's showing]

Calvin's gone. He's been ported out.

[another pause]

He's back home with Hobbes and his parents now...I guess I shouldn't be too sad. ... His room's just the way he left it. The action figures that got stuck in the toilet. There's the cardboard box spaceship-

[Harvey's voice catches. There's a small pause.]

The last thing I told him was...shit, I don't remember, probably something like don't drink all the soda or don't terrorize the baby-sitter. Something unimportant. I just wish that I could have seen him-

[He turns the comm off here, as he really doesn't want to have certain people see just how distraught this whole event's made him.]


Jul. 21st, 2010 05:41 pm
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I promise I'm not just copying Phoenix.

I also need to speak to some people about Thundercracker, specifically the police department. Though really, anyone associated with Thundercracker will do.
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[Nothing ever goes right at the Dent household. At the moment, a slightly panicked Harvey has turned on the video. Behind him, you can see that there's an inch or so of water covering the floor. Uh oh.]

Right, all you technological people. Ted, one of the robots, any- [WHRR WHRRRR GARGLEARGLEARFLE from somewhere in the background]

Damn! I, uh, any of you know how to fix a dishwasher? I-CALVIN, YOU AREN'T MAKING IT ANY BETTER! PUT THE SCREWDRIVER DOWN!

[Harvey runs off-screen. The comm is pointed towards the linoleum floor, which is covered in water and suds. After a while, Harvey runs back on screen, more panicked look on his face.]

I need help. Either that or the number for a good...whatever will fix this mess! [pause, while Harvey looks away. To somebody behind him: ] See, that's helpful. You go grab some more towels, I'll try to find the off-valve!

[and off goes the video]
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[Harvey is sitting at his desk, looking all professional and stuff.]

As you know, a while ago the City and Washington DC were attacked by a criminal known as the Major.  Now, the nonpowered jail and the powered jail in the City were both hit, effectively freeing a good amount of convicts.  A good chunk of them are back in jail, but there are a good amount who are still out there.  Hopefully, a list of those convicts with pictures and descriptions will be linked to this post-if I haven't screwed up the technology, that is.  Any help or leads as to where these people are would be appreciated.

[Link to a PDF download goes here]

And on a completely different, non-business related note, has anybody seen Domino? I haven't heard from her in...well, in ages.
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[The first thing you hear is a loud THUNK. That’s the sound of the comm falling to the floor and accidentally turning the video on. The video is a squirrel’s eye view of Harvey’s office. Half of the frame is obscured by Harvey’s desk. He’s sitting at the desk, enjoying a nice cup of coffee. A young twenty-something is talking with him.  It's obvious that she's an intern. ]

"-files you wanted.  What's the Denver case, again?

"Double homicide, definitely gang related.  Don't give me any of that 'we're not sure' crap, I'll bet my ass it's gang related. Anyway, the trial's in a week. That's gonna be a workout."

[The girl laughs. Harvey's smirk is visible. The girl bends down, to look at the comm. She picks it up, worried look on her face.]

"...Mr. Dent? You dropped this." [There's a pause. She obviously doesn't know what to think.] "This is one of those communicator things, isn't it? I didn't know you were a...an imPort."

"Is that what they're calling us these days?" [He laughs slightly. The girl gives a nervous laugh also] "But yeah, I'm an imPort. Born in Gotham City and got pulled here from there." [He takes the camera from the girl and points it towards himself and her. The poor girl looks insanely nervous and wants to get the hell away from Harvey. Harvey looks pretty good-natured.] "Hey there Network. Meet Cindy-she's one of our interns and-"

"Don't tell those people my name!" [Awkward pause.  This just got ten times more tense and you can TELL. ] "...I'll talk to you later."

[She quickly leaves. Harvey drops the camera slightly, and almost calls out to her. Instead, he bites his lip, sighs and leans against the desk. Idly pulling out his coin he starts to play with it before he realizes oh shit, I left the camera on. Giving a slight smile to the camera, he turns it off.]

(ooc: Pink is Cindy the NPC intern, Blue is Harvey)
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Calvin's been ported out.

I'm taking the rest of today and tomorrow off from work. If you need me, just contact me from here.
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[when he speaks, it's decidedly normal.]

What the hell happened last week? Or, more importantly, what the hell did I do?

And where are my kids?

[Filtered to the Police]

Two questions. One, do you have a warrant out for my arrest or anything? I don't remember anything from last week, just that my head really hurts. Apparently I turned into my evil twin last week. And two, if you do have a warrant out for my arrest, what's proper procedure for things like this? I'll be useless in court-I literally don't remember anything.
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[The comm starts up with a close-up of Harvey's suit. Feel free to notice the fact that it's slightly crispy and burned on the right side. You can hear a fumbling noise, then Harvey starts talking.]

I was wrong. All that crap about trying to stop the mob and trying to make the world a better place? It doesn't work. You can go on and on about trying to make things just, trying to make things equal, staying behind the lines like the good little dog you are.

[Harvey's voice is a bit deeper and he sounds like he smoked one too many Marlboros. He's still fumbling with the camera.]

It doesn't work. Despite all your best efforts, you get bit in the ass in the end. Life isn't fair. I know that. The only fair thing in life is chance. Impartial, unbiased, chance. She had the same chances as I did. Heads, you win. Tails...

It doesn't matter.

[The camera focuses on Harvey, or should I say, Two-Face. Yep, he's crispy. See icon for a lovely example. He's got a bitter tone in his voice and a scowl on his face.]

Glad I remembered how to work this damn thing. Miss me?

[He smirks, a really nasty evil-looking smirk. And then he looks straight at the camera.]

Where's Jim Gordon?


Jan. 30th, 2010 07:14 pm
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Wow. I think that this is the first time that I've been in the City when I can honestly say that I'm bored.

Of course, now that I've said that, some sort of alien monster will attack or something equally horrible will happen.

[police filter]

Hey, if you guys have any cases that you need prosecuting, feel free to throw them my way. Cases, warrants, things like that, just ask me for anything.

[private to Domino]

Long time, no see. How's it been?
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Right. Can anybody here track people? For instance, if I give you a comm post that someone made or a name, can you find them?

And also, who the hell is this guy?

[private to domino]

Wanna go beat up a Nazi?

[ooc: Harv has been Desired. However, his desire to stop crime has been kinda twisted into 'a desire to punch Schrodinger and then dump him on the steps of the jail'.]
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[The video clicks on to a very confused Harvey Dent. He looks fairly normal. Except oh yeah, his eyes are glowing blue. And he's freaking out.]

Why the hell are my eyes glowing?!


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