Nov. 26th, 2013 06:26 pm
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[ the view is obscured by an exhale of cigarette smoke, until jenny lifts a hand to wave it away. the gesture is unremarkable, except it's irritable somehow. the camera is sitting on her bedside table, angled a bit carelessly, because when she moves away from it, she doesn't seem to care if her face shows or not-- but she's visible from the middle down, pacing and smoking. ]


Has anyone seen Julian Keller?

[ another exhale of smoke. then she moves to sit on the cot. ]

He sent me something. So I just wanna know if anyone's fucking seen him or not.

[ she lifts a hand to run through her hair. it's getting long now. but she's quiet. quiet for a while. then irritably, she flicks her cigarette to floor and grinds it out. hard. ]

Happy fucking holidays.

[ then she turns the feed off. ]


Sep. 1st, 2013 12:25 pm
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[ the communicator must be sitting on her cot or maybe her desk, because it provides a clear view of her sitting against the opposite wall on the floor, surrounded by an impressive clutter of envelopes and papers in various sizes, covering the ground. ]

"I feel connected to you, like we're soul mates. I've got every newspaper I could find with your name in it. I keep them in a box in my sock drawer so my mom doesn't find them."

[ she reads aloud from one of the apparent letters with a wry sort of entertainment before tossing it aside and picking up another one: ]

"When I saw you use your powers on the news, I felt like maybe I had power inside me too. I could do it. I could do anything I want. I could be like you. Will you teach me how to be like you?"

[ and another: ]

Here's a favorite-- "Will you go to Homecoming with me?" [ she scoffs, exhaling and tossing that one aside too. ] There's more too, shit. Teenagers. Housewives. Accountants. Teachers. I think I've even got an ex-cop in here somewhere. And they're all my number one fucking fans. I get more letters than fucking Santa Claus.

[ a humorless upward twist of her mouth. ]

Kinda sick, huh?

v i d e o.

Mar. 5th, 2013 09:52 am
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[ there's something like a fog or smoke obscuring the camera feed, blurring it for a few moments before someone waves their hand to clear it away. the only nearby sounds are steady, purposeful inhaling and exhaling. more curling gray wisps fill the mostly dark video.

finally, after a few moments of this, someone adjusts the camera to face them. it's jenny. she is, of course, nursing a dwindling cigarette. pressing it to her mouth, she waggles the fingers of her free hand at the feed.

So. Africa was fun.

Encrypted to: HAN SOLO. )
Encrypted to: RICK BRADBURY. )
Encrypted to: KANAYA MARYAM. )


Jan. 1st, 2013 01:57 pm
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[ this clip has been showing up on the internet and featured on the news. it's the same clip every time. it starts at a distance at first, lost in a crowd of people-- black bandanas, black flags all marked with the arabic word "kusoof", and the mismatched gear of an army in a struggling country-- before it zooms towards a figure at the head of the crowd.ooc cut for length. )

it looks like she has a message. ]

My name is Jennifer Quantum. I'm a lot of fucking things, and I've done a lot of fucking things-- but the things that'll matter to most of the assholes out there is first, I'm an ImPort, and second, Southwest Phoenicia is now mine. Its people, its resources, and its military belong to me.

If that fucking scares you, it should. You thought it was bad when ImPorts were playing heroes and villains in a single fucking city? You don't know the half of what we're capable of. And you have my official fucking invitation to come and find out. Join me, and you can see what good powers like mine can do.

Hunt me, and I will crush you.

[ with that, she gestures and the feed cuts. ]

(OOC: Plot reference post here! Also, replies will be sporadic since it's a news post, but for interaction's sake, Jenny will probably reply to people she knows or messages encrypted/privated to her most consistently.)


Oct. 26th, 2012 04:55 pm
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[ for once, jenny isn't smoking. that's because you can't smoke in the vacuum of outer space, and she's out in the galaxy somewhere right now, against a backdrop of blackness speckled in bright dots of light. her eyes are glowing lightning blue and the feed is full of static. ]

Hey. So I got this fucking problem, right? And being a hands-on kinda girl, I'd solve it myself, if I wasn't running the fucking risk of reality altering the fuck out of anything near me.

Here, I'll show you.

[ she reaches towards her comm to fiddle with it, intensifying the instability of the feed before another video replaces her face. it's from the inside of her spaceship, far from where she is now, and the brief scene depicts something like this:

it's some kind of training room, or the chaotic mess of what remains. inside, what's taking up most of the camera's view is a massive three-headed monster of a dog, all dripping saliva from knife-like teeth, red-eyed and practically radiating evil aura and darkness. there's waves of energy rocking the feed, originating from what looks like a floating julian keller. quentin is visible in the corner, crouched as he rocks back and forth, over and over, dripping steady blood from his nose. from somewhere off camera, blue electricity rips through the air like a small storm.

I'd beam 'em down to get the antidote with the rest of the unlucky fucks who got infected, but I'd rather not unleash the uncontrolled powers of a telekinetic, a telepath, an electrokinetic, and a demon on the City while we wait for it to kick in.


Which one of you heroes wants to come give some nice kids their meds, huh? Preferably before they fucking kill each other, some innocent people, or fucking do all of the above by ripping my Carrier apart.


Oct. 9th, 2012 01:48 pm
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[ Jenny is aboard the Carrier, sitting with her back against one of those impressive windows that stretches from floor to ceiling. The Earth is the backdrop, surrounded in cosmic blackness. She tilts her head up to let cigarette smoke curl upwards from her mouth before she speaks: ]

So, let's say you were going to take over the fucking world. You know, for the good of humanity, since mankind is made up of a bunch of fuck-ups who are both capable of and willing to enable their own fucking destruction.


[ Another slow drag, her tone mild as she goes on: ]

Where would you start? China maybe? The U.S.? Some place more personal? And then what, just blast the shit out of them until they cower at your fucking feet? Or maybe trick them into being all fucking enslaved with speeches and shit until you're their tyrannical dictator and they don't even realize they put you there until it's too fucking late.

[ A pause. Then she puts her cigarette out on the metal floor. ]

'Course, there's the issue of fucking superheroes too. Have to deal with that shit. Some people just want to be goddamn martyrs.


Sep. 9th, 2012 03:03 pm
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[ the communicator is recording from someone's lap. there's the sound of rustling fabric and a light tapping noise before someone finally picks the comm up and turns it around a bit carelessly, not really mindful with the angle. the video shows a girl from the nose down, red lipstick and an unlit cigarette hanging from her mouth. it bobs when she speaks. ]

So. I guess the lack of fucking tentacles means someone finally won.

You assholes better not have blown my spaceship up while I was gone or anything. You know I'll fucking kick your asses.

[ she snaps her fingers a few times near her cigarette. nothing happens. ]


Anybody want to loan me a lighter?

PRIVATE TO: Midnighter )
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[ the video opens up to the stretch of green, fenced field that may or may not be vaguely recognizable as the anglo-scottish border. in the distance there's a road, but besides that and the wire fence, there's just a group of teenagers standing on the scottish side that look distinctively like they're up to no good.

from off camera, a girl's wry voice can be heard:

Still fucking think we should call it the Authority.

[ terry's keeping his distance from the others, all furrowed eyebrows and frowns. if he's going to do this, he's sure as hell not doing it next to the telekinetics or mr. friggin' lightning pants over there, so he situates himself furthest away from the camera, tactically near some foliage. ]

Who the hell even cares what it's called.

[ striker is front and center. because he's striker. he's wearing regular clothes instead of his lightning pants, which is a courtesy to you guys, since otherwise he would have to pull his onesie all the way down to his butt just to free willy. ]

You should. If you don't have a good name, you can't have good branding. [ And then, pointedly: ] And "Authority" isn't going to generate good branding.

[ julian is a few paces away from striker, their new king of social network. he's dressed normally, with his jacket sleeves wrapped around his arms and his metal hands being floaty at his sides. ]

This whole thing is about rejecting authority anyway. But I don't even know why we're debating it. [ He glances between them all. ] You know you aren't beating the Hellions for a name. It's got way too much of a ring to it, and you're lucky enough to have me on board, which means no copyright issues. You should be fucking grateful.

[ he pauses, then looks out at the wild, untamed gross, nature-filled scottish landscape before them. ] So are we doing this, or what?

You guys are insane. No one is going to remember the Authority or the Hellions.

[ a few steps away from julian is quentin, he smirks at the fence and then to the guys. with a casual shrug he shakes his head before placing his hands on his hips. ]

Are you pee shy, Jules? [ another quirky grin. ] The Omegas have no room for shy little babies.

[ the camera turns around so that it's facing jenny, who exhales smoke from her cigarette at the feed before addressing it: ]

Fuck you guys. You're all shitty team leaders with shitty team name ideas. [ she makes a face, sticking her tongue out. ] And no electric piss or crossing streams, assholes. Nobody likes that shit.

[ there's a distinct symphony of tsssssss sounds. jenny rolls her eyes at the camera. ]

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[ from the angle of the camera, it looks like the comm is propped up against a pillow, facing a cranky and tired looking jenny, who's laying on her belly in bed with the blankets pulled up over her head like a hood. a messy chunk of her hair is sticking out from underneath-- must be what she needs all those damn hair clips for.

in the background, echoing off spaceship hallways, what sounds like... autotuned howling can be heard.

Jesus H. Christ.

[ she burrows deeper under the blankets. ]

It was kinda fucking cute like, six hours ago. But, look, even the Spirit of the 21st fucking Century needs a little fucking shut-eye, okay?

[ another t-pain ARRROoOOoooOOooo. hurggggh. jenny flings the covers back abruptly and storms over to her bedroom door, flinging it open and shouting down the hall: ]

Dad. Do you fucking hear that? For fuck's sake, if you're gonna let Deputy Mayor fucking howl in the middle of the fucking night, I swear I'm gonna teleport him right into bed with you and let him piss WD-40 on your good fucking sheets!

[ slamming the door shut and flopping back down on the bed: ]

Fuck. Anybody got room on their couch?


Aug. 9th, 2012 12:32 am
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[ the communicator must be sitting in her lap, because from this angle, all that's visible is jenny's legs and what looks like a straight up winter wonderland: a glassy ice-covered lake and miles of snow. it's definitely not the states.

she's wearing a pair of ice skates.

If anybody sees Quentin fucking Quire, you should dunk his pink fucking mohawk in a toilet and flush.

[ the sound of an exhale. she's probably smoking. ]

Boys are such fucking assholes.


Jul. 25th, 2012 04:18 am
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You, me. We're going on a fucking date.

[ The fifteen-year-old girl in the feed waves her cigarette at the camera. You. Yes, you, random ImPort. ]

Dinner, spaceship, the fucking works. I'll take anybody under the age of eighteen. Species and gender don't matter. I'm the Spirit of the 21st Century. I'm progressive like that.

There's only one rule: Ignore the fuck out of anything Midnighter sa--

[ Her voice cuts off as a large, gloved hand covers up the comm and takes it. There's some jostling, the sound a door hissing open, air rushing by as if it were being sucked out by a large vacuum, and then total silence. The camera, uncovered and unmanned now, spins around haphazardly before it slowly settles into a slow, rotating orbit.

Everyone now gets a really stunning view of outer space. (IC responses will be delayed!)


Jul. 5th, 2012 08:38 pm
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[ The feed cuts on in the middle of a conversation. It's pointing upwards at a completely unimpressed teenage Jenny, who has a cigarette dangling out of her mouth. ]

--even think about it.

[ In typical teenage fashion, Jenny just rolls her eyes. ]

I told you, you can date when I'm dead. [ Someone's leather gloved hand casually reaches up and plucks the cigarette out of her mouth and-- ] ...Are you recording.

[ She makes a face when he takes her cigarette. Dryly, with a tinge of annoyance: ] Say cheese, Dad.

Someone explain to my old man that I'm a big girl now, please and fucking thanks.


Jun. 26th, 2012 05:47 pm
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Huh. Figures.

[ The teenaged girl in the video feed lifts a cigarette to her mouth before snapping her fingers. A blue spark lights her cigarette. She inhales and exhales, smoke curling out around her words as she goes on, mildly: ]

At this rate, I'll be fucking middle-aged before I get back to the right universe again.

Well. Could be worse. Could be a universe where I'm blond. Or eight fucking years old.

[ Another drag. ]

So. You've still got my spaceship. You still have my old man too?

[ A light beat, and an amused quirk of lips around her cigarette. ]

Oh, and the damn weenie lady. I liked her.


Apr. 20th, 2012 11:53 pm
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[ the communicator is set on the ground, where it shows a young girl tugging on a little black trench coat, some black rain boots, black mittens, and a little black wool hat that's a bit too big for her. she has to pause to adjust it where it sags over her eyes. the pink bows in her pigtails are a special touch.

she's trying to tug on the left boot when she speaks up:

It'd be really cool if I could find a spaceship. Or make one, I guess. Can I even do that? Maybe if I concentrate really hard...

[ and now the right boot! ]

Fighting crime is way easier with a spaceship.

Or friends, at least.


Apr. 10th, 2012 11:49 pm
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[ there's a little curious turning, this way and that, before the handler must decide the camera is properly on and sets the communicator down in their lap. the feed shows a young girl in a pink jumper with an ice cream cone in her hand (slightly melting).

she can't be more than eight or nine, but she seems unfazed by her new surroundings.

I thought I got lost in the multiverse or something, but then the machine lady said she brought me here on purpose.

[ she pauses to tilt her hand, licking away some of that melting ice cream-- and when that fails to be effective, she switches hands so she can wipe it on the hem of her dress. ]

It's about time someone decided to let me fight. I mean, I'm basically the most powerful eight-year-old ever, so it's lame that nobody ever lets me do anything. Plus, this is way cooler than going to school.

[ a little grin. ] I can't wait to tell Dad about this.


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